The Golden Age The Enlightened way


"Echoes of Time: From 2007 to COVID-19 – A Journey of Listening and Learning"


"Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens – Explore the Vast Universe, Delve Inside You, Observe the World Around You, and Listen on in 2021: Navigating from the Post-COVID Era to the Golden Age"



"Light to Document Inside Me: Shared and Signed on 29th June 2023"

Founders Day Why?


Now you know.

End Message: "No more words of knowledge. Hope you and everyone listens; that's the only way for a two-way communication. Bye and bye, and thank you till next time."

Scientific note in an enlightened way: 'Stop cancer for society and body by fostering better positive attitude communication skills and promoting oral healthcare aware. Avoid breaking your back with hardworking nature; instead, embrace smart work, carrying out your duty with a smile and without pride.'

Waiting is not a Drag,
Its Just the Way Time Lags,
How it is used is up to you and me,
For what we see,
Is only Reality through which we,
Break Free,
To be Free and Fly Far away,
To take Step by Step into Yesterday,
But Yesterday is not where to be,
Neither is tomorrow the place to be,
What is most important,
Is Destiny,
That is create Now by you and me,
For all that matters is Love and Harmony,
So Actually there is no waiting,
Because you see,
Love and Harmony is here to Be,
And Here to be,
Is Love and Harmony which is today we see.

Original by me not ChatGPT: not mindless mindful

As the final message, we wish to convey is a three-way communication of love from two involved and the third observer's observations. Grow into the Elite Dental Club with different thinking, love-minded individuals' contributions, convergence, and collaborative efforts. So, you join with your consent and your potential, transform like water, helping flowers bloom – like your mother and father's love, the first you feel and listen to in life, and then yourself with curiosity. Don't keep sucking your thumb with oral satisfaction beyond a certain age; feel that love teaching you self-love.

The tongue, the largest organ in the mouth, is treated with care in treatment solutions, controlled, and managed in retraction to avoid injury. Do the same in life and speak from a loving point of view, as it's a directional connection of blood and nerves to the heart-mind connection – well-blooded, so others see your value. Then, non-verbal clues of action following through become the window to your mind. Speak the truth without hurting feelings, not lies, or you will eventually get confused. Be compassionate to yourself, heart and mind, BP, and your others. Self-respect and dignity maintained. Self-learn that the tooth, if not taken care of and taken for granted, will eventually disappear from you in life. Don't be a rotten apple causing decay in others.

Self-confidence is understanding self and the truth that there are no laws of physics, just an understanding. My dear Newton, the apple doesn't fall down; it actually goes up, away from space with gravity (G=Fma), as we are part of the space-time continuum, which is sometimes not valid in space unless an object, hole, gas, or anything acts on it.

Disclaimer: These are my own personal views of observational understanding, while only peer-reviewed articles, like in our TRUTH journal, are valid.

 Final Note: The Golden ERA is in your mouth and Action Emotions. Energy at its best is Mother's love, a sentiment universally felt. "Dedicated to Mom: 'For you,' proud of you forever and always. Txu."

Acknowledgements: "By a Smile, By Us: brand
From the active company Dr. Dhruv Dental Care
Elite Dental Club"


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