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Observing your lips?

 The first thing most dentists notice in a person would be their Smile. Forget about them making eye contact. You greet a Dentist and their eyes would be on your teeth, instinctively. Now, teeth are only one portion of the smile...there's a golden proportion in the smile and the face...I won't get into the details of that... sometimes talking about the teeth we need to remember a component like the Lips are an important part of a person's smile . A person can have a high lip line where more of the teeth and gums are seen.  Sometimes in a low lip line, while smiling the above teeth are barely seen. So, what does the lip have to do with a habit correction?  I mentioned last time I would write about it. There are a few habits with the lips which are very simple habits we get from childhood that if we correct, can make the world of difference in your adult life. If the child has started sucking the lip or thumb as a routine habit in childhood, the teeth can start pr