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Pay more or less? Preventive care

"Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices: Decisions for a Happy Environment and Epigenetic Impact on the Next Generation"   Achieving Savings and Reducing Financial Stress for a Wealthy Family   Positive Relationships, Happiness, Contentment, Gratitude, and How to Cultivate a Positive Attitude   If you have the financial means, you do not need to bargain or seek out charities, government dental colleges, or taxpayer-funded hospitals for your dental care needs. We provide high-quality dental services and are committed to upholding our standards. We have invested time, effort, and finances to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to excel in our noble profession. Our goal is to help patients without causing harm.   Therefore, we do not wish to deal with disrespectful, unappreciative patients who threaten to give us negative feedback on social media or take legal action against us. We prefer to refer such patients to other dental clinics that may be willing to take on

Share with your staff team members at the dental clinic

  Share with your staff team members at the dental clinic (maybe helpful) Something I do Promotion of Dental assistant to Senior Dental Assistant badge and incentive by visiting legend Dr. Achuth M Baliga at Dr. Dhruv Dental Care Consultant dental assistant for managing stores and clinic with Nurse manager and Nurse infection control As humanly possible provide valuable patient care to their problem by a solution through a dental consultation, diagnosis, best available treatment at the clinic, or refer and follow up reminders check up to patients as a team (lab, materials, companies, dental surgeons, nurses, housekeeping, senior dental assistant) working together to provide good service and trust/relationship/lifelong General Job Responsibilities : Book appointments by phone and online, and follow up before and 2 weeks after appointments. Inform doctors and patients. Welcome patients, register, scan, save patient files, and retrieve files. Ensure clinic hygiene and

High-quality dental care strategy

  High-quality dental care strategy: positive calm mindset : Now, a reality @your clinic/doctors/team 1. Listen to your concerns and problem s attentively.   2. Provide transparent information on treatment solution s and fees.   3. Strive to deliver excellent dental work and a pleasant experience.   4. You/patients follow up via WhatsApp after 2 weeks to ensure satisfaction and proper care : feedback   5. Encourage positive habits like healthy eating, regular exercise, adequate sleep, maintaining positive relationships, self-care, good oral hygiene, and regular checkup s.   6. If you're satisfied with our care, kindly refer your friends and family to our practice so we can continue helping you and your loved ones. Additional information: • Our pricing is set to uphold high standards for our patients, team, and families. • We value your trust and respect and aim to provide the best possible care. • If you face financial difficulties, please let us know, and