"Clove hearts burn gums if left for too long, not healing. You see love? Visit us."

Inspire P2 Peace, please. Thank you. Sorry if you might not understand; I hope and pray you do. Suddenly, you realize you are fighting us, like you're fighting yourself, scared that a preventive care package might show you, or an annual health check, or a cancer oral laser scan. Problem detectors, ways to drain your money, or worse, pain or suffering, while it's just the preventive measure to prevent all that. So we say and do: not bad psychiatrists or doctors treating patients without proof, facts, evidence, or even consent; or keeping updated in some cases, only some fields show promise and give opinion authority, not good ones with humility, with one above them (maybe scientists or others or your faith in one) giving and receiving or sacrificing not judging your words, actions, right, or wrong behavior as per the made-up social norms understanding accommodation or reliable common sense present for you outliers. We dentists no one to judge; we listen; we learn; we empathize. We do. Or, there are good ones also, too, like the cardiologist I owe you or we know, the dermatologist, pediatrician in our clinic, gynecologist, medical geneticist cutting-edge in India and abroad, retiring, starting with the eye specialist in Mumbai we trust, and all over and more. We hope for growth with time in the network with your feedback and referrals. They Sometimes send too and we do too as a respectfully mutually understanding without cuts sharing only goodwill outside our affiliates sites, treat or consult while oral consent always we do and hope unless scientists or you make a breakthrough through the process of the mind, like psychologists understanding the brain, like we did in the spinal cord research centers with mice, to pass on to them, maybe RCT like we pray do for backache pain or more, for gait. Do if you need help. If you trust, you will share. I have seen elderly coming just to spend time with their dentist me obviously speaking from experience from 2006 and now presently also, and talking because they are alone lost loved ones or and abandoned by family. We see you so often, more than others, and orthodontists even more for some time and continuously more, like our first two affiliates with private practices. So, all conditions, you trust us, you can share with us, our team. We care deeply unconditionally. Love, our brand, to send you where you can heal healthily and fully within our growing learning abilities within our training or more means. We hope and pray. Start or continue to contribute so much more: look, dental stem cells implants might be coming, you can check it out yourselves or yourself or do the present dental implant. If we don't do, we refer, not keep for any or monetary reasons or fear of losing a patient who can pay or not. Have courage, be bold. The road to success might have thorns, but more roses, I or we can assure you, from my or our blooming experiences, maybe not booming financially, but gets me by for nearly over 10 years in private practice, and now independent to this interdependence and more 16 years licensed. With time, it might boom, while the first few years before the leap of faith in August 2011, in meditation, and studies: helping concentrate and relax from anxiety of examinations good for clinic too when things started to go wrong in 2009, were booming, 2008 from Manipal 10k to USA UofL 1l or more overnight, nearly. Now, returned all financials are said here 

Instinctively, in your genes, you know what's right: feeling in your gut, sensing epigenetically what's the environmental perspective, ability intuitively, in your upbringing, values, healthy heart, connected inside, God positioning soul. Your choice, your duty, your decision, your role, then your responsibility or mind, joy your interconnected with each other, two-way communication intelligence, educated knowing with training, self-awareness.

The end stated: "Thank you" marks the beginning of a healthy, healing surreal relationship with your treating doctor, me, or others.


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