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First dental newsletter:

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-01. Stand in Chief editor: Letter by founder B+ like our good blood

00. Patients or Clients: For our enlightened investors: Understanding the greater good understanding life purpose of our elite dental club

01. Flagship clinic updates, in Unicorn Bengaluru India featuring 'For you': our hopefully pray unique WA appointment training method and accounting for profitable growth for new revolutionizing dental industry treatment solutions

02. Doctors: Gift of good health focus by our doctors, learning honestly for you and your family members, emphasizing oral health measures in dentistry

03. Deep awareness about deleting and blocking numbers

04. Brand affiliates www.NamrataDhruv.loveRenewal of dental license and participatory doctor clinics offer annual preventive care packages for clients or patients. Additionally, we provide a trusted recommended list of service and product providers.

05. News: Annual reminders and news updates to check daily, weekly, or monthly when you're free: example oral health one-year awareness policy and doctor consultation treatment solution fees policy

06. Unique observations: D 3 laws of the universe - unchangeable intelligence

07. Companies: Sponsorship ads inviting from companies etc

08. Clinics: Transformational offer to elevate your private dental practice

09. Scientist or writerSponsorship Ads and scientific publications or enlightening dental articles with tips

10. Rewards: Recognition awards in the dental industry every leap year (2028) after this one

11. Job opportunities: Creating jobs doing the right thing bring happiness to everyone, including yourself

12. Thank you! Credit rolls Take your time; don't rush. Allow it the necessary time to unfold and work effectively.

13. Are You Lucky Enough to See a Better World: Next Version, 4th Edition - October 29, 2025

Kindly noteSpacing indicates, with S.No, a new segregated section. Easily editable: If you feel that any sensitive information has been shared or if there are any facts that are untrue and you wish to have them removed.

Three critical thinking problem-solving skills which might help you while reading or otherwise:

1. Your problem is not as big as others. Self-importance is valuable; value yourself first, then loved ones, and finally, your association: might find your solution in their problem. Who asked you for help professionally, value in return. Is that what's happening? You're solving problems with a dentist, and he's making his wife smile at home.

2. Read, criticize, read, believe, read questioning, the same in listening and understanding. Therefore, state here is my belief or the writer's; have your own independent thinking. Don't get influenced by the wrong thoughts. It's your choice if you have chosen to do the right thing and associate: then proceed 2 Those who have interdependent thinking are collaborators wishing to contribute to better health for a better world.

3. Get self-awareness of your problem, the root cause, by experts or yourself. Seek help from experts in their field, professional training  preferably. Whatever works, as it's about your belief and good faith smartly. Scientific, as everything has a reason. Education is the biggest boon for your and our upliftment. Value your ambition, work-life balance, and love your life journey consciousness to decide, "Yes, I will join our elite dental club and contribute." Load it with lived love, and see the magic that's called the miracle of life.

Be responsible, or keep asking permission. Be free and remember, knowledge only gives power to observation for the greater good. Use your God-given, unique talent and skills groomed over time with consistent experience, and let others help you do, as Lion-wise king says, "It's the circle of life, and it's all connected." We call it the red thread.

-01. Letter by founder B+ like our good blood healthy relationships

Dear Esteemed Readers,

I am delighted to introduce you to our innovative online blog-style annual dental newsletter, the "Annual Dental Fenêtre Newsletter." At our core, we believe in a love commited encapsulated in our motto: "Hope through Ethical Practice, Continuous Learning."

In our fast-paced world, where the race often seems relentless, we invite you to take a moment to be on time, spending it in an organized and healthy manner. The finish line in this journey mirrors our appointment system training – the goal is to ensure a seamless and fulfilling experience for all.

This newsletter is not just a publication; it's a platform for sharing insights, celebrating achievements, and fostering a sense of community within the society. We've structured our release date annually by the 29th of October, allowing you ample time to stay abreast with ongoing developments or peruse it at your convenience once released.

The content within ranges from patient to client care, highlighting the collaborative efforts that lead to success in dentistry. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and mutual support to elevate the standards of dental practice.

Your contribution is invaluable to us. Whether through sponsorship ads, article submissions, or sharing your experiences, you play a vital role in shaping the narrative of our newsletter. Your visits, consultations, and treatment solutions are not just transactions; they are integral to the ongoing narrative of hope, progress, and new treatment solutions for everyone.

We invite you to connect with us to discuss your participation in this annual endeavor. Share your insights, contribute articles, or explore opportunities for sponsorship ads. Your involvement is a testament to the shared responsibility we all bear in advancing the field of dentistry.

Remember, in the dental industry, there is no equality; there is shared responsibility. We believe in cultivating a positive attitude and a loving nature – values that form the foundation of our mind-body-soul thinking. Recognizing the profound deep faith of an intuitive connection between the brain and heart, we encourage you to evolve towards a healthier mindset and fully embrace the spirit of our dental family.

As you navigate the pages of our newsletter, we hope it inspires not only professional growth but also contributes to an enhanced quality of life for you. For queries, contributions, or belief in our collaboration, feel free to contact us at our flagship number: +91-8884757388, or through various dental associations.

Thank you for being an integral part of our dental community. Here's to another year of shared knowledge, collaborative growth, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Warm regards,- Enter our elite dental club of living with love and understanding mutually: starting with education of our next generation with the rest: firm in our stand of good health

- 1 year old: get used to the clinical environment and avoid nursing bottle caries identification of syndromes:- Teach them self-control at a young age—very important. No thumb-sucking habits or face the consequences of the next step: corrective orthodontics. Or correct the habit unless it's genetic, then it's a lot of variable nature.

- 6 years old: Any orthodontically guided bone correction to avoid surgery later in life if conscious or affecting oral hygiene or work life: preventive and interceptive orthodontics see our orthodontist in the video:

- 13 years old, and after they have been initiated with a water flosser, we hope their mobile number registered with guardian consent in our system gives them the opportunity to have shared responsibility in their GOOD Health lifelong by receiving our annual reminders

- So, we support through your education to enter our adult world for adult consent after this phase of guardian consent. Here for ORAL HEALTH, stay with us; rather oral healthcare with us always.Thank you. Your first lesson: Trust right, associate right with our peer group. Pressure socially, do right. "Study to understand, learn not to pass exams" is my humble opinion, but not forgetting that the ultimate goal is to complete exams, start earning, and then continue the learning process that's how you will be happy with cordial and associated healthy relationships

Do what your heart feels is right and your mind knows is right.

Let your soul lead the way ✨️ 🎶 🙏with Pinky and me

00. For our investors:

No investment by investor besides patients or clients or sponsorship ads or feedback fee allowed in our elite dental club, newsletter, WhatsApp training method, or accounting If still keen shall check if for good healthy relationship with us investment to grow together lifelong for the greater good health and well-being: With a clear understanding, the founder-owner, with his wife's intelligence together as the head, will always decide the resource allocations: will be based on the strategy and advice presented by the advisors, whoever they may be, with the focus on the greater good, health, and well-being of everyone, including us. Shared responsibility leads to happiness

"We, as members of this elite dental club, solemnly pledge to assure no harm to ourselves or others. Defence and security guards, as well as police, family friends associations we support with gratitude for their ultimate selfless service and promote good mental health awareness. By the court of laws understanding of the awareness of Truth and justice for fairness: encourage acceptance of others' differences, foster empathy, and provide help within our means for their suffering and pain, ensuring they are directed to the right place. Our focus is on constructive like engineers building savings and earning, steering clear of overspending and refraining from bad, risky investments. Our priority is on high-value activities, like art humanity building maintaining a loving commitment to family friends associations and individually contributing collaborative good work, and not worrying about the God-given results. We firmly believe that by doing what is right and continuing down this path, whether the outcomes are positive or negative, we are on the right track. We express gratitude for understanding beyond our means and recognize the advise importance of staying the course and course correction if needed for a happily ever after in the new year onwards. We acknowledge that communication is key for building good relationships, and acceptance of who we are remains crucial. Moving forward, we collectively choose to embrace love for a lifelong family and positive associations. Understanding that this elite dental club is established for the greater good, both now and in the future, for depth in your and our mutual understanding kind interest: A personal connection with doctors at the clinic is crucial for maintaining good health. Service business beyond transaction: Professionally managed by us, we pledge our committed love to ensuring success."

For that, we kindly request patients or clients to go to the right place for consultation and treatment solutions, for everyone's happiness, Your valuable contribution is appreciated within your means

1. Authority for Regulation:

   - Government of India, Indian dental associations, and regulatory bodies, like the Dental Council of India, are granted authority to regulate dental services and products, in India and similarly globally

   - This includes the annual license renewal process, ensuring adherence to standards for the greater good of everyone.

2. Public and Government Dental Clinics:

   - Free services for patients in government dental clinics are supported by taxes, ensuring that the public has access to essential dental care.

   - This contributes to the overall happiness of the population by addressing basic dental health needs.

3. Discounted Services in Dental Colleges:

   - Dental colleges provide discounted services, benefiting both patients and students who gain practical experience. They are adding value here.

   - This arrangement fosters a positive environment for learning and provides affordable care to the community. However, based on demand and supply, there is a trend causing drops in charges and, ultimately, quality. This negatively impacts the entire industry, including dentists and patients, leading to suffering. The only solution is a mindset shift, treating patients as clients and spacing out their numbers to prevent suffering. This approach aims to avoid the negative consequences for dentists' families due to low costs and the unhappiness of dental college students passing out. This issue is particularly prevalent in some parts of Indiranagar, Bengaluru, within a radius of 100 feet, where there may be over 5-6 dental clinics, creating a massive explosion.

Thank you for your understanding. The regulatory board has the authority to think and strategize for a solution that ensures everyone's happiness as their duty. A simple solution is the sharing of resources, particularly in Human Resources (HR). We propose asking people to sign up, perhaps in our Elite Dental Club-like system. Alternatively, we request sign-ups for our alternative strategy of the Elite Dental Club, giving you a choice where to go. If you choose to sign up for our D warranty annually or every five years, we will allocate you to our clinic and our affiliate clinics' doctors based on your preferences.

4. Regulation of Fees in Hospitals:

   - Fees of doctors in public and private hospitals are regulated by management to cater to larger audiences.

   - This ensures that a diverse population can access healthcare services, including the use of advanced equipment and machinery.

5. Private Practice and Exclusive Services:

   - Private dental practices offer exclusive services catering to a niche audience seeking high-end treatments.

- This diversity in services allows individuals to choose based on their preferences and affordability: The understanding is between patient and treating doctor; no one other than God can interfere based on family and everyone's happiness in consideration who are involved

6. Human Right to Choose Services:

   - It is considered a human right to choose whether or not to provide services, with exceptions for life-saving duties.

   - Individuals have the right to seek services they can afford, contributing to a shared responsibility for the growth of the healthcare industry.

7. Funding Research and Innovation:

   - Individuals, whether in the public or private sector, may not directly pay for research, innovation, or consultation. - Lack of funding from patients can be a barrier to the development of new treatment solutions, impacting families facing health issues.

8. Mutual Understanding and Shared Responsibility:

   - Mutual understanding between service providers and patients is crucial for creating a healthcare system that caters to diverse needs.

