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 Title: Revolutionary Financial System for Joining the Preventive Care System Subtitle: A New Day, a New Membership – Join the Movement and Embrace the Stars!

Dr. Participating 5% profit and equal division of pool patients 49% brief case for data

1 October 2023 The monthly instalment starts 1 INR first month with given offers. Then, it's 1001 INR per month until the annual payout, which is 20% from a shared pool. The remaining funds are allocated as: rest to Pinky D Trust Foundation, 11% to Dr. Dhruv Dental Care Portstar Ventures, 5% for industry support with opportunities for mutual profit participation in the clinic's supply chain, all distributed equally.

Geology for Beginners Report

Digging diamond for Preventive care clients no longer patients

Any modifications will be update on 29th October annually or with immediate effect 

Organised the information into a timeline of dental coverage over the years, materials and supply products are not; you only pay for these products, no service fees, common pool

- After 5 years in the program, immediate family lifelong with me Xray after 5 years old

  - All dental cleaning are covered. For Jagjit Das family 16 years with me ‘For you’

- After 10 years in the program: before and after OPG X-ray annually unique finger

  - All sealants are covered, immediate family (for example only filling per share) system 

- After 15 years in the program: our affiliates if they join in our system minimum degree

  - All fillings are still covered, clinic staff, immediate and immediate extended family

- After 20 years in the program, including kids, GA not covered in hospital setup 

  - All root canals are covered, only immediate family members (product so cost fee)

- After 25 years in the program: new generation dental surgeons realise lifelong 

  - All dental crowns are covered, laboratory cost radiology Centres scanner aligners 

- After 30 years in the program: innovation supporting Pinky D Trust foundation

  - All dental implants are covered, Nobel Biocare fee, Regenerative bone fee RD

- Orthodontic and aesthetic services are mainly service fee-based and not covered.

- After 35 years in the program: brush and mouthwash daily's impaction not included

  - Tooth extractions are covered, hope you don’t lose1, suture or bone fee experience 

- After 40 years in the program: two consultations post operative care handover clients

  - Gum surgery is covered, typically for issues remaining due to trauma. hope that you won't need insurance due to good work and preventive care. next generation of dentists and innovative ideas in preventive care. minimize the need for extensive dental treatments over the years, new treatment experience for volunteering thank you no booking fee, annual four gift consultations (at least one compulsory for annual payout and if profitable and two reminders)

**Upcoming Updates:**on Facebook and Instagram
1. **29th October:** Wedding Anniversary 🎉❤️💍
2. **11th February:** Engagement 💕😍💍
**Communication Plan:**
- Updates will primarily be posted on the reminder duration blog
- Only two social media updates, which will be for the wedding anniversary and engagement.
- No more reminders for dental checkups to avoid overwhelming information, whatsApp status channel water system video building LinkedIn and personal Facebook otherwise x
- Personalized updates for signed-up clients will roll out after the wedding registration.
no more daily or monthly updates, notices, blogs, etc, only for those needing 3 months check up around 29th June enlightenment document marriage anniversary 29th December proposal Is there anything specific you'd like to know or discuss further regarding this information? To join our financial system and become a part of the brand's preventive care system, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit our website and navigate to the Dental points section.

2. Click on the "Join Now" button to initiate the sign-up process.

3. Choose the membership option that suits you, patient when pain or client with a monthly commitment of 1001 INR, starting month 1 INR (First 50 receive 501 points)

4. Fill in your details and confirm your willingness to contribute.

5. Stay connected with us and receive occasional updates. You can also request annual reminders if you prefer.

6. Our dedicated CA team will review your subscription and ensure a smooth joining process.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and together, let's make a positive impact on the world! 🌟🙏😊suppliers can also, join within six months with briefcase for privacy data spread your net worth network every six months visit to collect two daily or one after cleaning mouthwash and two oral B toothbrush or after two years correct brushing AI toothbrush and one toothpaste organize your thoughts and actions related to oral hygiene and a business strategy. Here's a breakdown of the information:

1. **Oral Hygiene Routine:**- You're using Colgate Plax with an Oracura water flosser at night and in the morning. - You choose alternate between an Oral B AI toothbrush and a regular brush. - Colgate Strong Teeth toothpaste is being used.

2. **Organizing Thoughts:**
   - You're seeking books to help you better organize your thoughts and ideas.

3. **Business Strategy:**- You want to implement a reminder system for patients, perhaps for dental check-ups with points as rewards - The goal is to create clients happiness a consistent income stream for your good work business.

