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LAST Edition OPEN DENTAL "Fenêtre" Newsletter: A WINDOW INSIDE:- Elite Dental club focused:- On better HEALTH Oral healthcare preventive movement awareness eternally for a better world

TRUST ' Truth Journal ' Steps: Step 1: See sample [here]( Dental Newsletter ). Step 2: Submission deadline is 7th August: every year Step 3: Submit your entries for free and with open access, no restrictions for all members [here]( Truth journal submission categories ): Click Rank 1 to 5 Step 4: 5 publications will be chosen and published on 29th October 2024. Compensation increased to 2000rs each from assured sponsorship ad. Step 5: This dental newsletter now transformed into the Truth Journal. First dental newsletter: Navigate our last dental newsletter via INDEX below: Now, format for truth journal annually -01 . Stand in Chief editor : Letter by founder B+ like our good blood 00 . Patients or Clients : For our enlightened investors:  Understanding the greater good understanding life purpose of our elite dental club 01 . : Flagship clinic updates, in Unicorn Bengaluru Ind