   - Shared responsibility is emphasized, encouraging individuals to contribute to the industry's growth for a pain-free and healthy society: In helping yourself, you find God.

9. Elite Dental Club Supporting Innovation:

   - The hope is expressed for an elite dental club to grow, supporting the cause of innovation in dental treatments.

   - This collective effort aims to contribute to better healthcare outcomes and improved access to advanced treatment solutions.

10. Transparency in Fees Usage:

    - The call is made for transparency in how fees are used, with the expectation of sponsoring scientific or enlightening articles/Sponsorship of Ads giving ROI and showcasing innovation

    - It is hoped that this transparency will demonstrate the positive impact of fees on supporting research and innovation in healthcare/besides family happiness

11. Wish for Better Treatment Solutions:

    - Personal suffering is highlighted as a result of limited treatment solutions, emphasizing the need for continued innovation/content

    - The call to action is to collectively contribute to the industry's advancement for the greater good of good health.

12. Hope for Articles on Industry Impact:

    - Expressing hope for articles showcasing the positive impact of fees on the industry.

    - The desire is to see the industry grow and evolve, providing better and more accessible healthcare solutions for all: What value are you giving? What value are you receiving? It's not about money; it's about value exchange, with money as the currency. The 8th wonder: there's no miracle of compounding. You are basically investing this value in currency in the growth of the economy. As inflation occurs, it grows. You are receiving your contribution interest in return exponentially. So investing in the right place, rolling out to do the right thing, will obviously give you returns, and vice versa. Obviously, apply in the internal external battle of evil is all about making the right choice. Decision, your duty in destiny: I call it self-governance. Five levels: good work, extraordinary better work, brilliant work (which is mainly uniquely different), and genius level work (which is one idea uniquely different no one has seen, maybe in a century or more). The final level is way above us, the higher consciousness above the subconscious access. I believe I call God's salvation, which only he knows the answer. So, pray at night, and he may bless you, as mentioned in the methodology in the following link: [Prayers & Solutions](

01. Flagship clinic

I have more than 1 talent, and that is dentistry. I pray I can get better for my family's happiness, comfortable contentment, and hopefully, 'For you'.

"We value good work and aim to learn, to do better. As we are aware, knowledgeable, skillful, and experienced—ourselves, juniors, and senior elders, with their wise experience, with our education holding us steadfast. To keep doing until it's extraordinary and not stop there. It's a two-way street, from our lab, radiologists, suppliers, collaborators, and our dear investors coming with their pain problems or dental sufferings, patients, or clients."

Joint responsibility.

Have a good, loving foundation built on trust and understanding, with good conversation skills. Cultivate happy, positive habits. Together, we can move forward with good consultation and treatment solutions as we read and engage with this newsletter section:-)

A) Professional

B) Clinic individual contributions and collaboration

C) Personal

A) Professional Happened 21st Nov 2023

Maybe, based on responses, request parents or guardians next year.

Clear news:

B) Clinic Individual Contributions and Collaboration

1. For oral cancer screening, clinicians or patients can contact OralScan, an optical imaging multimodal device designed for the early detection of (pre-) cancerous lesions in the oral cavity. You can reach them at Mobile: +91 91888 51148 via Email:

2. Products: Order from suppliers. No conflict of interest financially. Recommended daily products: [Annual Products]( Most of the doctors in the group services mentioned with booking appointment time.

3. Closing a few associations, tie-ups, and a few left unsaid: by consolidation of websites: let all shut down automatically without annual renewal.

4. Brand site, reviews site, and flagship clinic vision:

5. For the smooth operation of the clinic, doctors, service providers, you are well-supported. In the clinic, the delivery of good work for patients or clients respectfully mutually is our priority. Trust: our team and us. We care for smooth operations: Training WhatsApp appointment method, GP b4 GP, account method might implement for ease of operations with post-operative care and preventive care AMC package with one-year awareness policy and treating doctor policy.

6. 'For you' our biggest collaborators: One annual reminder can choose to opt out.

This approach allows us to focus on our work, happily and honestly assisting you in the clinic. 

7. Success is seeing yourself, family, others successful and giving yourself better than the best. Individually contribute to the team, even if family, society, or work. Support people and the industry with feedback, data, and innovative technological advancements for yourself and us. Your fee goes the distance to come back as an investment for you and the next generation. So, let's support, love, and care for the children so implemented the following by appointment.
C) Few personal touch of us and our team

The 9th event in Bengaluru is canceled due to my grandmother's passing away after our own version of a dream wedding. We are headed for the Hindu Manaat (2013 for a good husband) thanked and hoping to fulfil at the Vishnu temple in Chennai weekend, sharing our moment in time in the video. Txu. Love to all.

Read our love story with the dental industry in the background. Thank you for being there or sending your love during our moment in time. Life, thank you. Hope it inspires hope in you and spreads a happy environment with a positive attitude and confidence.

Thank you for all the wedding wishes for Pinky and me, as well as the birthday wishes.

02. Gift of health focus by our good doctor

Subtitle: "Sometimes, we might send you a message to forward and raise awareness—other than our annual reminders. Only to a select few. Trust our team, including you, for feedback, better understanding, or post-operatively care."

Subject: CDE Announcement: Transition to a New Focus

Dear Doctors,

As we approach this festive season, I wanted to share a message of reflection and transition. Starting from this Christmas, let's embark on a journey where our lives are touched by miracles, and the magic of kindness prevails.

In the spirit of the season, we are transitioning from the conventional pursuit of acquiring and retaining patients to a new love commitment—a passionate and consistent focus on delivering extraordinary and high-quality work. Our primary goal is to achieve good results, fostering success and maintaining a balanced work-life.

This shift signifies a commitment to continued growth and improvement. Each one of you plays a crucial role in making a difference by diligently performing your duties. Together, we aspire to learn, grow, and create a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a season filled with joy, kindness, and professional development.

Best regards,

Subject: Implementation of Better Learning Habits and COVID Protocols Dear Team, I hope this message finds you well. As we move forward, I'd like to emphasize two essential steps in our journey of learning and growth. 

Step One: Understand E6—Earn Easily, Efficiently, and Ethically Learning begins with understanding the principles of earning easily, efficiently, and ethically. Let's educate ourselves logically and theoretically, and encourage practical application. 

Try, attempt, and witness the results, as trust-based foundations in relationships finally matter. Keep walking on this path of continuous improvement. Regarding COVID protocols, in accordance with recent government orders, we are reinstating precautionary measures in the clinic. Your cooperation is crucial. We welcome clients/patients with temperature checks, masks, and hand washing, ensuring excellence in trust and simplicity. These preventive steps are effective, especially in crowded areas. No additional vaccination is required for the low potency JN.1 variant. Please contact us at +91-8884757388 to space your dental appointments, and we appreciate your support in implementing these preventive measures. Now over

Step Two: Associate with the Right People

 Associating with the right people, learning from the best, and striving to be better than the best is the second step in our learning journey. I trust you're enjoying Christmas, and I look forward to staying true to my resolution of becoming a better dental professional with each passing day. For those interested in additional practice tips, explore 
'Over 101 Practice Tips in Clinical Dentistry' [here]( The journey of learning continues, and I pray for the experiences you share, contributing to the gift of health to society. As we standardize processes and systems in the clinic, providing employee training to deliver nothing but the best to each patient, let's continue our collective effort towards happiness. Goodnight to all, and thank you for your hard work. Together, let's cultivate better habits, positive intent, thoughts, words, and actions in the new year. Forget the past, embrace the future, and get ready for a successful and fulfilling year ahead. Take care, stay strong, and have faith.

Subject: Clear Instructions and Important Information


I hope this message finds you well. I would like to share some clear instructions and important information to ensure your continued well-being.

1. Accept and Count Your Blessings: Take a moment to appreciate the blessings in your life and practice gratitude. Remember to listen more than you speak, and let your actions speak for themselves. A simple smile can be a powerful start.

2. GP b4 GP for Preventive Health: Our GP b4 GP initiative aims to prevent health issues by detecting stress in your body and life. Immediate preventive actions are recommended, including raising awareness of your situation and seeking care from practitioners, service providers, or family members. It's essential to maintain a healthy environment without harm to yourself or others. Widening our horizons of preventive care: What to say, when to say, and where to refer. WWW

3. Listening and Respect: We listen to understand and provide recommended courses of action, respecting your choices. Your consent forms the basis of our trust-based relationship. There are no strict rules; instead, we encourage and support good behavior with respect and trust reciprocated. We continuously update and learn, ensuring a return on investment (ROI) for better services throughout life.

4. Hippocratic Oath and Service: As doctors, we uphold the Hippocratic Oath to treat well and do no harm. The system is designed to support dental students' learning at a discounted fee, and government institutions are aided by society's taxes. Serving our clientele is a privilege, not a right, with growth based on individual contributions and collaborative efforts. We disassociate from those not following this natural law for the prosperity of all.

5. Article on Implant Redo: Please read [this article]( if you ever consider getting an implant redone. It discusses success rates, possibilities of redo, and the beauty of a global implant system. Do ask us for a replacement implant if needed, as it contributes to the system's innovation and better service.

6. Emergency Procedures: Our doors are open 24/7 for a fee, with our team available during working hours. Emergency procedures are rare but are prioritized for safety. We collaborate with hospitals by referral to good doctor, Amar Jyothi Nursing Home, and others. Keep the phone number of your nearest hospital with emergency facilities handy.

Thank you for entrusting us with your dental care. We appreciate your questions, feedback, and commitment to good health. Feel free to reach out if you have further queries.

Wishing you and your family good health and happiness.

Best regards,

03. Deep awareness

Subject: Important Notice, New Year Wishes, and Personal Beliefs

Dear Clients,

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. I would like to extend my gratitude for your continued trust and association with our clinic. As we step into the New Year, there are a few points I'd like to highlight along with our heartfelt wishes for you.

1. Deleted Numbers and Reassociation: Deleted numbers from our system indicate a challenging experience. If you wish to reassociate, along with blacklisted ones (blocked ones only apologize), a booking fee is required. This policy is in place to maintain a professional, healthy relationship based on trust and good work.

2. Privilege of Treatment: In private practice, treating patients is a privilege, not a right. The doctor has the right to choose patients, and patients have the right to choose their doctor. It's a two-way relationship built on trust and respect.

3. Emergency Situations: In life or death situations, please go to the nearest hospital. If we can assist in such situations, we will do our duty without a fee. This is a professional approach for the well-being of all involved.

4. Consequences for Breaches of Trust: Breaches of trust and disrespectful actions have consequences, including implications for the immediate family. The focus is on improvement and the development of good habits in learning, intent, thought, words, and actions.

5. Financial Considerations: Financial matters are addressed professionally. For immediate family and close friends, there are exceptions. Collaboration and understanding are key for a positive relationship.

6. Consultation Fee Waivers: Treating doctor fee policy and discretion of treating doctor management.

7. Preventive Care Packages: Encouraging patients to sign up for preventive care packages annually is a step towards maintaining a good relationship.

8. Feedback System: Good healthy feedback is welcomed after consultation or treatment for continuous improvement. It contributes to the overall effort to organize the dental industry and serve patients consistently.

9. New Year Wishes: The team wishes you and your family health, wealth, and peace in the New Year. Take your time, and when you're ready, we'll be here to support you.

