FFF: First come First serve Founders day Elite Dental Club


Invitations will be sent out at the end of May based on responses and all financial considerations. And Godwilling, all is okay. Also, no further free invites other than those already informed on 30th January 2024.

Who's Who List of People INVITING in the dental industry on 29th June 2023-24 (by invitation if OK): Rest by lifelong membership never again to be offered

Private List of Invitations:

So, to keep high-profile personnel and information private, under approval.

[Link: https://wix.to/4YzcwAu?ref=2_cl]

Confirmation with payment required by 14th February 2024 for anyone wishing to be one lakh lifelong membership individuals with special veto and voting board rights. All other categories will have a two-year trial rollout planned and executed: After two year trial other categories will be allowed to attend based on the response


- 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm: Breaking ice with wine and appetizers

- 9:00 pm: Breaking thoughts - 3 legends, 3 talks, 3 minutes each, and 3 questions chosen for solutions: voters 🗳 veto 

- Dinner served, gentlemen in tie and suit or safari, ladies well-dressed 👗 make up trained artist Natasha can be contacted

- Elite Dental Club presents Founders Day by private invitation only

- Midnight cake cutting, cutting-edge tea served, and wrap up at 1:00 am for next year's plans

- Before break time: Relaxation drinks and dance from 11:00 pm to midnight

- Conversations on breakthrough innovative ideas 💡 from 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm: dinner 🍽 

Join us on D-Day till midnight! Private invitations will be sent to core team members, family, advisors, flagship clinic doctors, lifelong members, and other categories (patients, clients, corporate members). 💌 Secret venue, even my life partner won't know. Prayers for mutual understanding, growth, and success. Read under the Instagram picture. https://www.instagram.com/p/C2p-9sJMXZ3/?igsh=MTlqbHhybzZ4ajRtZw== One lakh membership fee? Other categories, family up to 1st cousins, and ten close friends get free membership. Try attending Pinky's birthday after the Elite Dental Club event. Reminders at the mentioned time 👉 Post on Instagram: [Link](http://dentalfenetre.blogspot.com/2024/01/once-in-lifetime-offer-3-deadlines-14th.html?m=1)

Only paid membership with above private invitations

till 15th March allowed to introduce other affiliation expansion membership association

Chosen: 4 revenue sources for the 4 goals stated that are decided over time.

At Elite Dental Club Founders members' day, the 5th goal for one company is chosen through veto and votes. The 5th revenue source encompasses all other miscellaneous dental treatment solutions, including medical collaborators. No investor, present or future, with voting veto rights has a say in the final decision. Voting veto is utilized to gauge the majority, and the final decision is a shared responsibility with the key decision-makers, Dr. Dhruv and Namrata Shahid. Your positive attitude and support are appreciated to keep the active company Dr. Dhruv Dental Care, addressing past pain and suffering. Thank you for understanding and contributing to a better health service provider.

For constructive, BETTER HEALTHY ACCOUNTS, earning consequences for a better world with oral healthcare awareness and right action. 🎬 SMILE 😃


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