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  Action Point : Utilize voice and face-to-face communication for consultations, with payment to be made after a booking fee. Subject: Important Update: Changes in Communication Channels Dear valued patients, Effective immediately, we have discontinued WhatsApp communication for external purposes. Unless needed, such as an OPG from our in-house Radiology partner or for efficiency in preventive care where photo sharing is a concern, to receive a reply, a booking fee is mandatory. For all other matters, please use alternative channels. If you're facing continuous urgent and unpaid WhatsApp messages for online consultations, it can be distracting from work. Nor productive for good result: Additionally, not mentioning viral misinformation forwards screenshots are being taken, and some individuals expect responses on a blue tick, similar to a fee charge without consultation, which is generally not possible without a visual examination. In some cases, reporting on WhatsApp unpleasant con

Smile rewards awards 2024

  Congratulations! Your efforts are truly appreciated and recognized. Explore the details and discover the names of our illustrious winners at []( ). --- Who We Are and Why the Smile Awards? We, at People's Love under the umbrella of Dr. Dhruv Dental Care, are honored to present the Smile Awards. This initiative is undertaken with great humility, as we join hands to spotlight the upcoming round for the dental industry in India. The awards will be unveiled on the next leap year, 29th February, after a four-year interval. Learn more about the methodology in our Frequently Asked Questions [link], where you become the authority and credibility in selecting winners. We encourage you to follow your instincts, which we verify through the outlined timeline. This time, we aim to showcase the profound impact each of you makes, whether known or unknown, and express our gratitude for your significant contributi

Welcome to the Elite Dental Club

 Dear patients, clients, or associates, 1. Auto reminder for D warranty prescriptions: Next visit. 2. Access [Elite Dental Club]( ) info annually. 3. Clinic entry or online chat: Pay 1000 INR via [Dental Helpline]( ). 4. Opt for Do Not Disturb (DND): Message us. 5. Dr. Dhruv's old patients and association first 3000: Preventive care package at ₹1000 ; try, then renew for 5 years. After first 3000, annual preventive care check-ups increase to ₹2000 with revision on 29th October. New patients, after booking fee plus first check-up, see you maintaining; then sign up next year. Cost remains same for your effort.

One goal only lifelong stability

Decided to consolidate one goal: leadership in developing good habits for a work-life balance stable environment. Aim for the stars, achieving  our impossible goals honestly with mutual happy. Smile by dentist treatment solutions, Gp b4 GP consultation fees booking, and payments, with after-care clients preventive servicing. Patients Maintenance provider through appropriate oral hygiene measures post-treatment. Focused on better health for you and self, fostering a better world with oral healthcare awareness. Taking actionable steps, consistently behaving as a good man, woman, wife, husband, and parent citizen dentist doctor researcher good human being. Advice Emphasizing self-importance, self-love, strategy  consideration understanding. Loving commitment, two way communication plan generally better than our God-given talents, doing rather than trying with hope through ethical practice. Organize learn, aggregate dental industry clinic practice tips, and pray. Support our services throu

Simple enjoy the moment mastered patience Feedback loop

  VERY IMPORTANT SUMMARY: ORAL HEALTH AWARENESS CAMPAIGN As we are well aware, money goes from R&D to Clinic and Clinic to R&D. We hope to set up a trust foundation over two years with the resources gained, I pray, from the proprietorship Dr. Dhruv Dental Care under the love brand to do exactly this for our and your better health. (First and Last tip: 'Pray,' sleep well, and destress). The Smile awards are only to indicate we are all in this together, aiming one day for the stars and impossible achievements with good health, starting with a smile and your dentist. How will we help the industry and why this campaign? - ₹10,000 for the clinic owner for a surprise D warranty prescription annual renewal based on renewal software charge.  (Keeping all marketing and sales aside - all ₹7,500, ₹5,000, ₹2,000 marketing gimmicks are invalid while the high-value one lakh as stated lifelong membership is over at midnight, in my opinion). Truth journal based on participation: