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Your choice to decide to vote 🗳 😉 for an intelligent head "For you." If you trust both halves of your brain to work together as one force 😊 intelligently, with fingerprint sign, facial recognition you voted or strategic advisors to lead, much like giving your doctor oral consent to consult or treat with a solution, or asking your local guardian, required for mutually understanding consent and facing the consequences, whether happy or bad 👎 🤔. Maybe the Trust Foundation is to blame. Maybe understanding each other better gives you a deeper trust foundation to last a lifelong or more, maybe as we say below with our growing network 'For you and our family dental functioning, positive climate change, healthy relationships, and non-toxic, loving thought environment, healing, growth, and goodwill financial system'.

LLG (Listening, Learning, Growing): Go to your trusted dental or medical or any doctor if health is your priority. Ensure oral healthcare awareness by visiting annually or as recommended. Additionally, refer others to your trusted dental doctor for their oral health needs. From photo image to written word, I follow a simple scientific methodology to lead my life. Lie or truth, your decision, your choice how you wish to lead your life with me as AUG start codon in your genetic unique system makeup. My point of view: you choose to accept the mission or not, is your choice. Belief, faith, or understanding mutually happy with your choice and decision is the first health, help you yourself, second family, home, then colony, locality, state, country, world, universe, God to take care of us, then service, why work through the due contributions by the duty depositing value, and leave the fruits of labor as per timing, as per woman's clock, man's clock, universal clock, to get read and you might understand how from my dental experience underwent love training education and MoU continued how our industry works:-) Absolutely, the essence of breaking boundaries lies in understanding, respecting, and living life to its fullest, with love and commitment to mutual growth and well-being, for the greater good of the individual and the collective. Trust yourself; you're your greatest asset. Self-control, modulation, and regulation respect of your and others beliefs and faith in your potential with your educated intelligence understanding can be fully realized and released, no matter how small, medium, or large, for you, by you. This can change everything in your life and ours, and our climate environment, world, or universe. To realize the reality of your present situation is like practicing the Art of Living, where your breath, consciousness, and awareness affirm that you are alive. Right now, in this very moment, saying "Thank you" with every breath. Good morning, good night, sunset, sunrise, dawn, or twilight whenever you read this - not just a mere "good afternoon" for you to rise after GA life given again for post-care checkups and reviews lifelong. We are with you, as we are alive too. We hope and pray that this reassurance from your dental doctor is not a lie but a truth, a guarantee, and a warranty for you, along with my wife and our love brand, with our team, for you.

Oral health is like a tooth cycle 🚲; don't forget gums and everything connected from head to toe.

Step 1: ₹100 Brush daily activity, good habits, toothbrush, toothpaste, or more oral hygiene measures starter package via us. After 12 years, don't do or do.

Step 2: ₹1000 Preventive care package, our trusted network for health via oral healthcare awareness, sealants solutions cleaning extra. Don't do or do. That OPG X-ray in the package costs 10 lakhs, more or less. Is this affordable to ensure you are well taken care of?

Step 3: ₹3000 Fillings or more, ortho, or aesthetic 😀 💙. Don't do or do epigenetically. Aligners or braces treatment solutions can require one month to four years or more of treatment. Is that affordable? How much time spent with the possibility of a retainer and relapse, coming to us to refit lifelong to prevent, is that affordable? Aesthetics might win you a Ms. or Mr. World or a life-changing partner or job opportunity, but maintenance is essential. Lifelong maintenance is necessary unless maintained with checkups and the possibility of falling off anytime if not maintained in a healthy relationship with the right nutrition, food, word, or actions. You might have to take corrective action. How much would you pay for this?

