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"Preventive care package procedures, special privilege sign-up, and tickets for the rest."

This is the link. I hope and pray it transforms your life & ours for the better: Add yourself 1000 Rs and do the needful. benefits:

2024 biannual Flyer and personal message for old patients for Dr. Dhruv's Dental Care

1. Online Booking Made Easy:

   - Book your appointment at Dr. Dhruv's clinic online.

   - Pay 1000 Rs upfront; no additional fees unless informed during consultation.

   - Visit [ link mentioned with upfront payment] to book Any available doctor, mentioned same value slot in Dr. Dhruv's clinic in Bengaluru,( or call +91-8884757388 or dental affiliate booking via our team: Step 1 - link: and request available timing to Dr. Chetan's clinic in Amritsar. 

2. Exclusive Preventive Care Package 2024:

   - Be among the first to prioritize health focused with a loving commitment.

   - Only 1000 Rs for a one-year package.


   - Special privileges for the first 3000 sign-ups. As per treating doctor, Dr. Dhruv.

We value our time, do you?

A) Dr. Dhruv Direct access: Annually revised legal RPID, need up to 101 or so.

B) First preventive care package sign-up with wife and kids: Direct access, four annual consultations with preventive care packages.

C) 999 clients access after preventive care check-up or patients before one family package of one online consultation via assistant, no fee: 10 minutes for any family member (spouse, parents, real siblings, or kids).

D) 1999 clients access via assistance or patients before package validity expires, can renew annually if successful this year.

E) Others with fee: Special privilege code changed annually, this is valid for one year.

3. Three Benefits, Two Cities, One Package:

  1 - No entry, booking, or consultation fees. Only what is told in consultation.

  2 - Warranty extension for shared responsibility for all treatments to two years - instead of one: Radiology opinion including second opinion review available: For accountability, with OPG included at Raddon in Bengaluru as referred by treating doctor in other affiliate

  3 - Ticket to the Elite Dental Club annual meeting on June 29, 2024, in Bengaluru. Deadline for this: 10th April 2024, for venue seating capacity booking. Only when online payment is done for the package. Can claim anytime of the year after deadline; valid for one year once saved payment done. After 10th April, this benefit is not valid. Vote for the market demand-supply of fee structure, as per service providers and public available in our network, at the venue annually as a guide point for the country. This is for premium service with the top ten fee structures mentioned by our AI assist, added while the final treating fee decision is made by the doctor.

4. Data Security & Accountability:

   - Your files, your data - All secure with us, only essential. And you save if you wish – doctor's treatment prescription for proof to claim warranty one year, all our service providers affiliate. Continuity in history not valid otherwise outside legal RPID. Based on trust, ours auto delete in 5 years in Dr. Dhruv's clinic, if no error in filling your name (day of visit) or mobile with our special pen.- "D Warranty" (X-rays) prescriptions stored securely, including lab communication. We don't retrieve data; new sign up prescription each time with new updated history. We hope you carry your proof unless the matter is of the law for optimum usage of treatment time.

5. AI Dental Helpline & Easy Opt-out:

   - AI dental helpline at [my dream](

   - For more information, visit [Preventive dental app](

   - Opt-out of updates by messaging us.- Available in Bengaluru and Amritsar for two years after response is seen this year.

*Note: MoU Contact us face to face or via voice/video calls: Via assistance, unless special privilege or legal RPID need otherwise, to speak to the doctor with a booking fee online or entry fee at the clinic. Consultation fee will be told later, based on time spent and the number of experts involved for any matter. Out-of-town patients, kindly pay the booking fee to consult with the doctor to plan better for the trip. No written responses or emails unless necessary. We value your trust and appreciate your participation and feedback for continuous improvement. Aesthetic book download 'beautiful smile': [] Smile points deferred indefinitely after consultation with Javali & Associates, as previously mentioned.

'For you' referenceKindly refer to the last blog for any new updatesAny relevant update is mentioned in the Elite Dental Club happening link: of social media with exciting better health activities like presently posted: sports and for old patients, we update personally via message biannually if needed, around Holi and Diwali, as we have done over 10 years, on 14th June from Dr. Dhruv at GG and transition to WhatsApp two-way. Hopefully, share your updates; pray not dental problems that require face-to-face in our new independent practice since 7th October 2018. We strive to keep bettering ourselves with the positive impact feedback we receive. We believe in collaboration over competition. Changes or outdated management consultation or treatment solutions are removed or slowly transitioning or phasing out with Continuing Dental Education (CDE) or self-learning. This communication channel blog update will help you mutually understand the reason and why. If you have time, go through: (

Direct Amritsar clinic details can be accessed via this link: our online Orthodontist Invisalign consultant ( or through our online system link below. Second affiliate details in Bengaluru: Invisible Braces company. Our trusted Orthodontist for nearly 10 years at Dr. Dhruv's and still here second Wednesday evening. Visit [here]( for more information.


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