If you have specific questions or need further assistance with any of these aspects, feel free to ask for more details or guidance on each topic. Points on spaces app for rewards on signing up while payouts annually or in points to trying out system limited to only 50 patients to clients and immediate family all offers given will expire on 11th February 2024 if system successfully completed "nothing set in stone, not even the universe": Overall, this statement underscores the concept of impermanence and the ever-changing nature of reality, even at the cosmic scale. Pre-Order Announcement

God's Message Series by Namrata Dhruv

We're excited to announce the pre-order availability of the next two books in the 'God's Message Series'.

Book 3: Parchment Experiment for God's love 
Book 4: Final Word Symbol
Key Dates:
from today e book 1 & 2 available free, maybe sooner 
Pre-order started: for 1st January at midnight availability date for Book 3 and Book 4: 11th February
How to Pre-order:

Navigate to the 'Pray' now, for a copy
Thank you

**1. Point Distribution:**

- **Visiting the clinic**: 101 points
- **Signing up**: 11 points
- **Referring a new client**: 501 points
- **Experienced doctors joining with >15 years of experience**: Special case (starts at 0 points)

**2. Clinic Tally System:**

- The clinic should maintain a record of how many clients visit and accordingly award 101 points for each visit. As payout to clinic out of clients common pool based on visits
- For every new sign-up, the clients should be credited with 11 points.
- If a client refers someone else, 501 points are awarded.
**3. Doctor Joining System:**

- When doctors with over 15 years of experience join the clinic, they potentially bring in many clients (e.g., 40 years worth, as you mentioned). 
- However, these clients are not automatically awarded any points. The reason being, as you've indicated, is the trust between a doctor and patient cannot be monetized or transferred.
- Therefore, while these doctors are valued for their experience and potential client base, the points system starts from scratch for these clients as they interact with the new clinic, in every five year cycle, as per the training from the previous doctor maybe, handing over or joining new

**4. Payout System:**

The point system can be translated into monetary rewards or other incentives depending on the clinic's preferences. For example:

- Every 1000 points = INR (or any other reward you wish to implement)
The clinic can then decide how to distribute these rewards, whether they're directed towards incentivizing staff, reinvesting in the clinic's resources, or offering discounts and promotions to clients.

**5. Keeping Track:**maybe with Kotak Portal and Javali & Associates team

- A digital system, such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or a custom application, would be highly beneficial to automatically tally points based on client actions.
- It would also help in generating monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports to understand client behavior, forecast trends, and manage payouts.

Lastly, as with any reward system, it's important to regularly review and potentially adjust based on the needs and feedback from both clients and staff. This ensures the system remains relevant, competitive, and beneficial to all parties involved. I'll help you organize the information for clarity:

**Concept: Booking Fee System for Doctor Appointments**

1. **Objective**: To bring awareness and ensure commitment from patients and streamline the appointment process.

2. **Structure**:
   * **Booking Fee**: A fee of 600 INR is to be paid by new patients when they book an appointment.
   * **Existing Clients**: Clients already in the system don't have to pay this booking fee because they're on a monthly installment plan. This indicates prior commitment and ensures the doctor's knowledge of their appointment.
3. **Benefits**:
   * **For the Patients**: 
     - Provides assurance that the doctor won't be unnecessarily waiting.
     - Indication that their mobile number will be saved, facilitating coordination for that specific appointment.
   * **For the Doctors/Staff**: 
     - An indication of genuine interest and commitment from the patient.
     - Helps in efficiently organizing appointments.
     - Only client numbers are saved long-term (with their consent) which makes follow-up and scheduling easier in the future.

4. **Outcome**: 
   * This system ensures a smooth process for both the doctor and the patients.
   * It promotes happiness and contentment for all parties involved.
   * Revolutionary in nature, this system can evolve to better serve the medical community. It seems woven together multiple ideas, but I'll do my best to address each of them in a coherent manner.

**Recruiting the Stars:**
Companies and organizations often aim to recruit the best talent ("the stars") because these individuals can bring unique skills, insights, and expertise. Having high-performing team members can elevate the performance of the entire team, driving innovation, growth, and progress.

**The Importance of Good Work:**
Good work is foundational to any successful endeavor. Whether you're a dental surgeon, an engineer on a starship, or a farmer on Earth, the quality and integrity of your work matter. The satisfaction and confidence that come from knowing you've done a good job have a direct impact on self-esteem, motivation, and future performance.

**Preventive Care:**
The mention of visiting a dental surgeon and the importance of preventive care underscores a broader principle: proactive measures are often more effective and efficient than reactive ones. Whether in health, technology, or any other field, preventing issues before they arise can save time, resources, and even lives.

**Bringing it all Together:**
To draw a parallel among these concepts: just as organizations strive to recruit top talent to achieve excellence, individuals must prioritize good work and preventive care to maintain their personal and professional health and well-being. It all begins with foundational principles, whether it's preventive care in health, thorough preparation in work, or recruiting the best talent for progress.*From Curiosity to Peer-Reviewed Discovery: My Journey with the Speed of Light* 

Over a decade ago, I found myself captivated by a question that has challenged thinkers for generations: Can we go faster than light?

