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Congratulations! Your efforts are truly appreciated and recognized. Explore the details and discover the names of our illustrious winners at [](


Who We Are and Why the Smile Awards?

We, at People's Love under the umbrella of Dr. Dhruv Dental Care, are honored to present the Smile Awards. This initiative is undertaken with great humility, as we join hands to spotlight the upcoming round for the dental industry in India. The awards will be unveiled on the next leap year, 29th February, after a four-year interval.

Learn more about the methodology in our Frequently Asked Questions [link], where you become the authority and credibility in selecting winners. We encourage you to follow your instincts, which we verify through the outlined timeline. This time, we aim to showcase the profound impact each of you makes, whether known or unknown, and express our gratitude for your significant contributions.

The names of the Smile Awards winners will be published in the Truth Journal 2024.


Visit the Smile Points Program Icons on the heading of the entry website: to witness the added true value of the certificate with time by a reward. Single entry point for all our sites and navigation to reach our clinic and affiliates through our upcoming trial Preventive Dental App, People's Love 'For You,' soon to be launched on Google Play and the Apple Store. For inquiries, contact us at +91-8884757388, walk-in, or visit our web link: this for step -2 for respected open communication channels in the [Dental Helpline] ( before the expansion of dental clinic preventive dental care affiliates, 'For you' hopefully, I pray, in 2026 Preventive Dental App release. Exclusive Online Communication through Our Trial App push notification once annouced to download & Helpline: Optimize Your Experience: Allow notifications to receive annual or semi-annual alerts, updates, and exclusive privileges. If you prefer uninterrupted service, you can DND

  Important Update: No More WhatsApp Communication - Internal Use Only: present moment 

Dear valued patients, Live life

We want to inform you that we have discontinued WhatsApp communication for external DND purposes, effective immediately. Our auto-greeting feature shall see if available will be checked occasionally. However, to provide you with a more personalized and efficient experience, we encourage you to explore alternative communication channels:

-  Face-to-face visits at the clinic:  Schedule an appointment for in-person consultations. To enter, a fee of 1000Rs is applicable: at clinic or online paid per visit every two weeks post care [Book your appointment online]( including for other doctors at the clinic. We'll call back to confirm and 'For you' location and walk-ins, check: on Google Maps.Timings will be displayed for mutual convenience, and if not available, it will indicate whether the clinic is closed or open. Please note that there might be a wait time as appointment patients and clients will be given priority.

-  Direct calls:  Reach out to us directly for immediate assistance. Certainly! We will return the missed call.

-  Online Zoom meetings:  Request a meeting through our link, and we'll check availability and get back to you: 1000Rs to book

- Email: Contact us at, and our senior dental assistant winner will respond promptly.

- Instagram messenger for family and friends and public: dental assistant and Dr. Other social media handles with team members

For your convenience and real-time assistance, we recommend using our soon-to-be-launched online trial app and Helpline. Additionally, our digital assistant will be available to assist you, and we will return missed calls through Truecaller to avoid spam.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Stay connected and informed by following us for timely reminders and blockbuster announcements online. We appreciate your trust in us for your dental care needs.

Best regards,

 We might send an important WhatsApp message to inform our clients, patients, or contacts.

Take care of your better health in a better world, being a better human being with oral healthcare. Embrace actionable awareness daily, like brushing and water flossing your oral structures, day (Reminder stands for Dr. Dhruv) and night (Namrata): proudly signed by us: 'For you.'

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Experience the benefits of our preventive care package by signing up now! If you can visit us in Bengaluru, India, click here to get started: 5 year subscription plan for first 3000 clients 'For you' Join us in contributing to the cause of better health, focused on creating a better world: Personal number shared with the first 3000 under a shared code for special access privilege: WhatsApp us if you need assistance; Dr. Dhruv will call you directly at a suitable time: after digital assistant or auto-greeting screening

Thank you for choosing us for your dental care needs!

Our Team of Winners

Dear Winners,

Express your gratitude by submitting a video or audio thank-you speech or simply convey your appreciation silently by 15th March 2024. This allows us to capture your genuine response within two weeks and showcase your smiles publicly before the private event. Please note that the private event will be a solemn affair without speeches.

Namaste. Tickets to the Elite Dental Club: Now, open - Dentists: 1500Rs - Clients or Patients: 1000Rs Limited Seating! Completing the 10th Anniversary of Dr. Dhruv Dental Care Brand on 14th June!

Based on responses received before 15th March, we can extend seating and offer free entry into our online clubhouse. Please RSVP by 5th June. Annual event every year.


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