Internship opportunity in dental clinic


Job description Opportunity: Good doctor 

Responsibility for Saturday OPD (Outpatient Department):

  • Skill Development:
  • Master the basics of simple scaling and dental fillings.
  • Prioritize preventive care to reduce the risk of severe dental issues in the future.
  • Professional Growth:
  • Cultivate patience. Recognize that building a loyal patient base is a long-term endeavor.
  • Actively work on establishing and expanding your practice.
  • Seek Mentorship:
  • Do not hesitate to consult senior colleagues for guidance on your career path when necessary. They can provide invaluable insights and advice based on their experience.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a fulfilling and successful tenure at the Saturday OPD.

Learning processes



1. **Shadowing Period**:

- Prior to independently managing the OPD on Saturday evenings, you are required to spend a few months observing and shadowing senior dental colleagues.

- Kindly check with your respective institutes if such shadowing is permissible, as different timings

2. **Ethical Standards**:

- Honesty Integrity Ethical behavior and actions are of utmost importance. They are non-negotiable.

- Any deviations from these standards will result in immediate termination." Errors are possible; there's no limitations understand and accept your full potential to serve be honest."avoid, repeating mistakes and learn from own and others

3. **Patient Care**:

- If you are confident in providing quality patient care, proceed with the case. If unsure, always refer the patient.

- In situations where expertise is required, do not hesitate to refer patients to a specialist.

4. **Fee Structure**:

1. Set fees for your services based on a combination of factors: understanding of market trends, patient demand, overhead costs, clinic operational hours, and your availability. Factor in fluctuations of up to 10% to align with current trends. Central to your fee decision should be your competence and the capability of your team to consistently deliver high-quality services. Over time, as the team's proficiency improves, the quality of service should reflect in the charges.

2. Cultivate a culture of curiosity within your team. Emphasize that there's no such thing as a "stupid question". Prioritize training for staff, dental assistants, nurses, and doctors to ensure everyone's on the same page and to foster continuous learning.

3. When patients seek fee reductions or justifications, resist the temptation to break down operational costs or delve into specifics about salaries, equipment, or materials. Remember, most patients are primarily concerned about their expenditure. Instead, employ a light-hearted response such as, "The doctor's eyeing a new BMW!" This playful retort subtly emphasizes that there are costs associated with the service without getting defensive. At the end of the day, our commitment and investment in our profession deserve acknowledgment.

4. For those who comprehend our pricing, offer options that promote preventive care. Whether you decide to charge a nominal fee, a substantial amount, or offer it for free, it’s the patient's prerogative to decide. The principle of supply and demand coupled with the value proposition you offer plays a crucial role. However, always bear in mind the service you provide is sacrosanct. Patients entrust their well-being in your hands, making the relationship almost divine. View your work as a form of worship, your body as the temple, and your intellect as the divine guiding force.

5. Always help when you can, but ensure it's within your capacity.

6. Ensure your dental assistants and nurses are well-informed about the fee structure, enabling them to convey it accurately to the patients. Firmly establish a "no-bargaining" principle and make sure the team upholds it.

**Community Service**:

- Approach community service with a blend of common sense and courtesy. Extend inclusivity to everyone unless they display inappropriate behavior, in which case consider underlying mental health factors.

- Should you wish to offer free consultations outside the parameters listed on, you can do so on Fridays between 10.00 am - 1.00 pm.

- This includes free treatments. However, you will have to bear any associated costs. For subsidized treatment, refer patients to dental colleges.

- Note: Any breakage, waste, or additional costs will be your responsibility.

6. **Clinic Conduct**:

Dedicated strict no-socializing or entertaining policy within the clinic premises. Outside: exercise Relax holidays

Adhering to these guidelines ensures a professional environment and the best care for our patients. Thank you for your cooperation.

We sincerely hope and pray that with your skills, knowledge, and experience — combined with nurturing relationships, fruitful associations, and a touch of luck and talent — you achieve phenomenal growth. Our wish for you is to find a harmonious balance in your professional and personal life. May you make a significant impact on society and realize all your personal dreams successfully.


**Qualifications and Expectations for Internship:**

1. **Credentials:** Bring your provisional degree certificate as proof of your qualification to practice during your internship.

2. **Initial Shadowing Period:** You will start with a 2-3 month observation phase, shadowing senior or experienced dental colleagues. A designated quota of observation hours will be allocated. During this time, you are expected to learn and observe without any monetary compensation.

3. **Stipend:** After completing the initial shadowing period, you will receive a nominal stipend as a token of respect for the commitment to the profession. Over time, this stipend will be reviewed and adjusted based on your progress and contributions. and observing continue for 4 months

4. **Performance Incentives:** We offer performance-based incentives. If your performance meets our expectations after the shadowing period, your stipend will increase.

