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5. Veto Vote Decision for Miscellaneous Treatment Solutions and Medical Collaborations Decision brand dentally

  Earn your and your family's place on the table , a famous saying. My understanding: you, your family, or your present generation, or your previous generation, or next generation should have contributed something valuable to have earned the place, not separate but together on the table. Since that's the only place where, beyond shared responsibility and based on your contribution, where you receive resources from nature or self or others, you are equal, basically because that's the only place where all the resources are placed. Everyone can equally share, based on how much they feel fulfilled, hungry, greedy, or starved. Everyone is accepted for themselves, their actions, or behaviors, minding table manners and courtesy to your neighbor's elbow or loved ones, or shared peace pipe smoked in delightful conversation, sharing thoughts and the day; therefore, you wish for good company.  Not if you have beggars who have contributed or wish to enter countries, for example, ma

4. From Consultation: tooth or root cause identification not only effect sign or symptom knowledge 0.25% to Goal 4 - Ear, eyes, better communication, space.

WhatsApp Group Lab clinic communication 1. Patient can be added to see worked tracked by delivery I instructions PFM T tooth 47 S shade- A1.A2 T- time 12pm D -date Saturday  2. On seeing delivery man comes to collect 3. Lab can ID number based on Internal time and Day (ID) Example: message sent 7.28pm 7th Feb Last tag: Doctor's name in the clinic – no need for the doctor's name in the work. So, the standard of all the panel of the work is great. Call this 12321: Principle meaning 1 – message 23. IT STD 2 – ID and 1. Doctor supervising clinic shared responsible. Basically, indication of mirror reflection 12321: Meaning two-way communication between lab and clinic (patient, doctor) – technician, delivery man, lab owner, etc., patient, team member (maybe nurse or senior dental assistant), and doctor all in sync. Photo included sometimes is understandable Very important cases will be made the DP picture Group title of monitoring: Lab Name Logo 💕For you Clinic Name : Serving Affili

3. From Preventive (fillings, cleanings, gum): Phase 3 Preventive 0.5% to Goal 3 - Mind, heat stress, heart, TMJ: new dimension emotion.

Understand your trigger factors—maybe stress , caused sometimes, mostly by misunderstood orthodontics not done in alignment. This can lead to crevices for bugs to take residence and trigger cavities. So, do it right. Get that preventive mindset for movement going. Come for your annual checks, and when right at 6 years for jaw growth being triggered in a positive direction and teeth at 12. Preventive orthodontics checkup starts at 6 years for bone growth; corrective intervention for teeth begins at 12 years for tooth alignment. This helps prevent cavities caused by evil misalignment. Stay good with metal, aligners, or face mask. Corrective at any age: Gums healthy relationship with bone tooth interaction

2. From Implant (including extraction, bone graft): Phase 2 Corrective action 0.75% to Goal 2 - Cancer oral/body.

  IMPORTANT FOR DOCTORS: Suppose to be a good read! Hope and cancer disappearing by itself. What are your thoughts? Silence the critics I've worked on this idea for over a decade. You can read the publication: [Clinic Hope Venture] . Off trying to raise funds , ideas , thoughts , methods . Thought TCTP, if triggered, could cause a cascade reversal; it's even used for prostate treatment in trials. ( hashtag # neuroblastoma worked on lab and mice show positive results, encouraging me down this path.) hashtag # oralcancer , hashtag # cancerprevention in general - set up one goal: [Dental Fenetre] . Many are already working to understand this mechanism of action. Realized maybe the environment helps sometimes trigger this cascade. So, dear doctors with knowledge, we're still learning. Don't tell a patient they have no hope; they always have hope. Start with a loving environment! ❤️  "Because the epigenetics effect b

1. From RCT (including crown, etc.) : Phase 1 Innovative treatment solutions 1% to Goal 1 - Spinal cord, root canal, nerve regrowth, antibacterial, antibiotic, pain removal. (backache/walking gait improve)

 Idea: Surgeons treat bone and skin, managing blood and nerves to regenerate. Modulation of the environment by blood pressure might aid in the regeneration process. Additionally, addressing back pain associated with nerve compression, extending even to tooth-related concerns. This includes complications caused by infection in acute pulpitis, making comprehensive care essential for optimal outcomes. Have water? Especially if you're having combiflam like painkillers daily so your kidneys are not affected Don't misuse kindness for a weakness; it's a strength. With wisdom teeth gone in this generation, removed due to lack of space or ample room in the older generation. 😊 Suppliers can elevate you to higher levels of construction, maintaining the rest of your teeth and smile. Consult with your dentist before a pregnancy test, emphasizing good faith and selflessness to make the world a better place. 🌎 The biggest wealth may lie in the universe of resources inside your pearly wh