10. Reflection and Understanding: Approach unknown territory with curiosity and self-reflection. Pause, understand, and carefully proceed with awareness.

11. Family Dentistry: The clinic, as stated on, is 'For you.' It's a family-oriented practice, and your well-being is our priority.

12. New Year Resolution: Embrace the new year with love, gratitude, and self-help. Blessings are received through acts of love for oneself and others.

13. Personal Beliefs: Our elite dental club follows one law - my wife (Pinky Namrata Shahid Subramanian has to be happy). Follow your own faith and beliefs as you wish, and continue to value the prayers of respect to God and parents, a mark of deep respect by touching their feet with gratitude.

14. Lifelong Associations: Going from our friends to lifelong associations, we appreciate your continued association with us.

As we move forward, let's foster a positive and supportive environment. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year filled with joy, success, and good health.

Best regards,


Dear Dr. Dhruv Subramanian,

Your transaction was successful, and a receipt will be auto-generated within 24 hours. Keep this transaction number: T202401021246258180 for future references.

Best Regards,



For doctor license renewed, clinic his responsibility visit our website: []

An imperative message that should never be overlooked: Dentists adhere to peer-reviewed knowledge to ensure the safety and well-being of families and the public. This commitment stems from love in the awareness of the vital role played in creating value for individuals through proper training.

Moreover, maintaining a lifelong learning attitude is crucial. Engaging in Continuing Dental Education (CDEs) allows for the adoption of new consultation methodologies and treatment solutions. This dedication ensures ongoing happiness for both our team and those we serve.


Thank you for joining us

05. Annual Reminders and News Updates: Check Daily, Weekly, or Monthly 

Example: Oral Health One-Year Awareness Policy and Doctor Consultation Treatment Solution Fees Policy

Sub-indices for different types of news, you can use to navigate: colour indexed for new

A) Daily or weekly breaking News
   1. NEW YEAR'S: Appointment and Fee Understanding
   2.  Oral Consent Mandatory
 3. Self lived living love and self confidence cross referral contact safe

B) Monthly News
   1. Two-Year Trial to Affiliate Clinics Under Our Brand
   2. Materials and Equipment: Nobel Biocare Implant System Purchased

C) Annual News
   1. Txu Tax
   2. Awareness Alert: If you witness any form of discrimination or bullying or sexual or financial collection or any harassment in the dental industry, we encourage you to report it to us. Together, let's ensure a safe and respectful environment for everyone. Your voice matters!
3. Breaking new D warranty released

A) Daily News

1. NEW YEAR'S: Appointment and Fee Understanding


Choosing Your Doctor or Appointment for Patients/Clients: New Beginnings

Your right to happiness and contentment begins with choosing the right doctor. Hope they are God-given experts in their field, whether in technology or healthcare. We wish you well.

With us, no free knowledge, art-like skills, or wise experience supporting help other than criteria mentioned. Only free marketing information is available globally. The truth is, what are we doing? Proactively solving dental problems for our family and others, happily ever after.

New Year's Resolutions: January 1st, 2024

Lifelong together, multiple ideas for your good work, no rules, one law, and only operating on trust, self-respect, and mutually convenient time requires cooperation with understanding. We strive to do better than our God-given best in our service. No-nonsense business clinical practice, organized industry. Hopefully, we learn from you next visit, becoming better individuals and professionals. We hope to learn to live happily together every day and night.

God bless and good night, wishing you a very happy 2024 New Year, family, friends, and association. No further changes unless absolutely necessary. Let's change ourselves for the better. Thank you.

Clear New Year Instructions:

When bargaining, negotiating, or seeking a discount at the clinic, confidently assert your value. If unwilling to agree on fair terms, politely suggest departure, closing the matter. Patient or client details will be deleted as per the law.

To comprehend treatment solutions, assistance is offered. For those genuinely seeking understanding, the instructions. Failure to comply may necessitate intervention, prompting departure. Thank you for understanding.

Maintain a mutually respectful and professional tone. Any inappropriate behavior will be addressed appropriately. Ensure a smooth payment process by promptly notifying dental assistants or the nurse in charge if patients or clients hesitate to pay, even a nominal amount.

Clearly communicate the non-negotiable and non-refundable nature of fees. In cases of requests to pay later or negotiate, stand firm on the established terms. Adhere to the new instructions with a one-year validity for the outlined procedures.

Now we focus only on good work, delivering action actually on the chair with patients and clients. Thank you.


Service: Book Appointment

WhatsApp us for auto greetings and appointment instructions. See our sustain system in right action, promoting growth and improvement.


2. Oral Consent Mandatory


VIP: Download Oral Consent for Your Awareness 

No excuses for any bad behavior on our premises tolerated. Have faith; all will go well.

Visit ( to download the oral consent form.

Dignity of labor appreciated. With our investment in the right people, if ROI.


3. Self-Lived Living Love and Self-Confidence Cross Referral Contact Safe:

Read the link to understand the reason behind the consultation fee for cross referral with any contact or resource shared, ensuring required consent if needed.

For more information, check the bottom of the screen at this link: (

B) Monthly News


 1. Two-Year Trial to Affiliate Clinics Under Our Brand

We are excited to announce a two-year trial period for affiliate clinics under our brand, aiming to take our private proactive implant practice with preventive care including all dental service to new heights.

Visit [ Services]( for more information.

We hope and pray that this initiative proves to be a valuable step in elevating our implant practice. Our goal is to monopolize a dental aggregator exclusive dental club where others can either emulate or join our venture. 

There is no need for unnecessary equipment purchases for the clinic's backend; individual contributing collaborators, including us, will only invest when necessary. We have a strong collaborator on board to consistently deliver better-than-the-best service, ensuring good oral health measures for our valued clients or patients.

Thank you for your support and collaboration.


 2. Materials and Equipment: Nobel Biocare Implant System Purchased

So, I guess you understand there's nothing called high or low. If I make 1 Cr on 10 lakhs, it's a low investment. While if I make 10,000 with an investment of 1 lakh, it's a bad investment. Let's hope the investment in the right people will give the right result, allowing us to continue investing in our family clinic.

The individuals we invest in, using the money for the company to earn for themselves, are wise about the Return on Investment (ROI). So, the break-even point is crucial to note. If I invest X amount now, after when will I see profits, and how much easier will the work be for me in deliverance, as the latest technology or machine, as the dialogue goes, from the movie "3 Idiots," is only to make our life easier—patient, client, or team members, including ourselves.

As you know, it is all about the quality of life by being comfortable with your abilities to provide comfort and nurture and grow our dental family and otherwise. All about credibility, a good image, and building on it. Build trust and maintain it, just like our association.

Leave with a final loving thought to ponder: Can we sustain until we reach a breaking point to cover the investment, or is the stress and pressure too much, making it not worth it? Thank you either way; see you, as with you, it's worth it—quality, so I have no fear of the product and service. Let's courageously move forward :-)

C) Annual News:

1. For tax purposes, all cash transactions, not online, above ₹50,000 must be reported with a PAN card. For your pearly whites, not black. 

2. Awareness Alert: Raise Your Voice! It's time to change old age for whatever reasons policies, and update if need like the University of Louisville's 180-day racial discrimination HR policy. The beauty of enlightened souls seeking truth will never be fully realized unless we confront such issues head-on. Repeated offenses within any department demand investigation, and it is crucial to not challenge understand and rectify policies that perpetuate discrimination. Let's unite for a healthier climate change in our dental environment, ensuring that every individual is treated with dignity and respect.

Accountability: We believe in being accountable for our actions and decisions. It's our love committed to transparency, privacy and professionalism with 
responsibility, and ensuring that every step we take is aligned with the values we uphold. Thank you for your trust and collaboration.

Mental Health Awareness: "Incompetent Doctors: Stay Updated for Better Health — Upholding Ethical Standards in Dentistry and Beyond, and Making Health Better — Thank You"

We understand the importance of mental health, and we strongly condemn any instance of incompetent doctors engaging in activities that go against the well-being and trust of patients. It is crucial to uphold ethical standards and prioritize patient safety and confidentiality. If you come across such instances, we encourage you to report them, as it is essential for the overall health of the healthcare system and the individuals involved. Together, let's promote a culture of transparency, accountability, and ethical medical practices for the benefit of all. 
and hope they learn like our CDE programs
It's difficult to quantify the exact percentage of knowledge we have about the brain's workings, but our understanding has significantly advanced over the years. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, we likely know a small fraction of the brain's complexities, estimated to be around 5-10%. Research on the brain continues, and our understanding continues to evolve, so this percentage may have increased since then.

So, can opinions be right for social stigmas, or is awareness required for the public that the current knowledge is incomplete? Therefore, the observations and diagnosis are only to help. Still, we pray that doctors in all fields, through Continuing Medical Education (CMEs), etc., keep updating. For example, I worked on aging and spinal cord brain research division for a few months. Age is most affected by fat, as per old studies. Still so many in 40s lose weight drastically from superstar to classmates and have heart attacks finding that rich mix for healthy work life balance: any new Recent ones? While connecting nerves to regrow remains a mystery, I wrote one publication below—maybe regrow in a tooth for root canals. So many possibilities—let's open our minds to welcome such thoughts of love, not ostracize based on caste, religion, gender, mind, or social differences. Rather, let's respect all.

Transgenders walk into the Indiranagar Nykaa store—a beautiful mix of culture. Walk into different parts of the cities; see how things are changing, and people are starting to accept you for who you are. We have a fee structure for all, and the dental system accommodates all. So, learn there first and start getting awareness to love and accept all, understanding everyone is playing a part in a play, as I'm guessing Shakespeare said: "Don't be you to thou Brutus; be Yourself and only uniquely you." Then understand that we, doctors, dentists, or practitioners, wish 'For you' to have a better, healthier mindset of the entire dental and medical healing practitioners and everyone around. Then we can move forward.