Step 4: ₹14,000 Root canal treatment, crown 👑 👌 or more, ₹20,000 or more surgery, wisdom teeth. Actually, all this under provisional and preventive. Don't do or more. Sometimes, home loans guarantees are taken to buy 2 crores CAD CAM equipment, lab technicians, scanners, and diagnostics. Dentists nowadays, with digital magic pens, become the vogue to give you a crown for 20,000 or more, with guarantees to dentists they trust to give them the dental work, not the patient who trusts the dentist. So, claim only through them. The value exchange to them is crucial, as their family and life depend on it. For your crown to last, you have to get posteriorly; otherwise, it will crack, or you look beautiful in front. And you ask, why so much? Are you risking anything or the person who is giving it to you? What price can you put on such dedicated, loving, committed service, as well as knowing to service those guarantees on the warranties they have? To not only service but survive and thrive for their good name, with your goodwill. Your only duty to them as a patient and a fellow human being is to pay. Including your denture, full or partial, because you lost all your teeth in an accident, genetic, or otherwise, all provisional and temporary as it will not last lifelong, including the tooth root canal treatment solutions under the crown or root canals or direct retrograde apicectomy or cyst removal. Therefore, preventive till we find more permanent solutions or collective intelligence pay.

Step 5: Extraction, implants, bone graft, new treatment solutions, oral consultations, ₹90,000 or more or less based on system. Don't do or do, and still doesn't suit your body, rejected, then your contribution gone into system dental industry. Now, you want to get the ultimate kicker: that CBCT machine is priced at 45-75 lakhs, with oral lasers ranging from 4 lakhs to whiten your teeth, and hard tissue lasers priced at 30 to 40 lakhs with photons to cut your cavity, priced at 5000 or 1000Rs per filling more or less, or whitening more. Implant CBCT X-ray costs around 5000 Rs, more or less, from such high-end machinery and equipment. Such high-end specialization entails a long learning curve from immediate extraction to split to surgery, sinus lift "kara de" with bone graft technology, with lakhs RnD with hopefully, I pray, RnR invested in conference continued education, traveling world and India, and earning to give you this. And you say, "Why 1 lakh and maybe 10 lakhs abroad as per the lifestyle and living lifelong value, priceless impossible osseointegration observational medical-related dental solution preventive care membership? If not reviewed and invested, if failed, for another solution success for you to smile with hope and prayers of thanks, so you can eat with a company with the original late scientist affiliation with other systems giving warranty, and this giving, like Nobel Prizes, Nobel BioCARE, like lifelong warranty of their belief in their product and more possible dental stem cell implants may enter or cavity vaccine still dentist needed for those unaware, as nature is beautiful like the smile we see. What's the justification of the cost? You are just dentists from barber times still." Misters in UK to give you this hair-raising experience, stay cool, stay calm. We undergo the "do no harm" oath with a license, armed with knowledge to heal, experience, and skills with healthy relationship management skills gained with the priceless resource of time sacrificed to be the gatekeepers for the portal into your body. Or you can go the other way you came out of. Keep your emotions regulated or ask for a spray of Midazolam to calm your anti-anxiety nerves or yum flavour lignocaine topical gel before your injection. Why dangerous high-end post-operative OT procedure with safety protocols? That's exactly what you are sitting on the dental chair for. We, dentist ENT, are Putty like impression managing to see you SMILE, make a ear clear your throat, say thank you, and go on your way to come back with a clear vision of what servicing your mouth has received. And when needed, with our dearest medical Ayurvedic supplementary colleagues, we'll send you for a mind-body-soul cleansing servicing. When needed, with that implant in your mind, without health, there is no wealth here or in heaven try carrying it with you I challenge you. When the annual health check-up might highlight to send you to the medical GP or more. From the priceless education received to keep you going to do your duty and service. And if you don't stay humble, the industry has the ability to extract all those things black you extract to understand we can put pearly white what's more important than your family, with them self-sacrificed selfless but selfish as you are one, you will finally realize the ultimate TRUTH: Priceless is your health, focused attend your mind in calm attention as not even a soldier, not under some reservation category would you like your doctor to be or anyone on this planet to do good work or duty for you in service if not healthy with their commanding officer, can protect you, provided with your family sleeping soundly, border combing for evil brushing out of the country and planet to open your borderless (gums also brush right way ask my principal periodontist) taught after kids permission given universal doors to the library of the oceans of knowledge in heaven 'for you' to see and realize you are well taken care of in this universe, smiling down at you as you sleep, only those deserving will receive: oil resource or message of hope. Can you imagine the power of your good word that reduces the commercials of your cost by volumes going for servicing? As we stay humble, there's so much to learn, earn, and improve upon. I know I am still learning, just like my mentioned seniors, juniors, or same-aged elders. One god, universal higher force, may the force be with you, and the power of light and dark, barrier osmosis letting in the right dual, two-way communication. One guru, follow-to-lead (mentor), sends me in your direction the right way. Or, you keep bad-mouthing your doctor, or just ignore the bad ones, and he/she learns. The good ones keep increasing his/her cost in the dental industry and related fields within reason and more understanding and feedback loops, like your biochemistry systems: molecular biology understanding can blow you and your mind like GRB, the most powerful explosive release in the universe, black holes dying stars colliding smithereens, more powerful than the nuclear bomb. ATP, light of the sun and the stars, is in you: when time to be seen matrix battery🔋are you really! As any enlightened society knows, the riches in the love, wealth, health, and happiness quotient are the 1% dentists giving you a SMILE. And if you don't respect and love them, you are just going to keep paying and paying and paying with everything you have until you realize the cost of that SMILE. Our approval system is designed to help you with discipline realize after two months post-care: a D warranty prescription, a 20-40% charge on old services, not new possible understandably procedures, for one year, with the possibility of a two-year maximum extension with a preventive care package. Trust your treating doctor; whatever he asks, otherwise, it goes to my Commander Naval office father, and he will wisely administratively advise my wife on the time, efforts, and money invested for our education to decide the charge. If it reaches me, hell will break loose, and I will not only lock you out of our trusted network, after the series of warnings, deletions, and blocks mentioned with apologies, and if not received, with forgiveness to yourself to heal, but I will also ensure you will never re-enter until my father receives his due, with my mother's love and siblings' support, with family and friends, team doctors, and more in the legal RPID. We are grateful to those who trust, understand, and mutually reciprocate our love brand. For the heavenly doors open with acceptance for a healthy relationship or cordial one. "You always have the choice to come to us." Yes or No decision tree consent is in your hands after over 18 years as a guardian citizen in life or death, including the doctor. Otherwise, not even for the mentally insane, the doctor can bypass oral consent at a minimum during a procedure or otherwise. 