Goal 0: Earn easily the right way. Listen to understand

My attention is focused here to witness the accomplishment of the remaining goals in the long term, leading to the flourishing and expansion of the clinic. The four goals, coupled with a focus on better health accounts, aim for a healthier world through oral healthcare awareness and action. Consistently taking the right actions as a habit is crucial, and the remaining goals contribute to enjoying observation of nature for discovery and innovation.  - New Method of Treatment Solutions After Consultation variable time service provided   1. Complete dental work. Post care instruction given QR to download dental books link    2. Conduct a review of the patient by coming after two weeks .   3. Transition the patient to a client after the initial treatment. - Follow-Up as a Client:   1. Schedule regular follow-ups based on the specific treatment plan.   2. Integrate annual reviews as a standard practice for clients.   3. Include an Orthopantomogram (OPG) as a routine diagnostic tool. - Inco

The Golden Age The Enlightened way

  Title: " Echo es of Time: From 2007 to COVID-19 – A Journey of Listening and Learning" Subtitle: "Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom List en s – Explore the Vast Universe, Delve Inside You, Observe the World Around You, and Listen on in 2021: Navigating from the Post-COVID Era to the Golden Age" Think Sub-Subtitle : " Light to Document Inside Me: Shared and Signed on 29th June 2023" Founders Day Why? Link: Now you know. End Message: "No more words of knowledge. Hope you and everyone listens; that's the only way for a two-way communication. Bye and bye, and thank you till next time." Scientific note in an enlightened way: ' Stop cancer for society and body by fostering better positive attitude communication skills and promoting oral healthcare aware. Avoid breaking your back with hardworking nature; instead, embrace smart work, carrying out your duty with a smile and without pride .' Waiting  is no

;-)action: "No one can earn without another person, as it's a value exchange."

Embracing Scientific Practice: Unveiling Issues Without Diagnosis or Labels In our pursuit of a new G olden Age , let's set aside conventional diagnostic norms and labels. Instead, immerse ourselves in scientific practicality, focusing on uncovering problems at their core. By adopting this approach, we open the door to a fresh era where understanding prevails over classification, paving the way for innovative solutions and welcoming a new era of scientific enlightenment. Subtitle: before title?  or instruction "Definitely Click the Link: The Countdown Begins for a Journey Beyond Boundaries" Title: Smile: Two-Step Solutions for Seamless Dental Care: CT  Idea Sharing: "The Real Miracle of Life is Water" Water, essential for life, holds incredible significance. It's not just a necessity but a miraculous force sustaining existence. Let's explore the profound impact of water on life, health, and the planet.  Exploring In BRAND Active Company Dr. Dhruv Dental Care

Title:  "I'm trying these tips to earn well – see if it works 'for you': do share yours ." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subtitle: Brand: How to Earn?  2 Earn: CLIENTS, PATIENTS, Everyone as One. SELF Contribut ing. FAMILY TOGETHER... HAPPILY EVER AFTER. FIRST: LEARN GOODWILL TO EARN. SECOND: RESPECT. THEN, YOUR FEE FOR PROBLEM SOLVED CONSISTENTLY OR CROSS REFERRAL: see our cross referral method: collaboration based: shared responsibility TEAM BUILDING: Thank you Receipt equals (ART: Attract Patients, hook and Retain patients. Treatment solutions by only better work consistently delivered - Any seen unnecessary expenses and get our your clinic together hopefully and other industries with a Smile going long term. No shortcuts, hopeful to live and work together always). 10 Step Way Forward To earn easily as a doctor, co

FFF: First come First serve Founders day Elite Dental Club

 HEADING: IMPORTANT Invitations will be sent out at the end of May based on responses and all financial considerations. And Godwilling, all is okay. Also, no further free invites other than those already informed on 30th January 2024. Who's Who List of People INVITING in the dental industry on 29th June 2023-24 (by invitation if OK):  Rest by lifelong membership never again to be offered Private List of Invitations: So, to keep high-profile personnel and information private, under approval. [Link: ] Confirmation with payment required by 14th February 2024 for anyone wishing to be one lakh lifelong membership individuals with special veto and voting board rights. All other categories will have a two-year trial rollout planned and executed: After two year trial other categories will be allowed to attend based on the response ---Itinerary: - 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm: Breaking ice with wine and appetizers - 9:00 pm: Breaking thoughts - 3 legends, 3 talks, 3

Once in a lifetime offer: 3 Deadlines: 14th February, 15th March and 29th June midnight 2024

  Fee Structure: OIL (ONCE IN A LIFETIME: Sunshine😉  Financial Strategy: Intelligent Investor at Dr. Dhruv Dental Care - Flagship Brand Clinic 1. From Implant (including extraction, bone graft): Phase 1 Innovative treatment solutions 1% to Goal 1 - Spinal cord, root canal, nerve regrowth, antibacterial, antibiotic, pain removal.     2. From RCT (including crown, etc.): Phase 2 Corrective action 0.75% to Goal 2 - Cancer oral/body. 3. From Preventive (fillings, cleanings, gum): Phase 3 Preventive 0.5% to Goal 3 - Mind, heat stress, heart, TMJ: new dimension emotion. 4. From Consultation: tooth or root cause identification not only effect sign or symptom knowledge 0.25% to Goal 4 - Ear, eyes, better communication, space. Segregated accounts details for monthly  Note: The percentages mentioned are provided to top research institutes or done in-house for long-term growth. This dedicated amount remains for new consultation and treatment solutions for patients or clients. Accepting applicati