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'For you': Love Brand Booking All Your Appointments: Assert your right or request for the dental privilege in our elite dental club with confidence and respect. We welcome peace-loving intentions for happiness only; aggression is not entertained here. We do not welcome doormats; not paying instead, we roll out the red carpet inside to spread more spirit of scientific evidence based facts for strong healthy smiles.

Step 1

We prefer face-to-face or voice consultations and will only contact you if necessary. Thank you! In case of emergencies, please visit the hospital nearby. For urgent matters during working hours, please call the flagship dental clinic helpline at +91-8884757388 We prefer that you schedule your appointment directly at our flagship clinic. You can choose your preferred time slot according to your convenience using the following link: []. Once you've selected your preferred time, our team will confirm the appointment based on availability. This allows for a seamless booking process that ensures your convenience or contact us via the dental affiliates' generated email 'HI Human intelligence' booking appointment system link as varied timings and doctors availability and your not automated.

Step 2:*

Please plan your visit according to availability. A booking amount of 1000INR is required for any consultation, with additional charges based on the time spent and the doctor consulted. If multiple appointments are needed, treatment solutions will be paid in full after online consultations with the booking amount deducted. 

Kindly note that no appointment will be given to affiliates without a snapshot of the following payment for adults:, and 1500INR for kids under 12 years:, valid for 2 months post-care and two online consultations. 

Furthermore, after the initial appointment, if any treatment solutions, direct follow-up appointments are by the treating doctor informing you and your problem to solve by being there as informed, including monthly Ortho additional consultation as stated professionally within reason for all treatments logically after completion and two months of post-care and two online consultations along with us or and your understanding with your doctor. 

You can pay on our website: Dental common services are the only ones listed, while others are entrusted to your treating doctor and management in the dental industry. Flagship clinic in Bengaluru or other dental clinic affiliates AI built and under construction as new technology don't be misguided check with HI to be  lead with details in the privacy policy of the different methods available to you and important to share the snapshot with us with the prescription or the clinic doctor in charge, and we will settle all accounts, including X-ray and consultation and treatment solutions as we keep improving. In the case of implants or any second opinion review after implant placement, please send the prescription, OPG X-ray, and warranty sticker if you wish for us to save your data with consent. As per medico-legal requirements, we save black and white digital or other records. It is your duty to provide payment oral consent and keep all prescriptions for any claims, including the D warranty prescription. It's important to be self-aware of the privilege offered and understand the receipt aspect. Ensure that every visit's updated history details are maintained. This is mandatory with no exceptions. Additionally, please contact us for a follow-up dental appointment or more within two months without charge. Our duty is outlined as follows: Your choice to make payment at the clinic or with us, if with the clinic, our responsibility only until booking the appointment. If payment for dental services and products, on our site then responsibility with us too, to assist you in your service as per our MoU on our site: as long as we can have a mutual, symbiotic, beneficial happy, healthy, lead wealthy plus shared, clear responsible relationship, lifelong we hope and pray as we keep a dental record 'For you'. Annual health checkups, diagnostics, pharmacy, and lab like dental products and more are exclusively available through our trusted network dentists to avoid any issues like AMR. You can access these services at ( Please understand the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) outlined on the first site link for more information.

For your reference, all information is available on the following main website including general payments and bookings and more info: 'For you', your love brand.

Remember to practice oral hygiene measures during the day (Dr. Dhruv) and at night (Namrata) to make it easy to remember the link. Remember always TEAMwork: Together Everyone Achieves Miracles (aka TEAM). Thank you.

Start with your contribution: Look after your health daily with a calm, embracing all the beautiful positive emotions, fostering a peaceful mind, and nurturing a happy heart with a smile. Don't forget your preventive care check-up at our spirit of dentistry soul body, especially for better oral health, at our servicing centers. Here, we HOPE you'll find better consultations and pray if needed or required, with chosen decision-making to give oral consent for better treatment solutions, contributing to love enhanced work-life intelligence and a BETTER WORLD 'For you'.


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