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  Conclusion: we care you love India unconditionally with spiritual science we heal Cancer we can cure like Neuroblastoma that disappear because Japanese non children they wish to protect with observation all retrospect study with clue they studies: it automatically disappears was it disappearing just because they care to show: nuclear bomb meant they were dying to date like dagger in the stomach like Kamikaze they bled in pain and suffering for an Emperor they all God they thought we bled: that shame we felt: knowing we dead: so please care for me: we loved you unconditionally they family we see Story of who who's unfolds the proteins called humanity strength in your arms we wish to see: Warren buffet saw such a recognition changes your life with confidence when you are believe in from USA: one million or so in a few billions on this planet we are told: so what happened to me? Here it goes? Aging after salivating Gorr my mentioned Mentor from University of Louisville Oral Biology

"Money?" Printing press stating starting.

The mentioned monetary values in the text refer to Smile P currency, which is a unique currency system used in the dental clinic described. The exchange rate is specified as 1 Smile P equals 1000 Rs (Indian Rupees). Additionally, Smile P currency is further detailed as 0.001 Smile P equals 1 Rs, and dollar value rating and others are based on our diamond standard. These values are used within the context of the clinic's payment and reimbursement system. Releasing Smile P: 1 equals 1000 Rs: and we don't accept less than that at the clinic. Meaning, we give one marked with the head or CEO, and you sign behind with your special ID code and claim at any of our true trusted networks. We are held responsible and have authority with your shared responsibility to repay from our central reserve flagship dental clinic. It will be uniquely ID tagged with the person writing their mobile number in our system and signed with a doctor rating good? Bad? Ugly? Jail rating? Financial saving syst


  Dear Dental Community , We're reaching out to i nform you that Dr. Dhruv Dental Care, a renowned dental practice, as per his provisional dental degrees BDS license during internship 2005 to heal as a doctor: title given can't be taken away as per the time, effort, and sweat blood heartfelt tears, and requires a dedicated doctor to serve at our flagship dental clinic in Indiranagar, Bengaluru. "Their duty, responsibility, and role, with visionary alignment and mission values, presently at their Unicorn clinic home driveway, 560038, are paramount to maintaining the high standards and ethos of our practice," as per the "do n o harm " oath once said after their convocation. " Than k you to:  everyone who might have helped, knowingly or unknowingly, in their growth and more," accompanied by a photo, would be a thoughtful expression of gratitude. We hope, pray, trust, and have faith and belief in you with reason we see fit.  "With humility, to jo

Is everything alright?

  " KO means Virg in : non educated non training mind. Knock out punch in Dr.? Enlightened my wife will take care hit when down. How many do you want? Such much all in India, world, or universe had gently nudged you. OK 👍 👌  Romans 8:11 said, 'They were twins for an empire to last.' Censor saw Cleopatra. God had slaves; conspiracy theory . What's fact? Who knows? God knows. Who's the second? No image. God 😅 🤔 Don't let anyone show fools. They're like cows, chapter following till eternity, like Hitler following orders, making more soldiers, and we're God's. Let's drink to that holy war. What fools these common folks! Religion: church father in Vatican, hidden library secrets like God kingdom not God indet whom who can divide love." "What? They turned to each other? Everyone, what's your God to have let them be? God says, 'You too, Brutus?' Et tu, Brutus, pop? 👁 🧐 🥽 🙄 🙈 🤩"Bloody Mary to you too! Cheers!  &quo

Love, faith in government dental industry governance, like AI tech tools supporting me in deliverance, consistently lifelong membership individuals with special privilege preventive care system exclusively.

 "We hope. Trust. Us. Sure. You. Mutually. Understanding." The power of prayer 🙏🤲🕍🕌⛪️🛕🙏 supports our dental family members. And I pray for understanding and cooperation among family members. "We call it self-governance, spiritual science: live together ❤️. Once oral consent is mandatory, knock knock! Mei 2 to enter or m ind temple clinic 🛕 for happiness too, today. L ove stars! 💖 🌟 🤩 ✨️ 💛 💕 For you, Namrata Shahid, star 🌟 and Pole star is the Bermuda triangle black ⚫️ ♥️ 👌 triangle space when, with time, you age gracefully. As named the star 🌟 during our dating for her to smile always up above over you in your mind 😀 😄 😊 😉. Financial strategy."  the previous blog: "Love Emotions and God's Signs 🙏 ✨️ ❤️ 💖 💕 Forever More Happy Returns." How all people make you a follower, fool. Lead yourself with enlightenment and educate yourself. My self-realized awareness, 2011-12. 🙏 [ ] Sample One: He