To the dilemma I kept thinking for years: emotional energy of love. Is there an equation? Where does it originate? Can it affect mood, actions, reactions, responses to constructive or destructive, or a choice as we evolve to responses? So much we know, from riots to love, still, India keeps moving on, and so does most part of the working, healthier world. Can it be enhanced to unleash the full potential, better for a better world? And so much our imagination can think for the greater good of our greater good. Soul accounts are healthy, and then you think of the practical realities—day-to-day life, you and your wife having breakfast, father speaking of help with mother's supervision—all beautiful things have it, and so do you in your healthy mind, body, and soul. Get that spirit out and intuitively recognize that dentists or your dentists are already reaching in and bringing out the smile in you. Or sending you where the solution might make you smile or someone or something might help or assist, as in doing so, then you know the diagnosis is right. 
My final conclusion on the dilemma: The equation is a divine feeling being conveyed to you for going in the right direction. If true, EEL = u (origin in you) by experimentally trying on myself. Thank you.
Understanding AI correctly involves acknowledging that it currently holds a lot of knowledge. A Canadian AI company, without an Indian partner, attempted a trial on a small fee (fortunately, my wife was well-informed and emailed them later) and hacked into my account. On a disagreement to start doing some work or uninstalling without consent, as soon as I logged in and realized it, I shut down the system and deleted the software for AI X-ray imaging. 
Still not as fast a HI diagnosis or accuracy but can see things hidden

So, now we store data as per the required time with no internet access to our X-rays. If patients or clients wish to, they can take photographs and save them along with a physical copy of the prescription. We no longer keep the data. We give you the D Warranty and software via the camera, and our collaborator securely stores the data for the required 5 years. We share it with you via message and auto reminders as prescribed by treating doctors. It's your data, your access, and your choice to keep it, sell it to a company for a fee, or share it for new innovative treatment solutions and consultations as we learn.
this information of its database from ChatGPT explosion on the scene with a significant portion still unknown. The lack of evidence-based practice raises concerns, as assumptions drive behavior and mindset. Epigenetic and genetic biomarkers, often inaccurate due to incomplete information, contribute to deduction-based opinions causing social problems. The healthcare system, focusing on symptoms rather than root causes, leads to jugaad solutions and high costs hopefully insurances clearing not burdening family with bad health debt rather contributing in research and innovation by preventing clearing huge fees: and breaking everyone out of the vicious cycle: Tuka laga ke, nahe, oh saved a life or lost – that's not science. To do, for a tooth sign, what we observe with our current knowledge, we're updating and symptoms by displayed two-way communication. You may know more than us by listening, or someone else, or AI research, and all going in all fields. Or, at least, like my basic PhD program – Integrated program. I resigned after four years and came back to India to keep learning, learning on the job, keep doing.

In contrast, true medical practitioners strive to understand the body, mind, and heart, offering comprehensive solutions with humility. The need for innovations in healthcare is evident to address the root cause effectively. Continuous learning, cross-referral, and awareness are essential to avoid misinformation and connect with the right professionals committed LOVE selfless service not sacrificially healthier way
Yes, dentistry predominantly follows evidence-based practices. Starting with regular preventive care check-ups is indeed a good approach to maintain oral health. A yearly check-up, especially through a "GP before GP" concept, ensures that you are guided in the right direction and receive timely preventive care. This proactive approach can help identify potential issues early and address them before they become more significant problems. Regular dental check-ups play a crucial role in maintaining overall health and well-being. 
*Encouraging Whistleblowers for Ethical Healthcare
Ill-gotten riches only lead to one thing: stress of being caught, bad name, and bad health. It's all in the name to help you realize.
We strongly advocate for ethical practices in healthcare and denounce any management pressure on good doctors to generate profits through unethical means. Whistleblowers play a crucial role in safeguarding the health and well-being of individuals.

If you have information regarding such practices, we urge you to reach out to us. Your confidentiality will be protected, and together, we can work towards ensuring that healthcare remains focused on the principles of integrity, compassion, and patient-centered care.

Let's stand united to preserve the trust and quality of care within our elite dental club.

Taking Care to the Next Level Beyond Hospitals: Our Clients and Patients

At our clinic, we extend our care beyond the hospital setting to both clients and patients. Here's how:

1. Clients:
   - We view clients not just as recipients of services but as valued partners in their own health journey.
   - Our love commitment is to provide comprehensive dental care, ensuring preventive measures and personalized treatment plans.
   - The goal is to maintain a long-lasting relationship, offering guidance, support, and education for a lifetime of good oral health.

2. Patients:
   - Patients are not merely cases; they are individuals deserving respect, compassion, and personalized attention.
   - Our approach involves listening to patient concerns, involving them in decision-making, and ensuring a comfortable and positive experience.
   - In times of health issues, we strive to be a reliable source of care, focusing on their well-being beyond just the treatment of symptoms.

By prioritizing these principles, we aim to create a holistic and supportive healthcare environment for both our clients and patients, fostering a sense of trust and well-being.

Responsible news reporting – so kindly enlighten us with the truth. With awareness, see facts or evidence, not to spoil even one good doctor or establishment's name in the bargain. Not even patients, clients, companies, labs, technicians, assistants, team, or anyone on staff. Quietly contemplate where you wrong them or some other variable when you have concrete evidence; only then approach us. Till then, report the matters to the authorities where you are or at home to your parents, so you know good touch or bad touch for a healthy upbringing.
Is your home or dental clinic construction as per norm? So, our dental elite club is aware, staying in a healthy space or evicted. Approach courts for disputes if there's no clear deed or so. Our elite dental team or club should have healthy accounts, not cheated or lied to for their retirement or lifelong hard-earned savings by any construction owner. Keep us aware. 
It's important to respect the privacy and professionalism of healthcare providers, including doctors and dentists. Using doctors' contact information, whether emails or WhatsApp, for purposes other than seeking professional advice or assistance can be considered a misuse of their contact details. It's important to respect the boundaries and professionalism of healthcare providers.

If you have concerns or issues, it's advisable to address them directly with the healthcare provider through appropriate channels. Sharing misinformation or damaging reputations on social media can have serious consequences, and it's generally better to resolve such matters through proper communication and, if necessary, reporting to relevant authorities. 
It's important to maintain ethical communication and not engage in any misleading practices or incrimination when interacting with healthcare professionals. Misusing communication channels like email or WhatsApp for unethical purposes can harm the trust between patients and doctors.

If there are concerns or issues, it's recommended to address them openly and honestly with the healthcare provider. When you meet them next
Misleading practices or incrimination can lead to a breakdown of trust and hinder effective communication.

In response to such behaviors, some healthcare providers may choose to shift to video consultations or other secure communication methods to ensure the integrity of the interaction. It's crucial for both patients and healthcare professionals to uphold ethical standards in their interactions.

Maintaining a professional and respectful relationship with healthcare providers is crucial for effective communication and mutual trust.

If you are part of a professional club or community, keeping members informed about potential issues can be a responsible way to handle such situations like here:- keeping IDs anonymous unless hard concrete evidence: and no patients or clients IDs ever revealed negatively only positive light with consent
 Communication and dialogue are key to resolving concerns while maintaining professional standards.

Rest assured, once we're aware of the truth of human nature and more, we can forgive, move on, and realize we're not God. We might be wrong; forgive and learn our lessons. Let them move on, and we then remove their names, blacklisted. Once they've learned their lessons, like good doctors only have to learn by attending CDE-style learning, updating their current knowledge, and understanding skills are God-given talents that only improve with time. So, till then, we're aware, understanding to do the right thing by associating with the right people, company, etc., till they clear their names for better health. Thank you for accepting my request, by learning their lessons.

I use a simple methodology: I try to do the right things, and if my wife is happy, I know I am on the right track. For example, if a neighbor sends their household for help, and I offer a discount, if my wife is not happy, I know I am wrong. My family won't be happy, nor my dental students or your future dentist, giving discounted treatment. It's not practical if your ability to provide high-end service to your employee is lacking; then, send them where the system is built to support them. It's not about money-mindedness; it's about the practicality of the greater good for everyone's happiness and good health, getting better.

Let me give you another example: if a wealthy person is suffering from pain due to cancer and comes to a doctor they trust, saying, "I will give you all my wealth or one billion dollars to cure my pain and remove the cancer from my body," if the doctor feels or knows they can help the patient, even in oral cancer cases, then that is their fee. This is the true essence of private practice; it's a private exchange between two souls, the doctor and the client who might have become a patient. No one on earth or otherwise can control, regulate, or change this order of human nature to exchange value for help in a private practice.

Therefore, sometimes the fee or value exchange is privately done for the greater good, as long as it flows into the system, helping everyone. Shared resource allocations based on shared responsibility is the huge responsibility and good that can be quietly done in a private practice. CAs, audit checks, and balances are maintained to keep doing the right thing.

1. Indya estates 180,000 or more taken and not returned for over 10 years after multiple emails: Not to forget, the interest from our contributions gained to all that contributed

It's important to be responsible and transparent about actions taken after knowing the facts and being aware of the truth.

For example, sometimes, implant failure in dentistry is innate due to lacking technology, leading to financial loss even after services have been rendered. In this case, a refund was offered if the sales agreement without loopholes kind mutual interest representative clearly stated email black and white the brand reassured to pay the client, who chose to withdraw or continue, considering the impact of COVID-19. However, the policy changed afterward, and no more returns were accepted after 7 years.

In this context, the one-year awareness policy is crucial. It's recommended to read it when drafted and posted so that you are aware, ensuring you feel confident and assured that there are no lies or deceit involved. Since in all our previous drafted treatment planning, which we have phased out, if you see behind, it's written only 6 months' validity along with other information. So actually now it's an extension based on scientific info update. Any posts, whether they are blacklists or otherwise, serve as lessons in the dental industry for the greater good of better health, preventing deviation, generalization, and promoting a clear focus on achieving better health.

Therefore, be aware, spend time with loved ones, take your time, or trust the practitioner, or working under or with some good name. Be smart; don't be made a fool of just because you're suffering in pain and need urgent care. Painkillers are there, unless acute pulpitis-like cases require immediate interventions. Then go to the service provider, maybe in our elite dental club or otherwise, which can help for value in return. Here, the builder was not reliable, new in the market, so homework needed to be done for his credentials, like any good doctor updating his knowledge, experience, and skill.

Then, once sure, read our mandatory oral consent form displayed in the clinic, or access it through the auto-greeting link message sent or verbally discussed with other doctors, and then it's your choice, your destiny to do right. Give your consent or have your guardian provide aware consent.

Ask for clarification if needed, like a sales agreement by builders or others, but not the same. All we doctors are saying, "Trust us on our current knowledge, skills, and experience. We have taken an oath not to do harm, but there are a number of variables, including human errors, we need to navigate. So, kindly trust us. Understand we are helping for the greater good of better health and everyone's happiness, including ours. By the satisfaction of doing a job well done, our families are happy, and our name stays intact with association growing to do more good deeds. With your God-given right to operate if you wish and can cooperate and assist if you cannot."

3. Breaking new D warranty released

Furthermore, details in the link under "transform": (

"D" stands for Dr. Dhruv. This is a Doctor's warranty card.

For example, today, a patient came and said another doctor somewhere else didn't do a good job; the cap keeps coming off twice. I had a look, and it was well done, a good job by the dentist. I asked, "Did you eat something?" She said, "Yeah, sticky chocolate," and this time the gum was hurting, so she flossed. Now, who to blame? Well, I stuck it back and told her about our policy. Coincidentally, her profession involves making policies, now AI policy, so she understood. I said, "Let the companies make better cements where it doesn't fall off with sticky chocolate or floss, and can be removed easily if needed. Why is the dentist taking the blame, and the patient suffering? Let's all get our act together."

06. D 3 laws of the universe - unchangeable intelligence


D 3 laws of the universe, observed:

1. Everything revolves as long as external and internal forces operate.

2. All is connected through observation — Light, Dark matter, Nothing else matters.

3. Nature on Earth and its laws are everywhere, evolving, nurturing, providing endless possibilities for life.

And the unchangeable law:

Intelligence! Do others too? 
Grey matter is also there in your brain. Make a decision—yes, no, or maybe later—and then that will finally lead to the right action, with all I have revealed here of some scientific discovery for the greater good.

Hi AI expansion, black hole swallows light Awareness: God is good blood:-) Happy relationships, good spirits, internal over eternal war, good over evil? Decide which team you are on Love in motion. Love, thought, believe, have faith; God is everywhere especially inside you

1. Free will, choice, destiny, good luck, action, right course. Good health plan. Nothing else. That's all I need to see — commitment, love, listen, love yourself first, then help yourself first, then God helps.

