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Title: "I'm trying these tips to earn well – see if it works 'for you': do share yours."


Subtitle: www.NamrataDhruv.love Brand: How to Earn? 

2 Earn: CLIENTS, PATIENTS, Everyone as One. SELF Contributing.




THEN, YOUR FEE FOR PROBLEM SOLVED CONSISTENTLY OR CROSS REFERRAL: see our cross referral method: collaboration based: shared responsibility https://namratadhruv.love/visiting-clinic-book

TEAM BUILDING: Thank you Receipt equals (ART: Attract Patients, hook and Retain patients. Treatment solutions by only better work consistently delivered - Any seen unnecessary expenses and get our your clinic together hopefully and other industries with a Smile going long term. No shortcuts, hopeful to live and work together always).

10 Step Way Forward

To earn easily as a doctor, consider the following steps in detail:

based on experience

1. Ethical Practice:

   - Always prioritize ethical practices in your profession. This builds trust and credibility with your patients and colleagues.

2. Continuous Learning:

   - Stay updated with the latest advancements in your field. Continuous learning enhances your skills and keeps you at the forefront of medical dental knowledge.

3. Associate with the Right People:

   - Build professional relationships with like-minded individuals who share your loving commitment to ethical practices. Collaborate with those who can offer mutual benefits and support: skills, immense knowledge & problems solutions mutually building your's to offer in priceless association value

4. Avoid Crab Mentality:

   - Steer clear of a crab-like mentality where professionals pull each other down. Foster a positive and collaborative environment for collective growth.

5. Take Action Strategically:

   - Implement your plans in the right direction with a clear vision. Taking strategic actions ensures you're moving towards your goals effectively.

6. Focus on Patient/Client Needs (3C):

   - Provide patients or clients with Confidence, Consultation, and Comfort. This approach contributes to a better work-life balance and results in good time convenience, making it the 4C.

7. Understand Brand Value:

   - Recognize the importance of your brand. Patients or clients who don't value your service should be dealt with diplomatically. Associate only with those who appreciate your worth. Everyone affiliated, maybe if eligible, have the love brand association with us accession into our core team of suppliers and unique system of dentistry. This is in the hope of bringing happiness to you, your patients, clients, and everyone, including your family, with new treatment solutions, consultations, along with supplementary doctors treating and adding income into your kitty.

8. Encourage, Educate, Enlighten (3E):

   - Foster positive relationships with patients or clients. Encourage them, educate them about their health, and enlighten them on the value of your services. This creates a strong and loyal association.

9. Fair Exchange or More:

   - Associate only with individuals who offer a fair exchange for your services or even more if they perceive added value. This ensures a mutually beneficial relationship.

10. Happiness and Growth (6E):

    - Aim for the 6E: Ethical practices, Education, Encouragement, Enlightenment, Exchange, and eventually, Enjoyment. This not only benefits your patients or clients but also contributes to your own happiness and professional growth.

Ending Message: In conclusion, by following these principles, doctors can create a positive and sustainable practice that benefits both themselves and their patients or clients with the gift of better health. Hopefully, this contributes to creating a better world for you and others through increased Oral healthcare awareness and, most importantly, action.


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