"Hate 2 love, convert permanently with a commitment always a team together, everyone achieves miracles, as God is one 🏆 always. As the deception due to emotion each of us feels and knows we're doing right, based on the cloud of emotions regulated by management mind knows best. So trust yourself, have faith, and live love 🎶like hell. 💛 Pinky"

  The secret: we call it Mei - Mind Emotional Intelligence. That's how you do the deception to heal. If you activate living, live happy, love, smile, and emotion of living, like a mother-in-law says with her blessings, a honeymoon married life love, then you will see the right way and course light up, which we call enlightenment. While negative thoughts and emotions hide the devil inside, and therefore, God's love signs left behind in nature is how I find my solutions. It only works in the process of creation or constructive. And pray, ethical code, do no harm for doctors, works for all humans: matter resources, works and healing, living, loving solutions by building an illusion. So, the mind helps the body to heal. Therefore, the wrong person doesn't understand in the wrong emotional. Only the right person, sometimes who has experienced the right emotion, can heal the mind, body, soul, spirit. If dentistry smile in brain epigenetically signature activated genetic codex to

"Ignore, don't read. Die, you see? For Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Times of India: paid for ads like news with no credibility. Double-check their information if not sure. You, public, fall for Adani's money, you see."

 Ignore me, my prophecies, or my poetries, or the truthful bittersweet sweetheart. 😔 🤧 Truth, achoo, as no blessings but a curse when you see no mother screaming "Barbie doll we are," or some hiding behind "Me Too," men and women alike, and not doing duty as mother, father, bride, or groom, or wise, for you will see the insemination of lies and cheats in your work. It is only true in the result of insemination of overworking yourself, like a haha hoho bray bray donkey called Infosys front conman Narayan Murthy. You see who has sincere apologies for a woman who actually does the truth for all he misled India 🇮🇳 with his 17 hours. Why not sleep like his Egyptian slaves, like when Julius Caesar realized the God-given truth that you considered the God? Even a democracy like Rome can fall by the sword of Brutus, seeing the truth of man that thought himself to be the truth, seeing Jews ✡️ ♥️ fall after Moses and wished another to be the BC truth, and there we see the

"Mumbai" Bomb'ay. Aye, matey! Bangalore Bengaluru. Hic Hic hurray and a bottle of SBU. Gum.

"Everything, that particle matters. Don't worry, eat that money. Are you eating the dead or alive? Working daily or any dental smile activity. Ant, I or we are saying ho ho ho. Santa is saying good list or bad." "As everything you eat is me." SMILE;-) "Not a particle, don't worry, no significance. Nail Naik, you sing. Now you see who God's love connects you in a hug: Tango community we called a bear hug: comfort a dark matter: u:i we dental batchmates, you remember your big dipper bear hug: Professional Port meaning Leftist Group socialist monarchial:-) user experience an king communistic atheist starting to couple Love stars a big hug MRADC Mr. Fresher, your singer Dr. Roshan George Varghese, chappals and That joker, me no more Dr. Johar, not anymore with his wife: go kids, attack those bugs we call Actinomycetes Acetes, those periodontal bugs killing those implant rejectors." Accept yourself, like

Title: "Bite 🫦 😋 Into That Y2K Love 🐛 🪲 🐞 🐛 🪲 🐞 🐛: Dental Good or Bad Bug, We Eliminate to See You Smile, Hear With Twinkle in Eye 👁, See Sparkle, No Pain. Ahh, Now We Say, Rest Assured, You're Okay."

"Introducing the 'Who am I?' game: Over Lara, craft your own Ram Leela journey! 🐏✨️ Choose your path, ignite your spirit 🙂🙌" "HI: Human intelligence - We appreciate human resources leveraging healthy smiles." "Subtitles are like spices in a dish - they add flavor and depth. You choose the ingredients, I'll sprinkle the magic! ✨🎭🐏" "Like my mom, a psychologist, and yoga artist, Baba Ramdev twist with that wink, an International Yoga Day, why not Preventive Day 3M 12/12 anyway around the same around the working world, how you wonder with breathless breath. Jane Fonda knees giving up jumping, soft track, incline treadmills, and cross walker, and play we are forming, working as a team, sibling and not games as adults. We wonder, are we giving therapy instructions and a gold star for every good deed for Di and me, with our dear pets, wondering, my father smiling; a treat for them too." "Bholanath and Parvati." Team we might.