Come for a check-up. Doctors and the dental industry help first. Help yourself by booking your appointment with no hidden problems.

The universe has no cycle of expansion contract assumption no concrete proof there was Be happy. The end is near, and eternal love living healthy — healthy accounts, healthy mind, body, soul, teeth. Brush and do good work with good habits. Start with this simple habit, which doesn't show results but is doing good. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it, and so does your feeling when you brush or don't. The simple act of acting out of faith. God is helping yourself by seeing you help yourself.

And we are here too, catching that little bug in time or preventing it with a sealant when you go, 'Y, that food was life.'

If we don't or see that something has to be repeated or something new to be done in such a short time, BELIEVE in intelligence. With AI entering the market of databases, we have empowered ourselves and others with innovations. Finally, someone will give you that solitary thought SOLUTION: Reflect in thought and reciprocate with the generosity of sensibility to educate, helping yourself and others with gratitude. Don't take your teeth or anything for granted or guaranteed in the life God has given. It can be taken away.

So, ANNUAL REMINDER! ANNUAL DENTAL Fenêtre Newsletter, with instructions, guidance, or thoughts, lovingly started in dental college, now a blog medium from 2023-24, started in 2005-06.

FROM 29th October every year, you will receive it if in our SYSTEM. Like souls in a cycle, we will continue. Hopefully, I pray, in this annual cycle reminder lifelong with you in our journey, then break FREE: Forever and always. Thank you for accepting and my wife's introduction to you. May you and we join to touch others' lives with GOOD HEALTH. As we go on this journey of one message a year and our exclusive dental club grows, we might touch a few more than we expect. So, come together, and let's send this healing touch:-) B a positive person.

07. Sponsorship ad 


I've modified the biannual newsletter we began into an annual OPEN Dental Fenêtre newsletter: for your purview: here

This newsletter, meaning "Window" in French, initially started in college with four batchmates and later continued with two: Now, it serves through a blog format. It's a versatile medium for videos, pictures, and words, offering practical and unlimited space. The goal is to convey ongoing updates, instructions to patients, clients, family, collaborators, and individual contributors. Basically, as popular, the aim is to deliver value, following the vision stated on

I'll continue sending annual reminders, lifelong I hope and pray as outlined in the vision, with the intent to positively impact lives through a simple dental check-up message leading to a consultation for GOOD health check up and only if necessary treatment solutions:-) Thank you, and God bless.

Views vary from a minimum to above 300, with over 30,000 weekly visitors to my site, displayed on as proof While that doesn't say much, it has been sent annually over 2000 contacts & 3000-4000 patients or clients, in our system ever grow, God: Though the views state the actual truth, the impact factor is word of mouth based on the few or more who see;-)

The fee shall indicate that we will review your ad, ensuring only correct info is transmitted within ethical guidelines: If we disagree, the sponsorship will be refunded with a 30% deduction: or modify as requested Additionally, showcasing unique features that stand out from the rest, making it exclusive earth shattering news to the dental industry shared, is encouraged.

No data shared with any company as a policy. This is a prestigious exclusive dental Fenêtre newsletter under our brand. Shared mainly with an elite dental club. We will only allow any sponsorship ad if we see any value in the ad for the B2B and B2C. Fee structures: WhatsApp us for fee structure

1. for the topmost ad
2. for the bottom-most ad
3. for all middle ads

You can choose any of the three fee structures: If you see value. If any author or person writes something, credit to them will be given in the panel. The authenticity of the information is entirely mine and my team's responsibility and management Based on the business, it's very difficult to verify unless you hold a survey to understand where you got your customer from. You see this year if you receive business lucratively, and next year sign up for the new fee structures based on the demand and supply of the market.

Any size specs, such as video, picture, article, can be shared within claims, ensuring they are real: scientific articles high impact factor only from dental medical researchers or innovate entreprenuer scientist or dental medical field like microbiology, physiotherapy or dentist are allowed including patients or clients enlightening experiences: no fee

08. Transformational offer to elevate your private dental practice


ALWAYS, IT'S A PRIVILEGE to serve or not. Except in life or death, it's any citizen's duty, not only a doctor's. 

For private dental practices:

Doctors, with patient consent, can join our program. We'll share a transformative paradigm shift letter for them to become an affiliate dental association with our UNIQUE system rollout. No patient, contact, client, or collaborator data will be stored or shared without consent.


You visit us for 1 day. We share with you our data-sharing method with patients or clients: RPID? The concept of GP b4 GP. Our mutual 2% booking fee and preventive care package understanding, mandatory Oral consent, and before reaching your clinic visiting page with patients or clients will be shared with the idea of how to build on GoDaddy website and our WhatsApp training method.

We wish to see you rise with your family, trusted patients or clients of yours, and always yours. You are no longer a competitor but an individual contributor and collaborator in the growing, profitable, and happy environment of the dental industry, innovating. We will add you to our UNIQUE system with your patients or clients or collaborators or contacts and share annual reminders. 'For you,' we shall not share or use that data for anything else.

We recommend our book "101 Practice Tips," foundational basic dentistry book 'For you.' One MANDATORY request annually: each doctor has to get their dental license renewal and maintain an ethical practice under all circumstances to be listed on our Annual Dental Fenêtre Newsletter.

One-year awareness policy has to be put up in your clinic, which is the indication of our BRAND presence. You are understanding the consequences of GOOD WORK to you and your team of doctors, staff, team, or patients or clients or collaborators with a lifelong FOCUS on GOOD HEALTH for everyone and everything.

Build your own Brand in the market. Have to sign up annually for our data-sharing software, which we have outsourced as reliable, on lower fees. As we encourage and support everyone and everything to keep improving and keep learning, any new implementations and exceptions executions beyond this will be with your consent.

How to collect five kinds of fee?

1. Booking fee for new patients of yours or blacklist or deleted.
2. Authority to categorize as per blacklist, delete/block.
3. Appointment booking for consultation by old patient.
4. Appointment booking for treatment solution.
5. Preventive care package: client servicing.

Simple Solution: Ask pay - transaction link sent by us - centralized booking system. Payments on your WhatsApp number or QR or account details. Our surcharge payment will be shared monthly, cleared by you by the 29th of every month. Any blacklisting or deleting or blocking will be sent to you to do as per your relationship. We will only suggest or recommend based on the behavior or right or wrong action of the patient client. For direct fee clearance between patient, doctor, or client, we do not interfere. Collaborator you wish to associate with is your choice; we will have a recommended list. Thank you for mutually understanding and hopefully supporting this individual contribution of ours for the greater good with our dental industry collaborators like you. Thank you personally and professionally if you wish to associate with us. For example, the clinic to associate must compulsorily have an OPG or collaborator diagnostic like ours with Raddon to reduce overheads and headaches of servicing maintenance, providing good service to us and their customers from our experience. Thank you. You have to buy a new mobile number and, furthermore, a new email address. So, the patients or clients are aware of the collaboration consensual. We access your mobile data on your mobile number on our laptop and build a mobile database, while back-up on your new Gmail account, safe with you if the phone crashes. Thereby, booking your appointment by our staff and teamwork collaboration. Your choice to tell patients or clients to book on the new number, while your old one, as you wish, remains accessible on the new. If you find the service highly useful, it's easy for booking, fee collecting, and follow-ups with annual reminders. Shared resource cost for staff team maintenance with 2% surcharge. 1 day trial for few patients of yours who consent. No investments, like me, other than what you all need in the clinic already, to prosper and grow. By integrating into the system, it requires understanding initial investment after trial rollout, as mentioned above, to epigenetically bloom by good habits for better results, for good service, product work supporting innovation. Hopefully, bringing good health to our patients or clients, and I pray family members' happiness. Good, healthy accounts are also part of being a good health role model, my dear friends. 😊 Then, you are starting to see the results by what you earn: health, wealth, rest, happiness, and contentment. Respect by your own brand name is growing with all of us together, spreading love, happiness, and goodwill.

For the honorary title given as "doctor" 💖and my wife title loving marrying a dentist, others can support on this lifelong focus on the good health plan.

Humanoids are here! AI companion. I asked what's a GOOD health plan generally and for a dentist to tell his patients or clients, and this mind-blowing experience, a humanoid, the next to Godliness (cleaning) emerging next evolution of AI tools and HI interaction revolution. What is coming up next might be already here to stay says, "Other than all you know I have said already, preventive care is LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE 💊." 
What's better is you laughing with us
See our video with Ria at Bangalore International Center. So, maybe we married the one who makes us laugh and smile together: We feel or know, hopefully, lifelong. We pray, and so if the other doesn't, you do and see the change happen miraculously epigenetically modifying your environment and the healing touch of love healing your body, mind, and soul: spirit dances knowing you have found a partner with us:-) Share with laughter and joy, tears of happiness with loved ones, family, friends, and association. Make them SMILE and see the difference If you feel we are RIGHT know we are right, visit us annually for a preventive care servicing AMC package for your mind, body, soul, spirit of dentistry in all of us. So let's all CHANGE the WORLD with one SMILE at a time and share a joke with us and laugh with us in our network. Till we glow and grow in our system with helpful tools. Tech. 'For you.'

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Bengaluru, a dental practice embraced a unique approach to patient care. For an entire year, the clinic had been engaging in a cross-referral method tie-up with a neighboring medical practitioner. Not merely to showcase their care, but to genuinely to building a network of trusted healthcare professionals. The objective was clear – to establish connections with reliable dental practitioners, medical experts, and more, fostering a culture of referrals without bias, even extending beyond their immediate network.

In this dental haven, patients were not just patients; they were considered clients, and the ethos was built on the philosophy of not only treating issues but also preventing them. The practitioners aimed to create a network where individuals, whether in Bengaluru or elsewhere, could rest assured they had a trusted dentist. This commitment extended beyond self-interest, as the clinic was willing to refer individuals to specialists outside their network if it meant ensuring quality healthcare.

The narrative continued with a poignant call to action – a plea to patients to value preventive care and oral health as expressions of love. The story unfolded with the assertion that the pursuit of health should be a lifelong focus, irrespective of the technological advancements or changes in healthcare systems.

As the tale delved into a specific patient encounter, the emphasis shifted to the importance of personalized care. A patient walked in, conscious of her smile, and the dentist embarked on a journey to not only address her concerns but also to instill confidence. The story showcased the power of a simple dental procedure, the choice between a clean and polish or a whitening treatment, and how it transformed not just the patient's smile but potentially her outlook on life.

Transitioning to a broader perspective, the story touched on the significance of building positive memories in healthcare. Every interaction, every small difference made, had the potential for a butterfly effect, spreading love, happiness, and peace. The narrative encouraged people to aim for the stars, reach the moon, or follow their chosen path while cherishing the connections with nature, family, and friends.

The story then circled back to an older patient with denture issues, emphasizing the importance of timely interventions and the beauty of a one-year awareness policy. It urged individuals to live each day with gratitude, guided by the hope that tomorrow would be as beautiful as the present.