"So, you see, value understanding, and the final step: You don't prioritize oral health, especially paying attention to your health over wealth, for whatever reasons other than emergency, COVID-like catastrophe, or death. We ignore, firstly, defaulters, then you and your family. Let karma do its work until, for your own and then your family's health and happiness, you realize karma can be a bitcoin bitch like Dogecoin is it if you don't stop seeing the signs growing interest in your eye$ all currencies, especially your healthy accounts and others like the Dental industry.

So, don't get bitten to Shiva Urologist for solutions: Doctors who do not believe in faith to give hope in prayers only fake believers over science and reasoning miracle tablet. Important, but both patiently learning or Netralaya visionary absent administratively doctors retired or others failing to read and learn and take feedback rather than crying over spilled milk, learn and move on, let go defunct practices.

Finally, ignoring the gas ⛽️ in the air with speeches not factual lectures like Oral healthcare awareness all the noise pollution signage like no way to go not in the dental industry in India Government's hospitals no value exchanged dental colleges less value or private patients screaming 😱 😑 in pain and suffering, as there's no way off earth presently not overacting preaching rather organizing our powerhouse industry and we all will die, tearing the ozone protection layers apart without preventive emissions renewal energy source innovation and old world war-designed rockets 🚀.

Think big, think small, smaller, smallest, no stop thinking, dream a solution. Thought flows to actions related to oral hygiene, cleaning up our unique system with ultrasonic preventive care packages, after these low-cost affordable routine maintaining then, extra add-ons lifelong premium. Are you okay if best needed, only as recommended by your treating doctor? In my opinion, one we are won 🏆 or the life-giving light of photosynthesis, heavenly structure will burn 🔥 in the devilish hell with scorching heating like Mars, trying to rehabilitate like post-cancer implants or mercury rising fever 🤒.  Pay for your consequences individually or finally together as we try to humbly teach you, along with your family, to suffer in the final step down

