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We have some important updates regarding your recent servicing at our dental centers:

As part of your paid service, you will receive an *Elite Dental Club ticket for June 29, 2024, issued after April 10th. Please RSVP for your annual visit and contact us for assistance or updates as needed. You can book via our helpline number +91-8884757388 based on availability, our website www.drdhruv.com/namrata, unlimited availability based on our servicing centers capacity email, or walk-in to any centers.

All patient consultations are confidential. Your special coded number, C RemaS26th March 2024, is valid for 12 months. 

Preventive care packages for 2024:

1. For adults, one visit with OPG costs Rs 1000.

2. For kids under 12, two visits are priced at Rs 1500.

3. Post-care is fully covered for 2 months, with basic coverage for 12 months ranging from 20% to 40% of the cost.

4. Your check-up and treatment solutions are valid for one year, with a two-year extended D warranty.

Please keep this prescription safe for any claims. 

Payment options:

1) As advised by the treating doctor or conveyed by the dental assistant.

2) Click [here](www.drdhruv.com/namrata) for premium and expensive dental solutions.

3) Annual updates of dental service marketplace only after consultation payment on July 21st: (https://namrata-suri.com) for Flagship clinic in Indiranagar Bengaluru

4) AI tools guidance: www.namratashahid.com for all affiliates and payments services marketplace

Wishing you a happy and healthier world.

Note: We continuously update our services based on feedback and learning.

For your reference, all information is available on www.drdhruv.com/namrata.

Remember to practice oral hygiene measures during the day and at night.


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