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Building my skills in dentistry

I need to acknowledge many who helped me at each step in my career. The picture above is of my mentor Dr. Achuth M Baliga and my guide Dr. Samuel Shadrack. Thank you  Starting with the college where I joyfully gained my initial knowledge       I still smile when I remember how a friend misheard the professor, say spray as PRAY and give the injection in the Pedodontics department and started praying in front of the patient before giving the injection.  Here is where the massive amount of basic dentistry knowledge was learned. The internship time was spent in rotations, where I also ran a college newsletter in dentistry and organized a college festival. I stepped out of college all excited at the prospect of joining the workforce.   Starting from managing a single chair practice at Shweta Dental clinic in Bangalore, India, then joined Manipal Hospital initially as an observer and then as a junior resident doctor at Manipal hospital under the able guidance of Dr. Achuth M

My proposal for Covid 19

POSSIBLE preventive measure (not proven) and is not a cure: switch your mouthwash (Dr. Dhruv BDS, Dip, MS USA) Betadine mouthwash. Recommended to use this for 15 seconds morning and night, and when coming home from outside. It might eliminate the coronavirus in the oral cavity (mouth) and the remaining will be eliminated by the gastric juices in the stomach. DO NOT Use this mouthwash for more than 14 days. People with certain conditions don’t use (read before use in reference link 3 given below.)This conclusion is based on the reference articles References 1. Transmission routes of 2019-nCoV and controls in dental practice Xian Peng1, Xin Xu1, Yuqing Li1, Lei Cheng1, Xuedong Zhou1 and Biao Ren 1 2. In Vitro Bactericidal and Virucidal Efficacy of Povidone-Iodine Gargle/Mouthwash Against Respiratory and Oral Tract Pathogens Maren Eggers, Torsten Koburger-Janssen, [...], and Juergen Zorn 3. (Do not use Betadine Gargle and Mouthwash 10mg/