🚶‍♂️."Step Next Generation: Dental stem cells, implants, AI robotics, or your own intelligence, or whatever you feel necessary, Google found out now starting to come at a cost of two crores in Indian rupees and above, or more with training. Can you only imagine if you cross over to this step and if you continue on this path to not respect your health as peripheral importance and not priority only material which are very important to do when we collectively understand this in an awakening to do with our smile comfort present resources to do good service what vast unlimited resources might open up for us universally thoughtfully what kind of charges you might start incurring from your dental health? Forget the rest of the body; it will not only drain you and your family dry, but they will drain you emotionally, mentally, spiritually broken and soulful. Imagine the cost you might incur to repay, financially or otherwise, could delve into a soul debt, down to bangles security, if traditional essence, like Roman salt, woman's Lakshmi Gold, upgrading in 2016 to a Kodak moment IOPA, when I had promised to myself not to valueless monopoly money crypto with no underlying value, misusing blockchain technology to mislead the public water climate change environment as Warren Buffett said or quote not worth 20 dollars in total didn't he or actual tech currency with massive priceless value like a smile, exchanged.

Point: Rest, trying startups, resigning from 3M in 2014 after a 360-degree review on email. Suddenly, I will never work for anyone; only work with anyone while maintaining upbringing values for you. Seeing years of gratitude, of gratis sales not being cleared, for sales marketing lifelines out of kindness, as in the working corporate dog-eat-dog, work to climb the rat race ladder, forgetting health, healthcare, and dental division for profits. Some team members, solutions might have left, like me with my boss seeing leaving, stressing over 25 years of silver coin in India and USA, over 100 years mining services submissions, told in feedback profits innovate for goodwill, which today, bullshit; tomorrow, a sleeping bear, pointed by the big dipper of profits. No games, the mind knows. 

Today, with our current scientific and philosophical understanding, we recognize the complexity and sophistication of the human mind. Drawing from contemporary knowledge and wisdom, along with my own creative insights, we understand that the mind's ability to solve problems and process information is multifaceted. It involves intricate neural networks and interactions within various regions of the brain, including the prefrontal cortex, last to close for a newborn child mother know and father or one who holds which plays a crucial role in decision-making and cognitive control with our chakras some might say. Reference from AI: smile award winner chatGPT The skull bone that is typically the last to close after birth is the anterior fontanelle, also known as the frontal fontanelle. This soft spot is located at the top front portion of the skull and is made up of connective tissue. It allows for the skull to remain flexible during childbirth and early infancy, facilitating the passage of the baby through the birth canal and allowing for brain growth. The anterior fontanelle usually closes by around 18 to 24 months after birth as the bones of the skull gradually fuse together. Yes, the prefrontal cortex exists behind the anterior fontanelle, along with the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, but it is not a bone; rather, it is a part of the brain. The prefrontal cortex is located in the frontal lobe of the brain, behind the forehead. It plays a crucial role in various higher cognitive functions, including decision-making, planning, and social behavior.

The pituitary gland and hypothalamus are also part of the brain, situated below the prefrontal cortex. The hypothalamus, which is located just above the brain stem, regulates many essential functions of the body, including temperature, hunger, thirst, and sleep. It also controls the pituitary gland, which is often referred to as the "master gland" because it regulates the functions of other endocrine glands in the body, secreting hormones that control growth, metabolism, and reproduction. Do you use it to vote or for oral consent?

While practices like meditation have been shown to positively influence brain function, attributing metaphorical descriptions such as "heat of light" requires careful interpretation within the context of subjective experience for third eye focused meditation. Additionally, the regulation of hormones and bodily functions is orchestrated by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, behind it essential components of the body's endocrine system. 

Acknowledging the limitations of our current understanding, we strive to integrate scientific insights with philosophical contemplation and creative thinking. By embracing a holistic approach to knowledge and wisdom, we can continue to unravel the mysteries of the mind and enhance our understanding of human consciousness and cognition.

