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Faster More Efficient LASERs

  FEB 2022 Published on Docplexus Dr. Dhruv Subramanian Living in close quarters during the lockdown. The family started playing a make-believe science game. Well, the father found a flaw in an equation that may help us to reach further into the galaxy. Einstein’s theory, E=mc2  Wow! says the son... how? The father says E stands for energy, m stands for mass and c stands for velocity of light which is known to be a constant value of 3.0 x 108m/s. So son, tell me what does m/s stand for? The son smiles its meters by the second, how many meters traveled in seconds or meters per second. The mother intervenes, you know son, your father did research on aging were, they sent a rocket up to see if the skin ages faster or slower in space. The father intervenes and says there’s something called the  time dilation effect , son. It means son  a clock in outer space will move at a quicker or different speed than a clock on earth  son. What does this tell us, son? Immediately, the child in all his