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For a Preventive Day (12/12) or any day "For you", please schedule a visit with Dr. Dhruv or his dental medical affiliates.

"Now I see what he sees: 'pain and suffering daily.' Let's do your/our duty together and win that Smile Award of happiness daily and sleep, knowing you have done a job well done, like your dentist, with peace of mind. Our only request from you." Dear all parties concerned ,  "You see wrong, remember, like a doctor's oath we all take when we care for our loved ones: ' do no harm .' Say sorry , we can't help you to do wrong, and you won't suffer the consequences of wrong actions. And heaven on earth or above, in your mind or universe, far away or here right now, you have achieved eternal salvation out of that cycle of monthly cramps, of unhappy, for a joy seeing the miracle of life's creator's creation together. Now, I hope and pray you understand to read furthermore." "With gratitude, thank you. Please hold on to your seat belts; you are in for a joy ride!" This is only a case presentation of Manipal, for our ever e