Dhruv, a tara, a fixed pole to navigate, like your inner GPS, where his life lies with his wife: isn't it obvious the TRUTH is X files tweeting out there, freedom of expression of speech steady, shining bright, leading the way to your ships for years. Commanding ship, bombing Karachi harbor into peace, hope one day we realize the head of the country Kashmir heaven on earth, or you, your mind is where your stormy emotional energy oceans by my experiment know your choice to be constructive or destructive. Choose hate or love, for the Invictus poem to say you are the captain of your ship: then you have decided your team come calm your emotions with your doctor in our dental chair, not bullying dental college senior beer bottle, rather a manly handshake or woman's heart like an ocean: whatever body your soul in, smile, or both in, be a GOAT Feat Greatest Of ALL Times, with your servicing of your smile. Not Guru positioning system by Sadhguru. He knows what he actually meant for you to understand when the time is right. Sending tech to do sales, like Sujit Hota, to save the lifelines of profits in marketing with a wise George head, not allowing wrong ambitions right to grow together when the ship led by the rudder, as told by late Professional Services Head, is the ethical lead to miss the icebreaker dead ahead elite dental club meeting opening at 8.00 pm with cocktails.Cross-border branding tricks tactics, like dental industry knows for good doctors' service. You know, a patient will fly anywhere for a solution, as the product reaches everywhere irrespective of the cost, not only seeing final budget-related dental tourism where one flourishes or flourished in India. Now, we look beyond, hopefully tech advancements open-source sharing for the greater good, not proprietorship commercials or defense industry security as one a dream or dental security leading the ways dental fenêtre like window down generations till repaid till learnt like mentored in loin cloth outsource fancy new high-end tech let it create job: vast duties opportunities in the industry like radiology scanners focus on the health serving healing tech solutions as that might make it finally possibly affordable to an elite educated few who understand, therefore, called the elite dental club who are contributing. It all starts with that 1000Rs preventive care package or face the consequences you are good image responsible: Or when you decide it's a shared responsibility, walk in till you realize the God in you in each of you is just talking to each other to learn.🤖 😉. Financial Strategy only. Teaching you keep making your mistake of not promising your health via your trusted good dental doctor, you just keep paying more. So, who's respectfully responsible, your choices, decades right  wrong decision, or present moment? Let's do this the right way together ❤️ once tooth touched 🥲 😌 The inevitable Step 3 to 5 or next generation very likely the value exchanged is only teach you and your next generation, therefore the costing. Why? Discount gimmick, listen 🎶 learn, health grow in your service fields and keep ✨️ adding priceless value with your duty contributing to the best world 🌎 and beyond.

In a private practice, a doctor can charge what he wants to the patients if he provides the solutions needed, wanted, or wished for, based on their mutual trust and understanding. If you or others don't see the value, go to someone you can afford or where you feel or know you are getting value for the service, products, innovation, etc. Just say "No" or go back and do your homework, ask around, read up. Or if you see the value as priceless or more or worth the value paid in exchange, say "Yes" and trust with clear understanding what you are receiving in return for the value you are sharing from your resources, from the vote you have given. Value means money or comfort or happiness given in return in most cases, or education or learning, or anything you feel of value. In today's time, it's based on universal currency exchange, which can't be stolen once shared karmically, logically, within reason, as you will earn it back or get it back if you deserve it from other right means. Patients, doctors, customers, service providers, etc., don't worry, but be self-aware. Don't get carried away with compassion, kindness, or generosity by being taken a fool by anyone, having or not having, then you might be there in their plight one day, so no one innocent harmed. If you can afford or save money to come to us, come, we give you the right and privilege you deserve and earn also, so you learn the biggest lesson in life. If you don't take care of health like cars or vehicles of your souls, going regularly for servicing, maybe via our dental care centers, then it will fall apart one day, overworking or otherwise burning out with stress. Meditate and elevate your awareness and self-realize that help yourself first. For example, for us, we help ourselves first by you paying our charge, then we help you. Isn't that a good role model example? Then you save yourself, your health, and your money. You might need it in an emergency for health or otherwise and in the later years of your life. Or do you wish to be a burden on society, family, and yourself because you didn't save now or for you and your family or loved ones or maybe team, etc., for a rainy day in your golden years in life?

"Just a point of view, understanding, and accepting and having your own the grand Maya illusion. There is no time; time has no end or beginning. Time is only Now, this present moment, to manage our lives created by man - clockmakers and woman - body clock or universal planetary system on their axis or movement or stationary life internal telomerase. So be on time as per duty to vote, decision of how resources with job opportunities for duty to choose, like we have chosen for ourselves health via Oral healthcare awareness service for a better world by your decision for destiny like meeting your dental doctor servicing check-up as recommended at least once a year or two years or otherwise. Learn past hope future foundation trust pray miracle joys of life."