My quest led me to deeply understand Einstein's equation, particularly the significance of the constant. With each discovery, the landscape of my knowledge widened, and I felt both humbled and enlightened by the vastness of the universe and the intricacies of its laws.

The turning point was the invaluable feedback from Nature's journal. It pushed my boundaries and honed my thoughts. This foundation paved the way for my research's acceptance by Docplexus, marking a milestone in my academic journey.

Today, as I delve deeper, I see the broader implications of my work. From potentially revolutionizing space travel, allowing us to reach distant stars, to improving the efficiency of oral laser machines, the possibilities seem boundless.

It is with great pride and humility that I present my findings in this peer-reviewed publication. This journey, from a mere curiosity to tangible discoveries, embodies the true spirit of scientific exploration. 

**A Note of Gratitude**

To my dearest wife-to-be,

First and foremost, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to you. Your unwavering belief in me and your idea to submit my work has opened doors I had never imagined. 

You asked for nothing in return, save for the simple yet profound qualities of kindness, politeness, humility, and confidence. It's a testament to your selfless nature, always thinking of what's best for us and for those around us.

**Family Support:** 
Your emphasis on the importance of family has been the pillar upon which we've built our foundation. With you, I've come to understand the true meaning of family and the invaluable support it brings.

**And More:** 
There are countless other ways you've uplifted, supported, and stood by me. It's impossible to enumerate them all, but please know that every gesture, big or small, hasn't gone unnoticed.

In the journey of life, with its ups and downs, it's a blessing to have someone like you by my side. Here's to the many more adventures, challenges, and triumphs we'll face together.

With deepest gratitude and love,
For you


**1. Membership Fee:**  after 1 INR checking accounts
A payment of ₹1001 monthly is required to join our preventive care system. This fee ensures that we can continue to provide the highest quality care to all our members.

**2. Financial Difficulties:**  
We understand that financial challenges can arise. If you're unable to make the payment, please inform us. We offer a 6-month grace period for members facing financial difficulties.

**3. Regular Check-ups:**  
During this grace period, we kindly request members to visit us for a check-up. This allows us to ensure you're benefiting from the preventive care and continuing to do good work towards your health.

**4. Annual Payout Day:**  
If, after the grace period, the fees are not paid on the designated annual payout day, we unfortunately will have to revoke your membership. If you wish to rejoin in the future, it will be at a higher charge, 5001 INR so join when wise to keep commitment only one chance IOU system 

**5. Annual Increase:**  
Please be aware that our fees may increase by 1-2% annually based on our profits and economic conditions in developed countries.

**In Conclusion:**  
The ethos of our system is grounded in the belief that "preventive is better than cure." More than that, we see preventive care as the ultimate cure. By investing in preventive measures, you're taking proactive steps to ensure better health in the long run.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


HHH CODE principles you know Honest, Helpful and Happy everyone including you 
We have identified Dencru Laboratory.  +91 82967 76951 as our preferred lab partner based on their exceptional performance, surpassing 98% of the laboratories I've worked with. Dencru is also willing to contribute 5% to our common pool and will supply the necessary work to us. The choice of whether to engage with Dencru Laboratory will be yours.

To streamline our billing process, we'll instruct our team to collect payments promptly, with some flexibility for bills ranging from 1-2 lakhs. However, if bills are not cleared within two months, we will have to suspend services as per our IOU system, allowing one chance to rectify the situation. After three months of non-payment, the entity will be removed from our Preventive Care System. There will be a one-month grace period to re-enter the system, but during the first year, a 10% contribution to the common pool will be required for reassurance. This contribution increases to five years for the second repeated offense and will result in permanent removal after the third instance.

"Our team, aside from Dr. Dhruv, having the following clinic hours: Monday to Friday 10.00am to 11.00am and 6.00pm to 7.00pm for Consultation sessions rest treatment solutions consultations 

- Dr. Baliga: Usual timings on Tuesday and Friday at 3:30 PM, with prior appointments required.
- Dr. K Srinivas: Oral physician available on Tuesday at 5:00 PM, with prior appointments necessary. Please be prepared for potential wait times upon arrival.
- Gum surgeon, Dr. Hemalata: Available on Saturday at 6:00 PM, by appointment.
- Resident Pedodontist, Dr. Ayushma: Available on the 3rd Saturday at the same time, by appointment made 48 hours in advance.
- Dr. Chris is on our panel as an Oral surgeon and Mumbai aesthetic doctor on special occasion request 