The concluding passages of the story wove together threads of gratitude, hope, and the belief in a higher power. The narrative emphasized the role of good habits in building strong family bonds and concluded with a wish for universal smiles and a reminder of the importance of maintaining oral hygiene measures.

As the story drew to a close, it left the readers with a gentle reminder that a humble dentist's livelihood thrives on kind words and goodwill, making others and their families smile. It concluded with a wish for sweet dreams to the universe, emphasizing the importance of oral hygiene to keep everyone smiling.

And so, the tale of this dental practice unfolded, weaving together threads of care, commitment, of love a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those they served.
 Greetings to all aspiring dentists and clinic owners,

We extend a warm welcome to dentists who are passionate about providing top-notch dental care and are interested in joining our unique network and program. Before diving into the details, we want to emphasize that our commitment to quality care is of utmost importance. To maintain this standard, we have set certain criteria for joining our network.

Firstly, unless a dentist has a patient base of at least 2000 individuals who already trust their expertise, we do not allow clinics into our network system. This criterion ensures a level of trust and credibility within our community, a vital aspect of our collaborative approach.

We believe in the interconnectedness of all life, valuing animals and the environment as much as human well-being. Drawing inspiration from the love shared with our pets, we acknowledge the importance of preventive measures and humane treatment in veterinary care. We advocate for the responsible use of intelligence, considering alternatives like AI research to replace animal experimentation.

Our philosophy accommodates various dietary preferences, respecting vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike. We encourage an enlightened approach, utilizing intelligence wisely to address problems and contribute positively to society. Our emphasis on education extends beyond charity, aiming to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge to improve their lives sustainably.

For those interested in joining our program, we recommend starting by finding a mentor and engaging in relevant courses, shadowing, and observation. Essential skills, such as preventive care and core dental procedures, are crucial foundations. The journey begins with mastering these skills before progressing to specialized areas.

We invite interested dentists to reach out after acquiring foundational skills, joining our program led by an experienced mentor with a Master's in research. The program is structured to guide participants through the stages of competence, from unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of dental practice.

Our approach involves collaboration, continuous learning, and staying updated with the latest advancements in dentistry. We prioritize not only individual excellence but also collaboration with experts, creating a network of professionals dedicated to providing exemplary dental care.

We recognize the significance of each practitioner's unique contribution, and our program encourages growth and specialization. We advocate for the conscientious use of equipment, promoting cost-effective solutions that benefit both practitioners and the dental industry as a whole.

Furthermore, we incorporate cutting-edge technologies like Ozone, Laser gum whitening, and AI research. Lifelong learning is encouraged, with annual renewals serving as opportunities to stay updated and enhance skills. The program also offers resources such as HR services: maybe later and brand support to create a well-rounded dental practice.

In conclusion, our program aligns with a Smile Philosophy – a commitment to working together to ensure everyone walks out with a smile, changing the world with happiness. We look forward to welcoming dentists who share our vision and are ready to contribute to a collaborative and thriving dental community.

Thank you for considering our program, and we look forward to the possibility of working together to elevate dental care standards.
"One camera over chair."


your dentist

 09. Share your Innovation with us 

for a More Organized Transition from Dependence to Independent Individual Contributors to Interdependent Collaboration with Nature

Authors' Names in Sequence, Including the First Author and Mentor at the End, along with photo if you wish: share the tip what you wish to convey dentally

Title of the Article and the Corresponding Link

WhatsApp to +91-8884757388
Pay 1000 INR for each Enlightened article or scientific publications not C

A) Enlightened articles


1. Author Name: Dr. Dhruv Subramanian BDS, Diploma Oral Lasers, Masters of Science
Title: A world with or without money?
Tip:  Don't worry. Look at it annually, not monthly, especially in the dental industry. That's the only way not to stress, worry, and be happy, my dearest. HEALTH. Lovingly firm, consistently behaving so to keep everyone happy starting with family, then the team, then doctor collaborators, then patients or clients. By paying fees for HEALTH, THINK AND PAY FOR EVERYONE's blessing. Then GOOD ACTIONS are all we need. Good work, hopefully, pray for good results. Godwilling for our HAPPINESS. 
Evaluate quarterly; the trend is very important for financial sustenance. Review progress and growth: What's working, what's not working? Who's doing the duties and responsibilities, and who's not doing their role? Shuffle it around immediately. For everything and everyone, happiness and contentment to stay on board. The ship sails, not sinks. The beautiful ability to learn is when a patient, client, or customer in our field feels in the heart, mind, and soul that they are giving you a return gift for the value you've given. There you find the ability to finally matter in earning. Easily, God gives you the tools; you have to learn to fish, provide, nurture, and grow your family. The thought is to do it with love in mind. That's the ultimate power of the source creation. Remember, lifelong is a holiday, and sometimes we have to work out when we have to put in extra effort. We don't focus only on marketing strategies for affordability and profitability; we focus on family first, healthcare services, then patients or clients.

Dear Writers,

I've resurrected an old dental newsletter and am offering a nominal fee for articles, as mentioned at the bottom of this [link]( If you're interested in contributing scientific dental writing or sharing your dental experiences, I'm sending you the link. Please let me know if you'd like to write an article for the dental industry.

5 Dental Publications INVITED for publication:
- Submission deadline: 7th August 2024.
- Last date for corrections and review: 15th August 2024.

We highly appreciate creative and innovative submissions that contribute to advancing the dental industry for everyone, including patients and clients. Original articles are preferred, with or without ChatGPT AI supporting tools.

The chosen articles will be notified by 30th September 2024, and any necessary corrections should be made by 6th October 2024. The final publication is scheduled for 29th October 2024. If you haven't been notified, it means your article was not selected.

Other writers are welcome to try again for next year's Annual Dental Fenêtre Newsletter or modify their existing articles and submit them for feedback. Please contact us via WhatsApp after 30th September by 6th November at the latest. After this date, we'll consider the chapter closed for this issue, and the same nominal fee mentioned above will apply: 
Feedback request over by 11th November 2024; and no furthermore feedback after 25th December'24

Next year, the reward or fee will be announced based on the ROI and the number of publications.

THANK YOU, and let's keep spreading the word about this initiative! :-)

B) Scientific publications

Originally, highly innovative articles already published in other journals are also invited, with a clear understanding of what you were trying to convey or accomplish.

Four examples of within one year original publications 
& one example for oral hygiene measures with a video. Be innovative in your presentation.

2. Author Name: Dr. Dhruv Subramanian BDS, Diploma Oral Lasers, Masters of Science
Title: God's love
Convey: "maybe we can travel faster than light to the stars possible with this new modified equation, and cutting efficiency improvement by Oral laser photons might be a step."

3. Author Name: Dr. Dhruv Subramanian BDS, Diploma Oral Lasers, Masters of Science
Title: Clinic environment 
Convey: "Good work efficiency can be improved by maintaining a better room temperature."

4. Author Name: Dr. Dhruv Subramanian BDS, Diploma Oral Lasers, Masters of Science
Title: Cancer
Convey: "AI may help cure cancer by figuring out the mechanism of spontaneous regression. Prevention may be possible through innovative methods, as seen in oral lichen-type precancerous mouth lesions."

5. Author Name: Dr. Dhruv Subramanian BDS, Diploma Oral Lasers, Masters of Science
Title: Stem cells
Convey: "Stem cells genetics might make a big difference for root canal treatment innovation and other solutions."

6. Author Name: Dr. Dhruv Subramanian BDS, Diploma Oral Lasers, Masters of Science
Title: Oral hygiene measures
Website link with publication and video:
Convey: Prevention of the treatment with food habits and good oral hygiene measures as learnt in Covid-19 a portal for entry 

C) Absented minded professor mad corner

AI, thank you. Tech startups, especially those with dental implications, are the crazy ones sanely working to change the world for the better.

1. Share your idea with us once it has crystallized into a more logical form—teleportation, perhaps by finding a way to break down fundamental units of light particles and reform: 
save our patients clients and team travel

2. Your out-of-the-box imagination is encouraged! Send the idea to us, and we'll post it here.

3. Whether you decide to proceed or not is entirely your choice. Participate in the creation process, and feel free to comment below for a participatory experience.

4. If your idea has potential, maybe then theorize it right. Share your theoretical framework or publication with us.

5. Consider some research work, homework, or fieldwork if needed to assess the viability of your idea.

6. Do a trial for some time to test its feasibility and effectiveness.

7. Go for the kill! If you see success with little or no investment, continue down the path.

8. If you have the idea without much investment but need more education, invest in learning and refining your concept.

9. After wise strategic planning, consider investing a little more to test the waters.

10. Finally, dive into the deep end if you see a corner of success. Let's celebrate those who succeed in this creative journey!

1. For other mad, crazy, outlandish ideas, kindly check at the bottom of the link:

No payment fee for the idea sharing. You, your intellectual property, and the idea are like a mother who gives birth, or the mother who raises the idea. The more rights lie with the one raised with upbringing values to contribute to the better world, as per the concept of Shiva. Still, some acknowledgment is due to the one who gave the mention. For example, I spent from 2008 to nearly 2019 designing, working on a toothbrush for so long – time, money, and efforts, patents, CAD CAM like crowns, etc. And then I realized, it's so beautifully made, a design so simple. Few tweaks in innovation is all that's needed. Maybe Colgate going eco-friendly in design, manufacturing, and distributing is quite a process. Like Mom said, "Don't reinvent the wheel," simple meaning, invent something new. In my professional opinion, I recommend Oral-B Pro Health Gum, especially if there were the eco-friendly ones that are good for the environment. However, be cautious, as some brushes, while good for the environment outside, might not be suitable for oral health due to bristle quality. And aha, the lesson there is not to chase the money you get from inventing but rather the value you give to the world. The value entering your home is inevitable. And definitely not for impressing or earning solely for the purpose of impressing someone. Only the true love to make one smile should be the driving force, starting with smiling yourself. Whether it's your neighborhood dentist or you in the mirror, brushing with this simple magic wand of creation is meant to make you smile in the morning as you start your day and at night as you end it.

2. We follow only one rule: no hurting anyone's feelings. Start with parents, wife, siblings, in-laws, family, and then others. Tell your reason for actions; maybe understanding mutually is possible, not impossible with communication in the foundation of lived-in love. Be patient and understand their concerns. Also, unknowingly try for some self-awareness, learn lessons, and don't repeat.

On a separate topic, after knowingly if the person is hurt, as we do no harm, all the doctors in ourselves look after our family and loved ones and provide emotional security to others.

