OOO2 Truth Journal 2025: Sponsor an Article to Help Your Loved Ones

   Sponsor Your Loved Ones' Research or Your Own: for cancer like Oral cancer

 From Problem to Solution


For more details and to get involved, please 

 Step 1: Contact us at []

 Step 2: Decide how much you would like to sponsor for a scientist to write an article or conduct research on a specific topic.

Step 3: Transfer funds to our account. 70%-90% will go to the article and the team doing the work, and the remaining will cover our support.

Step 4: Our Truth Journal will help spread the word that this sponsorship is available to support medical and dental research, benefiting patients.

Step 5: Have patience, dear patients. Every drop makes an ocean. With COVID-19, we understand it takes time for us to be safe and healthy again.

Keep Checking What Has Been Sponsored:

Presently, the high-quality breakthrough articles have been sponsored

  • Cancer Research: exclusively with space research work done 
  • 1. Spontaneous regression 
  • 2. Regenerative normal tissue like tooth growth
  • 3. Review board: INVITING PATIENTS AND CORPORATES TO SPONSOR AND COME FOR PREVENTIVE CARE DENTAL PACKAGE: articles sponsorship based on the first issue published as mentioned and feedback loop received 
  • 4. Scientist research work minimum 50 lakhs and above sponsorship 
  • Understanding for Research and development purpose 

Funding timeline for the following year 5th June 2024-25

Announcement of Winners: 29th October 2025 submission of articles by

  • Date: 7th August 2024-25

Keep supporting and stay tuned for more groundbreaking research!

Disclaimer: Solutions are not guaranteed; they are only intended to give hope. 

 Research Being Done:

Cancer: regenerative space research organisation Sponsorship opportunities are available.


 Advertisements are also invited. For more details, contact us at []

For further details, visit:

- [Truth Journal Details](

Stay updated with biannual updates from Dr. Dhruv Dental Care and the love brand:

- [Preventive Care Check-Up Details]( "And the Truth Journal 0001: free download and availability of it on Amazon."

Thank you for your interest and support in advancing medical and dental research!!! and more



 To earn money for Dr. Dhruv Dental Care through Preventive Care Aggregation, Appointment Bookings, and Research Services

 Key Strategies:

1. Preventive Care Aggregator:
   - Service Offering: Provide a comprehensive preventive care package for 1000 Rs, including OPG advise health check-ups and IOPA X-rays.
   - Booking Appointments: Streamline the process for booking preventive care appointments through an easy-to-use online platform.

2. Research Services via The Truth Journal:
   - Sponsorships and Contributions: Encourage sponsorships and contributions to fund scientific research and article publication.
   - Service Expansion: Offer specialized research services focusing on innovative solutions for dental and medical problems.

3. Foundation of Hope Trust:
   - Mission: Establish a foundation aimed at funding research for the spontaneous disappearance of cancer and regenerative normal tissues, such as tooth regeneration and space research.
   - Community Engagement: Engage the community and stakeholders in supporting groundbreaking research to achieve transformative health solutions.

- Financial Growth: Generate revenue through preventive care services and research offerings.
- Innovation and Research: Support and advance scientific research to achieve significant medical breakthroughs.
- Community Impact: Create a positive impact on the community by providing accessible preventive care and supporting innovative health research.

To reach the stars, like the pole star, by fostering hope and trust in the regenerative potential of science and by contributing to the spontaneous disappearance of cancer and the regeneration of normal tissues.


This plan outlines a multi-faceted approach to generate revenue while making significant contributions to medical and dental research, fostering innovation, and supporting the community.


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