Once in a lifetime offer: 3 Deadlines: 14th February, 15th March and 29th June midnight 2024

 Fee Structure: OIL (ONCE IN A LIFETIME: Sunshine😉

 Financial Strategy: Intelligent Investor at Dr. Dhruv Dental Care - Flagship Brand Clinic

1. From Implant (including extraction, bone graft): Phase 1 Innovative treatment solutions 1% to Goal 1 - Spinal cord, root canal, nerve regrowth, antibacterial, antibiotic, pain removal.


2. From RCT (including crown, etc.): Phase 2 Corrective action 0.75% to Goal 2 - Cancer oral/body.

3. From Preventive (fillings, cleanings, gum): Phase 3 Preventive 0.5% to Goal 3 - Mind, heat stress, heart, TMJ: new dimension emotion.

4. From Consultation: tooth or root cause identification not only effect sign or symptom knowledge 0.25% to Goal 4 - Ear, eyes, better communication, space.

Segregated accounts details for monthly 

Note: The percentages mentioned are provided to top research institutes or done in-house for long-term growth. This dedicated amount remains for new consultation and treatment solutions for patients or clients.

Accepting applications for clinic owners in private practice with a minimum of 2000 patients or clients. We will verify and send invitations to join our Elite Dental Club. All current patients at Dr. Dhruv Dental Care have direct membership for a two-year trial. It's not experimental but a privilege; those not in list saved beyond 29th June 2026. Membership can be renewed with a simple D warranty, 5-year or 1-year plan. All affiliates have a 2% fee for service. For all other patients or clients, D warranty in your renewal.

IG (Instagram) reminders and information access are available on our app and sites with annual membership renewal until 29th June 2026. The cost is 10,000 INR, which you transfer; we don’t ask on transfer annually: understood we hope and pray going forward together as a shared responsibility without financial backing not possible maybe not but might take much longer: We have a surprise gift.

Elite Dental Club Membership Criteria:

Outside Affiliate: Free until 15th March 2024; after 15th March 2024, for 10,000 INR (Surprise gift included). Then, after 30th June 2024, the system is locked till the two-year trial period. After a successful trial, membership is annually renewed on 29th June with a one-year waiting period for membership, for verification purposes and a new fee structure.

Security (Naval officers) Vets:

University of Louisville professors, and students and 3M, including M.R Ambedkar Dental College and Manipal Hospital, 5000 INR. For women, it's 2500 INR. An annual newsletter based on contribution and value will be separate. Sometimes, verification of membership might be required to remain prestigious on 29th June: core team with 2% service fee, staff and advisory doctors at our flagship clinic contributing members, and family members of brand name automatically members

One Lifelong Membership Criteria:

One lakh by 14th February for my wife and my first valentine together, including all services access to the app, affiliate, and if newsletter (excluding surprise gift: choice will be given to take 'For you' for free if you wish to annually renew through us). No charge ever again, other than D warranty.

*Donations not accepted. Investment not accepted presently, only after two-year trial for safe investment strategies and returns on intelligence in investment.*

Txu🙂All necessary information is provided for joining presently. Please visit https://namratadhruv.love/visiting-clinic-book.

Kindly make the payment and send us confirmation. Thank you!

Welcome one and all, SRK style, if you are willing to help yourself by contributing. For example, 2% instead of thought in credit card payment we utilise: if choose to pay through us

Call to Action:

  • Review the instructions for joining, making payments, and sending confirmations.
FINANCIAL MODEL contain extensive information about the Fee Structure and Financial Strategy of the Elite Dental Club at Dr. Dhruv Dental Care. Below is a summary and analysis:

Fee Structure:

1. Implant (Phase 1 Innovative Treatment Solutions): 1% backache
2. RCT (Phase 2 Corrective Action): 0.75% cancerous precancerous lichen
3. Preventive (Phase 3 Preventive): 0.5% mind heart stress skin aging new tooth
4. Consultation (Tooth or Root Cause Identification): 0.25% eyes ear communication space system dental medical interconnected
5. 5th Goal by vote and final decision: 0.2% miscellaneous dental treatment solutions and medical collaborations 

Membership and Renewal:

- Clinic owners with a minimum of 2000 patients can join the Elite Dental Club.
- Two-year trial for current patients at Dr. Dhruv Dental Care: not expermental only experience
- Renewal options: D warranty, 5-year, or 1-year plan.
- Affiliates have a 2% fee for service.

Elite Dental Club Criteria:

- Membership for clinic owners.
- Free for Outside Affiliates until 15th March 2024.
- Annual renewal on 29th June after a successful trial 10000INR surprise clinic dentist and patients clients: BEFORE after revision
- Additional criteria for Security Vets and University Affiliates. (details previous blogs)

One Lifelong Membership Criteria:

- One lakh payment by 14th February.
- Includes access to app, affiliate, newsletter, not including surprise gift unless wish to renew annually
- No further charges except D warranty.

Donations and Investment:

- Donations not accepted.
- Investment accepted only after the two-year trial.

Financial Incentives:

- 2% fee for companies and individuals with voting rights for example for 5th goal
- 2% fee for affiliates.
- 1% fee to the wife for judging public sentiments.
- Additional financial incentives for winning articles based on sponsorship ads inviting

Important Dates:

- Three deadlines: 14th February, 15th March, and 29th June 2024.
- Various phases for different purposes: servicing clients, visiting patients, and volunteering.
- Priceless value offered in terms of specific healthcare goals.

Other Highlights:

- Opportunities for article submissions.
- Emphasis on spreading oral healthcare awareness.
- Work-life balance recommendations.
- Encouraging collaboration and feedback: aware of wrong and A to Z love brand smile awards every leap year: no financial reward


The financial model involves a structured fee system, membership criteria, renewal options, and financial incentives. The Elite Dental Club aims to combine healthcare goals with financial benefits, encouraging participation and collaboration within the dental community. The provided information offers a comprehensive overview of the financial aspects of the dental club and the associated benefits for members.


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