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OOO2 Truth Journal 2025: Sponsor an Article to Help Your Loved Ones

    Sponsor Your Loved Ones' Research or Your Own: for cancer like Oral cancer  From Problem to Solution --- For more details and to get involved, please   Step 1: Contact us at []  Step 2: Decide how much you would like to sponsor for a scientist to write an article or conduct research on a specific topic. Step 3: Transfer funds to our account. 70%-90% will go to the article and the team doing the work, and the remaining will cover our support. Step 4: Our Truth Journal will help spread the word that this sponsorship is available to support medical and dental research, benefiting patients. Step 5: Have patience, dear patients. Every drop makes an ocean. With COVID-19, we understand it takes time for us to be safe and healthy again. Keep Checking What Has Been Sponsored: Presently, the high-quality breakthrough articles have been sponsored :  Cancer Research: exclusively with space research work done  1. Spontaneous regression  2. Regenerative normal tissue like to