Here, my team is participating in a mad-hatter idea, from rinsing to a water filtration system, a possible building for our clinic, and pipelines running in our lovely tropical climate and air-conditioned weather in Bengaluru. Once on water, in the local lingo, and the other by my loyal senior dental assistant, Veena:

Isn't that how we learn rules at home? And that reflects our upbringing values in society. Peace and harmony start in the home, with our parents setting rules, rewarding and punishing. Then on a larger scale, like in our early neighboring early learning center on the same compound as the clinic, building character, seeing role models, and then gym neighbors for physical health. It's all here in the Brownian motion, harmony from chaos, internal temperature fluctuation: Smile, take a chill pill:- You know the rule: drop in, or we will tell you at the clinic. Good behavior, cleaning, small fillings, annual checks fill pockets; bad behavior, root canal variables, inevitable sometimes if a tooth touched, new innovation needed. Still, a bigger impact if the tooth is not saved, leaving the implant pocket empty. Let's save the rest. As of today, a patient I told from a temple visit from Davengere, up and down. Both gone on the right, bone loss, rat-holed one. Let's save that falling rat, bored RCT with an implant, left but few betel nut corrective habit behaviors before. Thank you for sharing so we can identify the root care for the cause No turning back, as no solutions are still available, and the mouth can't open to smile and get onto cleaning and smile. Very bad if it's empty for research, for hope. Still, everyone contributing, drop by drops, some buckets for the greater good, for better health, whether you know it or not. Just smile; you are doing a good job. That's your internal duty, a self-check meter. We are only doing our duty, tweaking or innovating, so you all smile on a job well done. Now, innovate, contribute together with your creation.

3. Anonymous contributions and theories are also welcome: Moods don't originate in the brain; they might be originating from the emotions in the heart. Mood stabilizers, where the mechanism of action is unknown, are actually regulating the mood by responding to instructions from the heart's emotions to stabilize. While the core cause is there, for example, a cardiologist states might need to get blood pressure checked. Also, by lowering or calming with propranolol, noticed improvement logically, as per few carefully observed. Therefore, issues due to heartbreak, financial concerns, and allegations, there is a high possibility could affect heart dynamics and, therefore, causing chronic pain due to musculature neuralgia, as per sometimes smart cardiologist on examination of some of these patients we see in some dental cases like trigeminal neuralgia: trigger points which cause and these cases emotional triggers. Therefore, maybe a hypothesis states that removing chronic heart pain, aware or not aware, instead of regulation of the mind, might lead to better results and long-term treatment solutions. It should also include consultation and psychological therapy for emotional issues. Therefore, this would be a more scientific approach. Hope 'For you' a smile: Dimag ki nahi maybe dil ke baat baate jali lit ab toh muskara lo: Not of the mind; maybe the heart's words are spoken, glowing brightly. Now, just smile. All we wish 'For you' to do is inspire hope or at least hope there's a solution: may reach us on time or others by our contribution pain, sacrifice, suffering, patiently waiting time, or money or both and effort never-ending

Anger management: Count till ten, like our elders advise, and then patiently wait. Understanding your cooperation is necessary; sometimes trials are needed. Furthermore, understanding concepts, like COVID-19, joint collaborations with some profiteers and deaths happen, or massive side effects occur. For the long term, or wrong decisions, there's then course correction for the right health decisions. Understood, I hope and pray: Don't say things you will respectfully regret and feel your ego has to follow through in A), B), or C) category. Or by our editors, sponsors, writers, or patients or clients. We are all just learning, doing for the greater good with love and understanding. If required to say in the moment, be well aware of your surroundings, hold your space so no physical violence unfolds, especially for doctors. Also, have an audience for safety. If needed, have an assistant or nurse present, especially with ladies. If an emergency, take necessary protocol precautions like CCTV over dental chairs emergency procedures and better understanding before, and let your staff, lady members, have emergency numbers for family, security, or authorities that will deter unruly behavior unless mentally insane due to an outburst, anger, or rage. Then seek empathy and compassion and let them express at a safe distance. Don't waste your time arguing. Try to see the other person's point of view; they might be trying to help you, whether directly or indirectly. As I believe, at some deep level, we are all connected and therefore correct, right, wrong—get wise—move ahead. Therefore, we are all interconnected. Don't be in a hurry, quick to judge; there's someone else making the final judgment. Take a stand for only better health.

If faced with a difficult conversation, count, walk to a serene palace within yourself, or go for a minute by yourself to calm down. Do so until you can rationally think, giving the other person time too. Then come back with a metal mind and mutual respect, or converse with listening. Being an interdependent thinking person is the ultimate beauty of life to contribute with a collaborative mindset. I expressed this in my university blog and my Oral Healthcare Awareness book.

A) Basically, enlightened experience gives feedback and accountability. B) Scientific publication avenues, for peer-reviewed knowledge reaching books of good standing, are references by perplexity. There's so much out there; no need to waste time formatting or correcting grammar. Get that core idea scientifically presentable for review and send it to us after running it through ChatGPT. We are not your English professors, but science is on the common understandable ground of English communication. Use all the tools available to convey or create everything acceptably, as long as it's logical and with reason.

C) This section is just light-hearted humor. Through laughter, the best medicine is sometimes created with lightness in your mind. Though, my dear patients or clients, have hope, don't get carried away with the information. It's only the process of creation and creativity we are involving you in so you understand where that fee goes and how it benefits mankind, womankind, all kind. Experimentally created medicines are a long-drawn process, but with COVID, we know we accelerate the process to help the people we know now and love. So, don't stand in the way by not paying your fees.

Also, don't put something in black and white with your grey matter if in anger unless it's with a loved one, doctor, counselor, or someone who understands. Otherwise, they might use it against you in the court of law. Sure, we hope you understand: Say sorry if wrong; that is all the law is teaching. Our impact factor is the number of people who vote for the smile you gave them: see rewards section

D) Journal club: your thought share below in comments via links

10. Recognition awards in the dental industry every leap year (2028) after this one: A to Z.


a) Votes by smiles: Collect them when you link your articles posted here on your social media handles and tell us the number of likes or comments. Alternatively, when the Top 4 are selected in each field and posted on our social media handles.

b) Recommendation letter of appreciation: You can request letters from your employers, reportees, or someone under you. Send them to us if you wish to participate. You can also write your own recommendation, as the person who knows you best is often in the mirror: Better than other, especially if you smile. You know, you might win for the hopeful speech. If you wish to inspire the world with your story of achievement, you can send us a video to be shared on your winning day or an article of achievement if an introvert not extrovert: saying thank you to yourself and all 

c) Accomplishment: We know, you know, everyone knows whether you stood out or not. Let us know the good stuff. Report it to us to gain awareness.
Somethings money can't buy for everything else there's brand 
'smile award:-


a) Dental Patient or Client: 
Along with a very good referral, gratitude matters. 
They feel waiting 2-3 hours for their doctor for good health is essential to get better health service provision & coordination by staff. But do they know, in the initial years, good doctors have waited to see patients for 2-3 years, for hours and hours, building knowledge, skills, and experience—sometimes searching and paying for them in dental school. So, let's change this trend: the ones who can't afford some dentists are doing free, thinking they are being kind-hearted, not understanding what role each plays in the bigger picture.

b) Dentists in India or globally, along with many of your colleagues, family, friends, and good associations, are individually contributing to the bigger picture. 
They serve as unsung heroes and heroines—dual forces in life, for which we express our gratitude.

c) Dental Conference: Innovative and Useful, Like AI Tech, etc. A highly intuitive decision for mankind, womankind, or dual kind, leaving the complex tasks of machine learning to evolving artificial intelligence—whether ever conscious or gaining awareness in the black box. 
Field experts can speak, not me.

d) Dental Master's Researcher Scientist/Research Assistant/PhD Student Teaching Assistant: The next generation knowledge and more—old and new, a source of information for good health, treatment solutions, and consultations, advice, and recommendations.

e) Dental Pharmacy or Collaborator: Radiology Diagnostic Center. 
Reduce your heavy-duty clinic load.

f) Dental students or interns, along with those preparing for entrance exams, are engaged in stress-free learning.This extends to sports coaches and others who contribute to preventing Jack from becoming a dull boy, and very good physical & mental health

g) Dental Representative: Sales, Marketing, Technical/Admin. 
Can change your life, being the lifeline of companies and clinics.

h) Dental company: CEO, HR, Finance, Legal. Space, new frontier, adding value.

i) Dental lab technician: involved in the delivery of dental products, including dental research lab tech. 
The ultimate task is learning for a doctor, patient, or client for good two-way communication.

j) Dental supplier or stockist providing dental products and after-service, realizing that doing good work is a reward in itself, and being valued and respected is the ultimate recognition.

k) Dental family friend, making a huge difference and fostering good association and happiness.

l) Dental industry sees positive change with the impact from government or organizations, acknowledging the role of good leadership, a strong opposition, and effective checks and balances, judges, lawmakers, lawyers, and the constitution. This includes well-informed decisions by advisors and strategies implemented by city planners in resource allocation. The final decision is your choice, with your good mental health, oral health, or physical well-being. Kindly respond to the present moment choice, based on your awareness of the Truth, leading to good work by the right method of decision: yes, no, or later after more information for everyone's now & future happiness. Here, recognition dentally for your good work deciding. Unless it's for greater good, based on incomplete information, we understand, as mentioned in God's Message Series. Support our services through your positive attitude and confidence. We appreciate you, being voters caring like our dental patients, hopefully, dental problems burdened carrying with them lifelong solved, then clients educated; citizenship, we deeply value. Respect each other's perspectives & points of view from their own experiences, beliefs, or faith.

m) Dental associations or regulating bodies play a crucial role in 
helping dentists and promoting cross-degree recognition and understanding. 

n) Dental writers, chief editors, editors, and newsletter reporters contribute positive thoughts to the dental industry.

o) Dental support from politicians, businesspersons, artists, stars, and investors yields returns of money, goodwill, or both, as desired. If done in a healthy, good relationship, the right way, down the right path and direction in life is inevitable, as long as you have been wise about the right, good, healthy decisions you have made. For everyone, including your happiness, as each treatment solution done or consultation finally comes back to you or your family or someone known for good, healthy new treatment solutions.

p) Dental Medical Teacher: Gamechangers.University Dental School/Early Learning Center or School, nurturing aspiring dental students.

q) Dental Clinic Security/Housekeeping & Staff: Lighting their financial burdens with a smile, goodwill gesture, or financial compensation. 
Recognizing the immense value added in mundane tasks—tasks that robots might take but hold significant value in the good, healthy decision they make to help themselves with honesty and humility, educate the next generation, and uplift.

r) Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant: Interning or above 18 years, aspiring to pass 12th class or higher. Dental Nurse specializing in infection control, ensuring a doctor, dentist, and their family feel comfortable and happy. Also contributing to the comfort and happiness of everyone including patients or clients, suppliers, lab, billing, accountants, and collaborators.

s) PR Media and Influencers: Socially spreading good news on all platforms, enhancing the dental industry's positive image. 
Providing influencers with good, healthy advice to influence generative change.

t) Every time you bargain with a dentist like bad habits without respecting or collecting team formed at a vegetable seller, it's like a fish market. Think of that poor farmer committing suicide so you can eat and save a penny, which could save his life. Patients: Providing assistance to those who can't afford dental treatment through NGOs or religious organizations. Make them clients with comprehensive care: so your money and goodwill time and effort goes the distance
Offering good spiritual guidance with our understanding of their needs.

u) Dental Mentor/Advisor: 
Providing good dental strategies and credit support for growth and success.

v) Dental Medical Collaborator/Practitioner/Nutritionist: Contributing to looking good—dental health, professionally and personally. Collaborating with stylists, architects, and contractors for comprehensive care, including the construction of dental clinics.

w) Dental CA filing accounting/healthy accounts: Earning becomes effortless when everyone diligently fulfills their responsibilities. Bankers: for good, healthy financial assistance to our clinics or doctors, dental medical, or otherwise. Save and invest wisely spending when you feel and know right: pause and big spending after overnight sleep you might get good guidance: beautiful mind

x) Dental Engineer: Innovating in IT, data protection, and security. Supported by defense, police, emphasizing mental health awareness. So, understand the importance of peace. 
Acknowledging the duty being done by traffic police, allowing our patients, clients, team members, collaborators, or us to reach safely by cab, public or private transport, to our home or our place of worship, work, or clinic.

y) Dental Specialist: Experts in fields like Oral Biology, Integrated Microbiology, Medical Doctors, and Super Specialists. Contributing to the ever-evolving knowledge and advancements in the dental industry for comprehensive care.

z) Dental Clinic or Clinic Part of a Hospital: Supervised by MHA professional in both public and private sectors, maintaining a reputable brand and following good management practices, as guided by MBA/PG professional.

