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A decision “commitment to work” A thought, a feeling, an emotion, an action: crown cutting

My mentor Dr. Achuth M Baliga Screamed at me once 14 years ago for cutting the crown in the wrong way. An when I joined him back again 12 years later, the first patient I volunteered to do for him was a Crown cutting case. Before this cutting 200 crowns in a month in a friend’s clinic. Now, I’m at my own clinic and Manipal hospital and can I make a commitment to my mentor and guide, Dr. Samuel Shadrack to learn everything in dentistry to make me a complete dentist? Since I’ve picked up all the basic skills in dentistry from them over the years. Technically, I do the crown cutting with three burs, the pear-shaped bur to reduce the occlusal height, the small chamfer bur to reduce, buccal & lingual width, and break the mesial & distal contacts (a long tapered bur can be used, so as to reduce less of the mesial & distal, and not touch the neighboring teeth), and chamfer margin finishes all round the tooth. An the, finishing bur for the final polish to give a smooth finish