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100th Blog

 GOODBYE AND WELCOME! Direct access to all payment for you and our patients is LIVE : [ ] with security certificate activated always as we grow, including each service dental marketplace city or village wise. Can check asking AI while as the Flagship Dr. Dhruv Dental Care trial finishes on Easter 31st March, this year hopefully roll out next in our two dear dental affiliates successful with or dearest team member guide mentor old dental colleagues suppliers boss and more few more patients and preventive care package affordable and implant high tickets roll into the clinic seen successful. It's linked in our Hope Trust Foundation 2026: ( ), found on the preventive dental app: two-year trial [ ] till 31st March 2026 and review by 29th October 2026. In the App Menu: 'PAYMENT info detail' has been added: KINDLY CHECK THE NEW PAYMENT LINK in the new financial year on Monday. HOPE and PRAY we start on

"Saying: 'Sorry' Heals Your Own Heart"

  Say " Sorry heals your own heart" and thank your dental doctor with a smile - all he or she dual wants in return with your payment. * a curious mind: Harnessing the energy released by light photons or dark matter to power machines for travel * is a concept that currently lies largely within the realm of science fiction. *However, I can provide some insights into potential theoretical approaches*:   1. Photon Energy Conversion: Photons, as particles of light, carry energy. One way to potentially harness this energy for propulsion could involve advanced solar sail technology. Solar sails use the momentum transferred from photons to propel spacecraft. By increasing the efficiency of photon capture and conversion, we could potentially increase the propulsion provided by light.   2. Dark Matter Energy Conversion: Dark matter is a mysterious form of matter that does not emit, absorb, or reflect light, making it difficult to detect. While we have yet to directly detect dark matt

Enlightened Dental Care Ecosystem: "For You"

  We have some important updates regarding your recent servicing at our dental centers: As part of your paid service, you will receive an * Elite Dental Club ticket for June 2 9, 2024, issued after April 10th. Please RSVP for your annual visit and contact us for assistance or updates as needed. You can book via our helpline number +91-8884757388 based on availability, our website, unlimited availability based on our servicing centers capacity email, or walk-in to any centers. All patient consultations are confidential. Your special coded number, C RemaS26th March 2024, is valid for 12 months.  Preventive care packages for 2024: 1. For adults, one visit with OPG costs Rs 1000. 2. For kids under 12, two visits are priced at Rs 1500. 3. Post-care is fully covered for 2 months, with basic coverage for 12 months ranging from 20% to 40% of the cost. 4. Your check-up and treatment solutions are valid for one year, with a two-year extended D warranty. Please keep this


  What? Saliva DNA RNA Protein analysis proteomics says what? Junk DNA, seriously, such a name so arrogant? To feel with a knowing that something God-given created is junk, with no epigenetic consequences of the environment on it. What junk are you sequencing for what? Where are the medicines pharmacies are hiding to have commercial-based pipeline to make money so your self-suffering don't have medicines or tomorrow relief today! New tech today: release all that and build more, invite and contribute in our Truth journal and build more. Like we're trying water solutions: no water or sterilization in clinics to treat more patients in a hurry to make more money or remove pain, answer yourself and see the dirt you throw outside your home. All that dirt; climate change will damage your system, your home. Not thrown outside is a start, at least recycle, clean hygiene, brush; what more can it teach? Small habits, Swach Bharat! Try to go to a restroom where you go, the biggest possibl

You enter, remember: no discounts, only value exchanged if you do a booking.

GOOGLE PLAY:  Dental procedure at the clinic:   Download from above for android O ne site , o ne app: better way to navigate !!!  This is the one front page to access all, updated in preventive care dental app.  Two-year unique system tech trial: [ ] for Apple users PREVENTIVE DENTAL APP: APK FILE DOWNLOAD TO ANDROID, my dear patients. You, your choice to download and see if safe for usage with new Dental AI chat to answer your questions, locations, etc., about our affiliates for guidance. Lower right floating cloud: Let your imagination go wild and meet us on round one preventive care check-up and ground reality of what's happening. Say "ah!" and to book and pay "In it: Dr. Santosh Diagnostics is now available in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, with so much more 'for you

Payment with AI assist possible, along with location and more details.

  Payment Systems :  1. Pay at the clinic using your old payment method. 2. Pay for the appointment booking online with the help of our HI assistant. Kindly cooperate so that everyone's time, from yours to the doctor's, is valued, and no one is left waiting. 3. Pay all your treatment fees online through our system, and we will settle with the doctor, clinic, and collaborators. 4. With the preventive care package, along with the recommended 3 months to 2 years frequency as per the doctor's recommendation, get the treatment solutions. Know that the D warranty is now valid for 2 months post-care, and 20-40% after that for one year. After one year, it's 100%. If you're on the one-year valid preventive care package with the D warranty prescription as proof, it's now valid for 20-40% for two years. Keep in mind that there's a lost cost for materials, etc., and lifelong warranties or guarantees of companies like implants or crowns can be directly paid to the compan

Human Intelligence Booking System.

