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Reaching for the stars my journey to private practice

(Picture of me standing at University of Louisville)committment starts with trust from my patient, in my ability to make them feel better I, like many researchers had a dream to cure cancer. I finally decided to be practical and to keep that dream aside, hopefully somewhere in the world, someone is near to finding a cure for the big C & making other impossible goals possible. I focused on healing people by returning to my field, dentistry, on which I have concentrated for the past five years with only a three and half years hiatus for research to do my higher studies in medicine, in my pass two decades of dentistry. So now 1. I am working to be a complete dentist under the able guidance of my mentor and guide in Manipal Hospital with a focus on implants 2. Building my private practice at my clinic with loyal and happy patients  3. Hoping to excel, under the best  guidance, and  be able to do a sinus lift implant surgery and implant placement with the delivery of the prosth

Miracles happen with good Dentistry(Actions to Miracles to Magic: with one simple word: Dentistry)

If a person's chosen field is dentistry, he contributes to society, with ethical, good and consistent work. After making up your mind, after 12th class, and joining Dental college, where you are initially grounded in medical dental theory with emphasis on the head and neck region. Then progressively taught basic skills, drilling from plastic typhodont teeth, to slow speed drills without water to high speed water jet drills. The training imparts confidence to the dentist(my dental college MR Ambedkar dental college & hospital in the photo)The patients know they are in well trained safe hands. How ever much the dentist would like to help them. If, they don’t trust him/her then, helping them with your dental treatment is an impossible task. If the doctor is committed to delivering the best treatment at his disposal at his clinic and the patient has come with trust and commitment to receive the best treatment then, best treatment outcome is 100% as seen from my dental experienc