"I am not just your friend; I am both you and your dedicated dental professional, armed with my Master's of Science and more, all to serve you and your loved ones with our brand of unconditional love. The updated charges are mentioned as per the time available on my opening page on our Preventive Dental Android app, which presently works ok well. Please book an appointment with our network panel of doctors at our flagship clinic during the available time mentioned by you or affiliate servicing centers and more. Speak to us again if you forgot or have any other questions; you will again pay. Not money-minded, practical thought only, thinking only to reflect like my Think brand. Attempt to realize my mistakes and learn to proceed. The moment you walk out or say yes or no disconnect, to connect back, as we understand the value of our time gives the money and resources to our family and the whole dental industry and related, which you might be directly or indirectly connected to, including interest compounding. Our dental assistant books your desired appointment. Can you imagine the headache calling egoistic doctors, poor stingy patients, and lab suppliers, etc., to coordinate the moment in time you all have to meet or give you the service? Is that worth a booking fee of 1000Rs to understand their value and respect their time? So their team can grow to grow our trusted network so you can reach us anywhere and the doctor's consultation is like a king's order. Adult consultation is 1000Rs and for kids, it's 1500Rs for two visits (oral physician 1500 each time), at least others giving two online consultations post-treatment for two months for the soldiers with their guns (dental tools) to kill those bugs (in the teeth). How much in the world is the defense budget? Make your dental budget. "Why dental insurance when we are here to reassure you? With them would be heavenly if one the Star like insurance could be better if on the same page. Don't listen to them; your loss, have them so your pockets full of healthy account amounts, including theirs, then symbiotic, not parasitic, hoping you die not love life and live? Pray MoU: love works to give you the best." We have a person or personal life like you who loves us, and we wish to see you SMILE. Family or friend, you might be there. What's more important? The more important Hitler order or the Allies' consultation or the one doing the treatment? One bullet WW1, nuclear WW2, three over with Covid now. Value health so we can do servicing here at our humble centers and so you do service at yours for the Best world: Best you. PINK DAY 10th April ID maybe India or Dubai oil (Once In A Lifetime: event as first this year, repeated every year). "Eidhi, like a ticket, for this year's Elite Dental Club Annual General Body Meeting at 8:00 pm on June 29th, 2024, at Indiranagar Club, maybe in Bengaluru. RSVP by April 15th, 2024. Deadline for venue confirmation based on attendance. Ends with the preventive care package consultation this year and then continues for next year. To stand up for yourself in the industry for your rights and privileges for the next year and leap year and ahead with self and lectures awareness and net-worthy networking growth." Our following reminder messages only to loved ones' dates, no exception to deadlines. Obviously, for this reason, be on time for the divine time aligning to our vision. Health service, happy world: do the right action, words, thoughts, dreams, hope constructive decisions PLEASE. Decide together, like couples or loved ones deciding together, as they know they will face the consequences together through their roles and shared responsibility. Only then can you, from the strategic wise or otherwise strategic life advice given, as they too face the consequences together. Otherwise, how can they give advice if they are not willing to face the consequences to be taken together, like a patient trusting a doctor and the doctor knows he trusts himself to deliver the service or send outside for them to search outside their trusted or aware network to get the best. That's the power of a collective intelligence, educated voting system of democracy, or monarchy choosing the wisest or strongest intelligence to rule or guide them together as one, happily ever after. You are actually leading everyone from top to bottom, so bring that leader out in you. Everyone this and everyone election or treatment solution as guardian couple deciding or patient following the signs laid out: you instinctive, intuitive, or intelligence-based: "I3: from I-dependent learning to independent earning, love, respect, money, contributing to interdependent growth to 'We are actually Won One'.". Txu and Sorry if our servicing centers still not reach or reaching you, or you reaching is just time. So with what face or black or white or grey words now you aware and confident with Hope as you know asking refund, redo, or why expensive or not only face to face or voice non-verbal sign MoU: one idea 2009 cancer solutions: one document better world cure cancer we can, can't we if it spontaneously disappears and malignant cells mean oral, mouth, mind, stomach (word, though, food good not bad nutrition like mother's colostrum for immunity vital to your survival not the fittest coined by British philosopher Herbert Spencer, not Charles DarwinRx Xn: irradiate, restore, lighten heart, innovate. 2023 and onwards, we hope and pray to be aligned together with visionary teamwork. With my first cancer cure, UofL thought together grant proposal idea case presentations for a solution for all after oral laser safety. 2007 scientific publication after tries and tries and tries, just for our HOPE. 