 Human Intelligence  Booking Systems : 1. Book online via email. 2. Book online via the Love Brand app or website. 3. We value your feedback and aim for a positive impact on delivering happy service satisfaction. Catering for walk-ins if the doctor is available, so you don't have to wait. Neither you nor the doctor should face confusion. You can walk in, talk to us online if the doctor is not there or busy, and book a slot. This ensures that next time, you don't miss them, and other patients don't have to say they booked first. 4. AI assistance is available to redirect to HI assistance and answer questions like the location of affiliates or cities. 5. Preventive care package booking for consultation and more. "Click Set up: Step 1 ."  We are upgrading and improving with dental tech and your feedback. Participation by usage.

Last day

Book via: 1. Direct link to Invisible Braces company: [here]( ) with Dr. Karan. 2. Via our online dental affiliate direct link: [ ] 3. Home page: [ ] " 10th April, my dear patients or dental preventive care package clients, is the last day to claim for this year sign up: 29th June Club meeting: Dentists and the public have until 15th March to secure their tickets. For preventive care dental doctor clinic affiliates, the last day to apply annually is 19th March ." What's the logic? Is everything the same amount? Our logic is, if you do preventive care, not only do you get booking appointments or entry, or where consultation maybe extra based on treating here; here you get all that and so much more. What are you thinking? Just do what's right. We're only here to guide you based on what we've learned. "At Dr. Dhruv's, we have a concept of GP b4 GP , w

"CRISP Tech AI: Dental Space App - Preventive for the best possible rest."

Important Dates for Your Health Adventure: 1. Dentist Deadline - March 15, 2024:*    - Dentists and the public, secure your tickets for the Elite Dental Club Founder's Day!    - Purchase your tickets [here]( ) before March 15.    - Send a confirmation WhatsApp message to +91-8884757388 to get your ELITE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP ENTRY TICKET.    - Note: The Founder's Day event includes recognition awards, lectures, networking, and a chance to vote for a new dental fee structure. 2. ** Special Privilege Deadline - April 10, 2024 :**    - Exclusive privilege for preventive care package patients! - Buy the package by April 10 and enjoy one year of validity.  "ONLY BY ONLINE PAYMENT SYSTEM," as mentioned in the previous blog.    - Visit whenever it suits you, and embark on your health adventure at your convenience. Remember, these dates are crucial for unlocking special benefits and ensuring your health journey is seamless. Don't miss

Your aesthetic dentist

  "Preventive care package procedures, special privilege sign-up, and tickets for the rest." This is the link. I hope and pray it transforms your life & ours for the better: Add yourself 1000 Rs and do the needful.  benefits: 2024 biannual Flyer and personal message for old patients for Dr. Dhruv's Dental Care 1. Online Booking Made Easy:    - Book your appointment at Dr. Dhruv's clinic online.    - Pay 1000 Rs upfront; no additional fees unless informed during consultation.    - Visit [ link mentioned with upfront payment] to book Any available doctor, mentioned same value slot in Dr. Dhruv's clinic in Bengaluru,( ) or call +91-8884757388 or dental affiliate booking via our team: Step 1 - link:  and  request available timing to Dr. Chetan's clinic in Amritsar.   2

Final message before team takes over

  For guilt. 1. If right, no reason to feel guilty; that is, if you feel and know you're right. 2. If you feel guilty, then it's an indication you may be wrong. Until you become aware, try to understand your attitude and behavior in the situation. If there's another person or people involved, immediately, at the appropriate time, apologize and say sorry. Don't worry about receiving forgiveness; maybe say sorry to God if needed. Move into not having guilty behavior and correct your attitude and behavior towards others and yourself, which is the education for valuable right words or actions.  Think over what I just said. Good day to you, enjoy your day twilight night and life, and maintain a clinic work-life balance environment. Happy. Preventive care visits or otherwise 🤔 😌  The only way to save is to allocate funds. 1. For investment, no expenses spending for assets: short horizon, midterm, long term. 2. Stop time. Money association with effort of liability: stay the

Financial reason Smile points: deferred

  What does Warren Buffet have to say? About it: What have we done and what are we doing? Why? Clinic propreitorship name your Dhruv Subramanian Home single entry point TESTING APP: SAVE WEB LINK VERY IMPORTANT TESTING BASIC PREVENTIVE DENTAL CARE APP NOW! Android Directly download the APK file into your Android mobile phone from clinic home link to bypass Google and Apple Play store. If you wish to participate in the app trial and trust your doctor more, as we trust you to give your expert feedback of data security and improvement features for mutual ease and convenience  you can download it directly here. Any next version will release on 11th February annually onwards. If you are a tech genius, let us know how we have higher data security without relying on the big giants, other than collaboration with their service strategically advised based direction with humility for the greater good  decisions where pa

Consent is the single point of entry

  Subtitle: We are service doctors. " Kind, meaning gratis-free, not a charitable institution: clinic affiliates, hopefully, or trust foundation ." Few mutual understandings: 1. Only in life or death situations will any citizen intervene. 2. Otherwise, consent and booking fee are required. 3. After every two weeks, post-treatment care. 4. And for new patients/clients, booking fee is mandatory, with consent given via: [every new problem and old problem repeat the method].: Those under legal RPID, such as parents or spouse, can be extended credit. No others: only for smile points