5. **Long-Term Opportunities:** After 2-3 years, you have the option to move to a fee-sharing basis or pursue higher studies. If you opt for further studies, we offer a preferential opportunity to rejoin. Alternatively, you can choose to continue with us until retirement and even consult post-retirement to uphold our brand and ethical standards.

6. **Commitment to Quality:** Our foremost priority is maintaining the trust of our patients and ensuring the happiness of the families we serve. Continuously improve and hone your skills, knowledge, and experience. If you notice a decline in the quality of your work, seek guidance on how to improve. A consistent decline in performance or failure to seek assistance will result in termination. While we strive for profitability to enhance our services, our primary performance measure is the quality of work.

7. **Endnote:** We value growth and aim for success, wishing the best for all our associates. It is essential to uphold the highest standards for the welfare of our patients, brand, and the families we touch.


The **GOOD WORK** referral starts with mutual respect and trust. It then emphasizes patience, as well as confidence in oneself and others. This foundation paves the way for a disciplined routine, marked by persistence, clear and kind communication, gentle care, and a deep understanding of treatment solutions. Working smart and hard consistently is key to achieving a balanced life. Success touches every aspect: financially, socially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. This approach allows one to navigate the rigorous demands of practice while maintaining happiness throughout life. "We pray to develop efficient systems(processes with Pinky."We hope to provide you with a conducive environment where you can pursue what your heart desires, using logic and reasoning. Whether it's to grow epigenetically, open your own clinic to help patients, conduct research, teach, work in corporate jobs, engage in scientific writing, etc., or even continue with us for a lifetime."keeping good associations )

"A good doctor and human being is sincere, well-turned-out, intelligent, and continually strives to embody the wisdom and empathy that one endeavours to cultivate."learn from you and your experience feedback


I repeat "Let your work speak for itself."

"Excellent teamwork relies on seamless communication, mutual respect, and unwavering trust. "Wear scrubs and display a badge to identify the different stages of the internship, so patients can give informed consent." as you are a qualified professional Continuously learn and cultivate a healing touch, both through comforting words during consultations and gentle, skilled hands during treatments. It's imperative to provide patients with a steady, calm, and reassuring experience over time."

"Foreign doctors are welcome to observe during designated times. However, if they wish to treat private patients or those assigned to them, their general practice qualifications must be recognised by both DCI and KSDC."

Specialist included

Please note that this opportunity is open to all with a BDS, MDS, or PhD qualification. It allows for general practice outside of one's specialty or experience, with the aim of becoming a holistic doctor for patients: "Self-learning and self-mentorship are highly encouraged and supported after two years of medical school through the 'GP before GP' concept. This concept is introduced in the 'Oral Healthcare Awareness' book available at Based on your training, understanding, and Duty competence, this approach aids in helping patients identify potential stress and health concerns early on, allowing for timely referrals to medical GPs or specialists." as routinely for preventive care to visit,  "Ultimately, we are all human. Our emotional responses shape our lives. We and our loved ones must sometimes face the consequences of our actions, often on our own. Instead of making excuses, we should take responsibility, guided by our values and our fight or flight reflex. We must strive to be good." vision of personal and professional life goals. Dream Remember, all doctors, under the oath 'do no harm,' are committed to providing the best care. Thank you. "Always remember: your choice, your decision. Seek advice and guidance.

Cherish freedom. Value life. Make it count. Humility arises from recognizing how much one doesn't know. Form the best understanding of the truth; my humble opinion a problem doesn't necessarily equate to a diagnosis, and solutions vary in treatment procedures. Approach with an open mind, allowing the patient to choose and decide on treatment based on financial considerations and appropriateness. Then, with consent – whether verbal, written, or financial – proceed to assist. There's no need to convince them; let them convince themselves after you give them required information their right freedom to select their doctor or treatments as long as it's ethically in their best interest."have 2nd or 3rd opinion or trust u for life; & u maintain it

No deadline for application

**Meeting Deadlines**: Consistently meeting or beating deadlines demonstrates reliability and good time management. If you find an issue to solve contact us therefore no deadline **Taking Initiative**: Proactively addressing issues or seeking opportunities to add value can highlight one's drive and proactive mindset. In essence, while words provide insight into one's intentions, the tangible actions and outcomes in a work setting provide a more accurate reflection of an individual's capabilities and character. Currently, we have a vacancy for 1 exceptional intern: 2 pedodontists and 1 orthodontist. Those with their own patients are especially encouraged to apply, as we are a high-end practice with a few patient base. Join us and grow alongside our budding practice. If you're ready to take that leap of faith, we welcome you. After giving our utmost, we entrust everything else to the divine. For us, work is an act of worship, gift dignity of labor of our love for our loved ones.


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