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Running away from the Dentist or the disease ?

Do you examine your mouth? Do you check if you have any white or red lesions or unusual swellings in your mouth? I have patients visiting me with precancerous lesions because they ignored the early signs and symptoms of an easily detectable disease. Ignoring a lesion or swelling or choosing to ignore it? Sometimes, it can be as simple as a sharp tooth scrapping against your cheek (linea alba), which requires smoothening of the sharp edge or no treatment required on a cheek bite or excessive force tooth brushing (frictional keratosis). Then, you need to ask yourself are you more afraid of sitting in the dental chair or more afraid of a possible disease? Since, the dentist can remove your fear of the disease with the dental treatment solutions available on your timely awareness. So, there's no need to fear the dental chair as we, dentists are there to help you, not cancer Next time, I'll write about a simple habit correction, which can make a world of a difference.