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Root canal treatments (RCT) are not painful, today.

Root canal treatments (RCT) are not painful, today.  Many misconceptions need to be cleared about it. If, the root canal is very badly infected only then, it may require more than one sitting to be completed. The second sitting is if a crown has to be fitted which is usually required after a RCT. My guide Dr. Samuel Shadrack 12 to 13 years ago at Manipal hospital, where he told me “if you’re tired, do the RCT another day. For if you do it, it should be your best as always.” “Relieve the pain of the patient even if you are tired” as told by my mentor Dr. Achuth M Baliga at Manipal hospital, old airport road, Bangalore, India. Both wise words have held me in good stead.  Many times no antibiotics or painkiller need to be given after a root canal treatment. Sometimes you might have to take Dolonex DT 20mg one tablet or Crocin 500mg one tablet immediately after the treatment or for a couple of days. For a few patients there may be a slight tenderness for a couple of weeks.  No

Check check check up

Check check check up  Ask yourself: have you visited a dentist?Then, I could tell you the details of how a six month check up would benefit you. A dental check up begins in a one year old child & then, every six months a check up needs to be done! There are so many reasons to get a dental check up done. From oral hygiene measures to preventing dental caries. Oral hygiene measures would be so, simple as to prevent bad breath in the mouth to preventing full blown gum problems for the patient. According, to the NHS (National Health Scheme) in UK (United Kingdom), a dental check up can vary from six months to two years, as per your maintenance; if, it isn’t maintained well and you are prone to gum problems then, you would have to meet with your Dentist every six months for a scaling (Cleaning) if, your teeth and gums are well maintained then, you might require a check up only once in two years. People are prone to getting calculus forming in the gums especially, arou