Final top 4 selection on 29th October 2027: for doing our part for Good health by a panel and verification of candidature for one year. Submit or we chose some application by 29th October 2026. After which you can do good work and apply for the next leap. Submission last date 29th October 2030. Selection by 29th October 2031. 
Recognition by 29th October 2032, so on so forth
Any category change only after a cycle finish
This categories finalised on 29th October 2024
29th Oct 2028 leap year in our Annual dental newsletter 
Only to people who deserve it in the dental industry:-)
shall post downloadable for social recognition not needed to collect
Prestigious reward of recognition you can generate financial for good work recognition in the industry and Goodwill for family generation
No financial'
The foundational principle of good work is the same: if you do good work, humans will reward you, or God will reward in some form. It can't be denied, and it's the inevitable play of life, which I have experienced myself. So, like they say, keep doing your duty, and karma rest, leave to God, or that kind-hearted soul will see the good work you are doing and reward you for it.
All together, we contribute collectively to make the world or universe a better place.
Then, take the final step to extraordinary good work by the identification of your unique talent or skill set, and groom to be better than the best. As you are your only competition, individually contribute, as you are uniquely designed genetically through permutations and combinations in your DNA. The RNA, giving the proteins, gets affected by the environment epigenetically. So, collaboratively, effort is finally required for your our better world. You, and only you, can bloom to your full potential. And, participate again for the next cycle, as the whole world may be watching with us at your extraordinary good work blossoming full potentials.
"Let's start with the dental industry and make our smiles go viral!"

Remember, as we leave with this thought: "N Namrata Night brushing D Dr. Dhruv Day brushing Daily!" Do it For us or yourself
And smile with this thought of our love brand Daily 'Hope.
Never give in, motto embedded deep like Lawrence School Lovedale Sanawar. Like this candid moment at a get-together at Koramangala Social in Bengaluru, maybe deciding deserving rewards with a panel 1 day.

Happy Lohri! Aag laga do Dil mein. Find your calling like a dentist tech. And LIGHT UP the world and universe on Fire burnt the past Nothing is impossible for God; let's help him/her/dual by helping ourselves and others with a smile. Orthodontic services preventive care system exclusively. Happy Pongal, Happy Makar Sankranti, and every festival, new year!

When the universe and the nature of life on earth were set in motion, it has some fundamental laws which no one, , can't defy, with which we have to live, including with great humility. Our system is on one foundational law: To know more: Too secret smile: Start with your Why like Simon says: I do everything because I live happy; I love my family. That shall make you smile internally and externally.

You make others, we then, make you smile for the biggest smile spread with our smile award.

And if not, visit our elite dental club when affiliation or us for a check-up message to Smile or in-clinic smile makeover, good healthy relationship way, internally in the mouth and aesthetically pleasing. We pray for people to see the difference, then you maintain oral hygiene measures and annually visit again to continue smiling.

We hope with good health. Reach the root cause of your problem; we attempt to do to give you a solution to your body, oral health, good health original state. Not temporary fixing. And keep sharing the responsibility for good health together with a smile, happily ever after, whatever life's journey through togetherness at us in our elite dental club, For better health, thank you. Smile: everything happens for a reason - Sri K: Let me be honest, I would like to humbly accelerate or make the dental industry lead all the good health of ours to a better health industry to be to start giving better consultations and treatment methodologies to my family. Join this cause for better health starting with a smile.
"Smart work without pride God's work. So, 'Do your duty, as the duty manager is watching, to give you your smile rewards.'"
Beyond the known universe, beyond galaxies, known unknown—maybe the light, only the seed of creation. As there was no contraction, as per my understanding of the universe law, only expansion. So, expand that unhappy smile to one of happiness.

"And as you see in your mouth, the whole universe, and especially each one of your works is reflected in your mouth. Therefore, who can you blame? What excuse can you give? Motivate the one next to you, or just do your own duty well. That's called Oral healthcare awareness. Wake up and smell the rose."

Heaven is right here in your mind. Smile and see yourself in your mirror, and you will feel and know your soul.

Knows you won our reward of heaven with a smile. Show what you're made of by reaching your full potential individually together with better health. If you give value to the world, the more you get into your home.

With a smart mind and God-given brain, smile.

11Creating jobs doing the right thing bring happiness to everyone, including yourself

Contact us and post your jobs available next year for longterm stability especially all those listed above in our shared responsibilities by education:

Progressive thinkers, from dependent to identity formation, to independence growth, to resource sharing – not parasitic but symbiotic interdependence, interconnected for shared responsibility. So, the system encourages shared resources based on value creation added to better healthcare by smart work, duty done diligently, reliable life touched 24x7. A mutually convenient time requires cooperation with understanding, balance with reason being made. By the way, it is right to doctor fees or otherwise, so job opportunities creation.

Strengthen the institution – only a suggestion to go with democracy: Monarchy, communism – all countries' heads choose one couple head to lead and decide the resource allocations along with their strategic advice. While the head couple can't be the head of any other state if elected every leap – maximum four terms: UN Security Council has no teeth dentally speaking biased by financial assistance; Like those unaffordable ones losing their teeth due to financial assistance, not comprehensive care. Let's create jobs giving them security: their complete authority is given: "for only the greater good of everyone.
Corruption starts here and ends here, much like the claim to fame of Happy Dent changing the pH environment. Don't chew too long to avoid TMJ pain and musculature issues.

And an annual review for Progressive thinking plan – daily, weekly, monthly, annual – for the leap year with their long-term vision rolling out with their initiatives for leaders to choose them. So, strengthen the institution – marriage with couple leaders, dual nature. The ultimate test of good faith and selflessness and kind mutual interest together, representing guiding constellations of goodwill, smart work, diligently duty with education, minimum graduate being the criteria. Then we can see, from the shared resources, progressive thinkers' job creations happening, and peace and harmony of functioning in our dental industry spreading everywhere else for a better healthy working life balance environment with nature functioning positive climate change. Therefore, we hope to pray to see job opportunities creating down hereby acknowledge and grateful for receiving your family and ours with our elite dental club.

Job creation SMILE and see yourselves
And tell, wow, thank you! Brahmas Fally, skills upgrading is more important than anything. "Kabil bano, bhai kabil," don't talk, just do. How to earn money: consider online courses or workshops in your field of interest. Develop expertise that aligns with market demands. "Kabil bano, bhai kabil" emphasizes actions over words; focus on applying your skills. Explore freelancing or creating an online presence for potential opportunities. Networking can also open doors. Remember, continuous learning and proactive actions are key to personal and financial growth.
For example like this: New Dental Assistant Needed for Our Clinic Venture

We are currently seeking a new dental assistant to join our clinic team. The ideal candidate should have completed 12th grade and must not have family connections with our existing staff or relatives.

Key Responsibilities:
- Actively engage in learning and stay updated on industry advancements.
- Contribute to ongoing improvements and innovations in our dental procedures.
- Execute duties with precision and dedication to delivering high-quality work: on time

Additional Requirements:
- No conflict of interest is tolerated.
- Avoid engagement with competitor setups.
- Exclusive membership in our elite dental club is highly encouraged.
- Individual contributions for mutual growth prospects are valued.

We appreciate your interest. If you believe this aligns with your career goals, perform well in the interview. Be prepared for a 6-month probation period and lifelong training aimed at continuous improvement. Apply through our [LinkedIn Job Posting: Basic Responsibilities]( or send us a WhatsApp business message at +91-8884757388.

Thank you for considering this opportunity. We look forward to welcoming the right candidate to our team for a fulfilling and long-term association.

12. Credit roll: Thank our team and you for your shared responsibility for us all to succeed, especially my wife (Pinky) Mrs. Namrata Shahid Subramanian: happy

13. Are You Lucky Enough to See a Better World: Next Version, 4th Edition - October 29, 2025

As I returned from the USA, I had a clear objective: to see a better world.

Lessons learned:
Observe, starting with yourself,
then family happy: Help yourself first, then others, not out of charity, but rather out of kindness, allocating what you can, as mentioned in our charity guidelines when profitable and self-sufficient: not sacrificial selfless first ( Compassion is our roots, love our tree, and branches are our oath. Stay consistent in bettering habits, be smart, and worldly-wise. Understand how it operates with the laws of nature, the universe, etc., and then start evolving yourself to be better.

Satya Maya Jayatha - God is Truth, God is One. Happy Guru Purab, and hope and pray our Elite Dental Club grows as one together for better health, spreading awareness for the greater good of a better world with better health in all aspects. Finally, be free. Prioritize self-respect above everything else. I learned the most important thing about life is self-respect. For us to heal ourselves and others, it's crucial to maintain self-respect and extend that compassion to those around us. Now, mission is clear: our values - love, humility, and knowing. However good we are, we can better see our wise elders with experience beyond our years and few seasoned, matured practitioners whose skills come in a healthy way with time, like a baby requires 9 months to gestate. After love, so love the right thing you do. Let it gestate to see the results and form before delivery. You cannot rush the process, only patiently wait while learning about first-time parents or more, as new updates might have happened. Scientists, wake up and read preventive care measures for now and futuristic generations. Innovate, innovate, and innovate, and sometimes tweak the wheel, and raise awareness, ensuring a thorough oral checkup, mainly for the mother to enjoy smooth sailing, hopefully, and have contact, with urgent checkups during and medical dental genetics checking. Keep your mind occupied, not stressing - leading to miscarriages. Rather, positively know it's a happy environment the baby needs now and forever.

Additionally, avoid direct blood relationships, as sometimes two recessive genes coming together can lead to genetic modifications that might not be good, being emotional and financial burdens. Be cautious about keeping finances within the family, as the opposite might occur. Similarly, as mentioned above, if you remain a barrier and bargain with doctors, sometimes preventing new consultation and treatment solutions, it's not a good idea. Be prudent in deciding where to say what. In all sensitivity, kindly avoid certain actions, as doing genompatri might be ethically debatable, especially considering the past history of World War 2 atrocities.

Focus on solutions to save a life, as truth can be the tooth in uncovering the truth for a healthier future. In the present moment of self-awareness, we are trying to instill scintillating intelligence from AI as a tool, not a domination, much like stem cells from a child, wisdom teeth, or umbilical cord progression. Is it fear psychosis or based on sound scientific discovery with awareness of what's next? So, let's finish with contributing collaboration, then jumping ahead to our next 4th Edition. Stay tuned, mere dost; you don't know what's coming.


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