You enter, remember: no discounts, only value exchanged if you do a booking.

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PREVENTIVE DENTAL APP: APK FILE DOWNLOAD TO ANDROID, my dear patients. You, your choice to download and see if safe for usage with new Dental AI chat to answer your questions, locations, etc., about our affiliates for guidance. Lower right floating cloud: Let your imagination go wild and meet us on round one preventive care check-up and ground reality of what's happening. Say "ah!" and to book and pay

"In it: Dr. Santosh Diagnostics is now available in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, with so much more 'for you': family first, patients, team dentists, scientists, writers, investors, and everyone. Enter and be amazed." WE pray
Better UI/UX. "For you: Your feedback matters." Ease of download: Version shall be posted. Opening page: "I feel [it] has all the details you need to reach us. We hope [to see you] via the lower menu or AI Home."

Our new system: You can contact us for follow-up or any servicing, consultation, or treatment via call or our app. Pay as instructed and then proceed to visit us, fill your D warranty prescription each new visiting time. Be aware of the value it offers, save your case file for proof and claim; "Bring with you, if you wish, next time. We don't retrieve any files, as it wastes time. Very important, no exceptions outside legal RPID patients list informed already." Choose to get treatment solutions with post-care value of 2 months, or not; visit when you can or get it done and come back if you wish to take a preventive care package on leaving, with a loving commitment to mutually understanding we wish for your better healthcare service providing better health: For you. You can ask our affiliate doctors, when above 12 years, to give you the service recommended preventive care package oral hygiene tool kit or go as per your own customized need recommended by your trusted treating dentist or dental surgeon; all the same: It's a shared responsibility.

Value exchange or service not rendered unless life or death, which is not dental. Rather, an emergency tooth procedure like Ludwig Angina, or Heimlich maneuver forget dentist everyone needs to know should be addressed on the chair tomorrow or today, anytime anywhere. Be prepared; going to Mumbai next week for essential life dental emergency training (BLS). Won't you pay extra so your dentist is well trained educated, updated for you, and prepared in a dental emergency? Do you really truly understand how far that small, medium, or big cup like third wave coffee you drink gives 'For you the actual valued exchanged from RnR to RnD to all government paid taxes, jobs in the industry, product sales team innovation, scientists, and everything goes to give you that small filling? "You seriously feel you can ask for a refill for free? Do it there and then, not here." You know, the ridiculous amount I paid 5000Rs in UofL in the USA in 2008, and maybe that much now in India.' If you can't pay a word 1000Rs life changed value exchanged for your booking appointment or entry into the clinic outside the Legal RPID list (family, team, etc.), how are you going to pay for anything else? Without valuing the money invested by the organization for you and your problems, and the time spent by our treating doctor, come back when you can pay. Logical"Low-value dental college student; high-value private practice. No paid value tax-endowed government or philanthropy institutes." "Where's the question of discounts?" Not here: Present, In one of my scientific publications, I have stated, "To break the barriers of light and dark, there's God's love," which essentially equates time as the ultimate source of creation, stemming from the trinity of love, thought, and matter. If you don't respect your or others' valuable resource of time—the supreme creation of intelligence interconnecting everything—you will suffer. So, respect that dentist's time who serves 'for you' with love, interconnected faith, and belief in caring for you. When you book, respect other patients, and understand that the time valued exchanged is self respect your God given time is priceless, as I have learned from my experience. So trust me or learn the lesson with pain and suffering, as I did until light struck me. "You have to do it as per his time or suffer into nothingness, the ultimate combination of an artist and his paint on a truth of the tooth canvas, like we aesthetic born artist dentists, sailing away in the sunset of happiness with us visiting on his time set."

"My clinic, my choice, my decision: so is your freedom of private practice means our resources to be your valuable service provider. This is my stand, what I believe is right for your Pinky's, mine, and everyone's happiness: you have a choice, you pay or come back when you can pay. It's all about the solutions, service not money. Love is the biggest payment ever received in our family, given to us. Isn't it time to pay back? When you are the deciding treating doctor for your services rendered, who decided the value in exchange? Your treating doctor and management for taking overall responsibility for services rendered. So, what marketing gimmick of discount? Like a fruit seller, fish market, or clothes products shops, this is a professional dental service rendered, which is priceless of the most valuable resources - time given and giving for it, not only the time you sit on the dental chair." Therefore, let's move to "money makes money" interested from tie-up time invested together. "For you, dear patients becoming clients: Your clinic, your health, your solution. Educate others."

"We have a new category for patients who ask for discounts: we call them beggars,  "They also need to be respected for their valuable human life existence, like misunderstood, lost importance of education, and brought on the right path for happiness. Do your job; we do in the chair." "We are soft-hearted, compassionate dental surgeons, so help them understand, my dear patients. As they don't respect the dental doctors, other patients, or the team, or the dental industry's work." Let them work and come and pay what's due, last respects. Beggars because, like old Brahmins giving and seeking knowledge like alm seekers quenching their thirst for knowledge in humility, they need the light of education to enlighten them on their way to help them to know health is the number one priority. If you don't have it, you will give the doctor all your money for consultation or treatment solutions for the toothache or health problems. Ask anyone who has experienced it. Thank goodness: Dr. D hasn't in 41 years. I brush with colleagues doing routine checkups, educating, studying daily or whenever possible till today, and forever learning in my life journey. God knows if your educated ones don't tell the value. Who? We hope and pray you."
Thank you for mutually understanding, gaining no knowledge, education, or skills, to earn and look after themselves and each other. Next? Learn, earn, teach: Our team's code word for this patient category is oral health care awareness 
"counselling." Veena, Senior Dental Assistant, sends biannual reminders via WhatsApp and can be reached at Nandini, Dental Assistant, manages social media and email helpline inquiries. After being educated outside the clinic, patients re-enter to speak to the treating doctor and panel or affiliated doctors. If aesthetic treatment is required, Dr. Dhruv, trained by 3M, or other solutions or other Doctors, or network provide treatment solutions and consultations. Patients give oral consent to proceed with the provided solutions based on defined value exchange. That's called shared responsibility. 
This blog's site, "fenêtre," meaning "window" in French, is an opening for insight into dentistry, work-life balance, and more.
Next generation dentist: your deadline is over with the public for this club meeting "Heal all. Do your duty. Listen to your elders, loved ones. Understand, share fee with teachers. Learn, earn livelihood. Teach, do good with your art, life, and do no harm for honor eternally. Transgress, befall, avoid, or prevention better than cure is our Hippocratic Doctor's oathto my understanding: Growing in the right direction, sending in the right direction, where to heal and healing yourself and all: is the pure essence of the Sacred bond. Said for your license, renewals doctor's, so your consultation is none in our enterprise of convergence to collaborate with scientist doctors, all helping with their title.
"Now, only invitees, preventive care patients to clients, can attend or get tickets with Smile award winners."


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