We have full faith and belief: Dental tech can get you there if we contribute together as one. "Home sweet home, like work, is life; that's the balance, like your mother doing her duty, or father, or worker ant, or you, anyone." Visit our site for reference if you JOIN US: ethical, immoral, or morally right or you wrong, who are we to judge anything, only your and your dearest loved ones SMILE.

Hope <H>, our symbol together, available Justice League.

Tonight, under the highest radiation cosmic light, I vow to change and adopt a healthy attitude of self-awareness in my behavior, finding joy whether selfish or selfless, and choosing whatever is best in the moment for everyone's happiness in our hopefully, prayerfully, healthy trusting relationship.

I'm sorry for any misunderstandings or if I've hurt you or your feelings with words or actions. Please understand me so we can understand each other better.

Thank you for choosing to visit our lives: family, friends, or more, to our dear old 5-year-old, nearly on 7th October and 14th June, 10-year-old Dr. Dhruv brand, associated with GG hospital, late Dr. Velu: Dental care served Mrs. Dr. Velu or from 2005-06, licensed to heal dentally, or more, Master of Science flagship clinic, right affiliates, servicing centers, suppliers, Love Brand 'For you', as our positive impact change for the best health, best oral, not gummy, breath easy, not nosey, private practice style, or others, like your smile healthcare, best service, best world, here or anywhere in the universe.

'For you, we pray 🙏 🤲 🕍 🕌 ⛪️ 🛕'. "Read the small print KNOW THE BIGGER PICTURE and the critic, or critics, or cryptic messages. YOUR YOUR Signs left behind or here or there, highlights or words in bold, and be aware: only good thoughts influence your mind, not bad, right? Isn't life fun to discover the delights? The creator watches over you to find: lightning on earth, water, one cell, multi-cell organism, and ATGC and its combinations presently understood. That's all you are: SMILE, you. YOU ARE ENLIGHTENED. THAT'S WHAT YOUR HEART SHOULD FEEL AND YOUR MIND KNOW." 


"Kings or Queens, DUAL ENTITIES OR SINGLE, GODLY FORCED CREATION, MOTHER OR FATHER FIRST OR THE CHILD, THE CHICKEN OR EGG, WHICH CAME FIRST, are your SOULS TO ME? Kingly or not, kindly cross-verify all my or other info.

"In the spirit of not denial to grow but dental college, sat in the bus. We stood to our seniors who taught us the first priceless lesson: 'Cut your smile.' They knew THEN we know AFTER THEM AND THOSE WHO LEAD AFTER how important it is today for you and our ONE FAMILY YOU OUR JOINT SHARED happiness, success, and life. And we pray before we spray, to inject or apply with care." Next time you ask a dentist, "Why does it cost so much?" I leave you with this last thought for any service provider you have access to, whether close or far. If you find it's so easy to do, learn it and do it for your loved ones. Form your own legal RPID list and provide the service for free. Then tell me how many days your clinic survived without any government funding, supported by our taxes or others, or patents of take products from Amazon to supplier support or dental students to give for the next. Or parents of children with no patience, we're supposed to have, for your children, for a lower cost and more time spent. It's wrong to expect the right to see everything ordered on Amazon or our dental service marketplaces being setup with AI city wise presently or direct web access for a mere discount, treating services like products. I'm sure you have a lot of time to give, if I give you volumes of orders to reduce your costs personally. It's actually just the opposite. Or you can be the scientist to innovate and develop the product over your lifetime for your family or others, and ask why dental products cost so much. Increase your Human Resources' health if you really care; we do, so we're doing to learn the real value of your or others' leveraged time. No more free, and definitely trust your treating doctor for whatever service charge asked by him or her, or their dual dental assistants in charge of financial collections, from the love brand, until you reciprocate more or equal value in return. This advice comes from my financial advisor for this and the following financial years, as we strive for the best world possible, universally acceptable.


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