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Preventive Care Services

  Preventive Care Services (Via “Teledentistry”) This is only an exception for X-ray-related diagnosis Otherwise, no phone consultation is offered We would like to see you:) Step 1 : Email OPG X-ray  to or WhatsApp OPG X-ray to +918884757388 (from a nearby diagnostic center with an OPG X-ray facility) Step 2 :  Consultation paid online (Mention main dental problem by  WhatsApp or email) any additional specialist charges extra, after the initial consultation (AI: Artificial intelligence software may be, used for some patients if, needed) Step 3 : Online consultation with appointment (by email or video call) for further line of treatment. Important note : Any dental issues(pain or work-related)  make an appointment, so we can resolve your issue at the clinic FREE Dental checkup preventive camp on 12th December Kindly book your appointment well in advance (limited slots) Only no dental consultation fee on this day (all dental treatments are chargeable) Happy