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My last dance: 'Pinky' Namrata my everything including family: My adieu: work life balance importance

Adieu My last dance for you:'Pinky'Namrata my everything my today my tomorrow What an experience with the 'Bengaluru tango community’ India Global and Auroville written and compiled  by Dr. Dhruv Note: if you wish your name deleted inform me, for privacy's sake. Written for work-life balance golf, friends college, dance; guitar/music/piano, cricket, tennis horse riding finally,  etc. Never Give in: the fun things/times cherish Arth It all started with the movie, Dirty Dancing ‘98, ‘00 dancing with Mom; with Salonee Roy Kapurs classes at US club, Rock n roll, waltz, fox trot, etc. freestyle dancing at  college and university to Our first couple dance (with Pinky) at US Club '00 New Year's; 2016 Year's freestyle feelings. '23 New Year's later our private couple dance after the proposal Felt like sharing the notes, which I'm building with my forever partner.  Tango people who have helped me with 16 points of what’s required in tango. Thank you Tangu