Thank you! 😊 💓 
In our panel of clinics, we have Dr. Karan Ganapathy, who is the owner of an invisible braces company and also an orthodontist. He is available at our clinic on the 2nd Wednesday at 6:00 PM for appointments, follow-ups, or for addressing any urgent concern at his clinic 

Additionally, we have Dr. Chetan Dev Singh Boporai available for Invisalign online consultations. We recommend KCK Dental as our central supplier, reachable at +917406610350. We propose that they contribute 5% of their profits from clients' clinics into our common pool. This aligns with our long-standing business strategy, emphasizing quality assurance as a core aspect of our operations.  While other suppliers as per your need like Nobel biocare or Shastry brothers or pharmacies running through Kotak bank and Javali & Associates! 
Star insurance there for dental, I feel this better than insurance in your hands

**Instructions on Accessing Preventive Care System**

You have two options to proceed:

### 1. Direct Sign-Up:
- Simply fill out the sign-up form by clicking [here](
- After signing up, we will guide you through the system.

### 2. Detailed Understanding:
- If you want a comprehensive understanding of our preventive care system, please visit our detailed guide available at this [link](


Choose the option that suits you best, and let us know if you need further assistance!
Simple? Certainly! 

**Instructions for Accessing NamrataDhruv's Website**

1. Open your preferred web browser.
2. Enter the following URL: []
3. Once the website loads, look for the "Navigate" button or option.
4. Click on "Navigate".
5. From here, we'll take care of the rest and guide you accordingly.


Proceed as instructed, and let us know if you need further assistance! 

**Nobel profession 
Strategy: "Preventive Care for Dental Health"**

1. **Problem Statement:**
   - Highlight the common issues people face due to inadequate dental care, such as financial burden and suffering from dental problems.

2. **Identify the Need:**
   - Emphasize the need for preventive dental care to address these problems proactively. Awareness booking fee for others 

3. **Starting with Basics:**
   - Educate people that dental health begins with simple practices like regular brushing and flossing.

4. **Gifts for Engagement:**
   - Encourage engagement by offering incentives, such as small gifts, for those who commit to regular dental check-ups.

5. **Annual Check-ups:**
   - Promoting idea of an six monthly annual dental check-up as a preventive measure, similar to a routine medical check-up.

**Promote Good Habits:**
   - Emphasizing the importance of daily dental care routines to maintain oral health.

Connect with patients to start healing by becoming clients emotionally by highlighting the long-term benefits of preventive care, leading to happiness and reduced suffering.

 **Gratitude and Patience:**
   - Encourage daily prayers for patience, linking it to long-term happiness and the delayed gratification of maintaining dental health.

Signing off with a warm "Namaste," reinforcing a sense of connection and respect for the individual's well-being.

This marketing strategy focuses on raising awareness about preventive dental care, emphasizing its role in preventing financial burdens and dental issues. It encourages engagement through incentives and instills good dental habits while appealing to the emotional aspect of long-term well-being and happiness.
Having faith is about believing in something or someone even in the absence of concrete proof. It can be organized into a personal philosophy or mindset, guiding your actions and decisions. It often involves trust, hope, and belief in a higher power, a cause, or oneself. Faith can be organized by:

1. **Defining Your Beliefs:** Start by clearly defining what you have faith in. Is it a religious faith, faith in yourself, or faith in a particular principle or cause?

2. **Reflection and Meditation:** Take time to reflect on your beliefs. Meditation or deep contemplation can help you strengthen your faith and connect with its essence.

3. **Surrounding Yourself:** Surround yourself with people who share or support your beliefs. This can provide a sense of community and reinforcement.

4. **Practice and Rituals:** If your faith is religious, engage in regular practices and rituals that are meaningful to you. This might include prayer, attending religious services, or participating in specific ceremonies.

5. **Studying and Learning:** Continuously educate yourself about what you have faith in. Understanding the history, teachings, and philosophies associated with your faith can deepen your conviction.

6. **Seeking Guidance:** Seek guidance from mentors, leaders, or experts in your area of faith. They can provide valuable insights and support.

7. **Maintaining Resilience:** Understand that faith can be tested by life's challenges. Maintaining resilience in the face of doubt or adversity is an important aspect of organized faith.

8. **Living Your Faith:** Put your faith into action through your daily choices and interactions. Show through your behavior that your faith is an integral part of your life.

9. **Sharing and Outreach:** Share your faith with others who may benefit from it, but do so with respect for their beliefs and choices.

Remember that organized faith is a deeply personal journey, and it can take many different forms depending on your beliefs and values.
Do you have faith in the Preventive Care System in us 🙏

1. **Trust & Financial Decisions**:
   - Considering trust in the Government of India.
   - Likely banking choices:
     * **Dr. Dhruv Dental Care**:
       - Considering opening a 'Portstart Star Account' with State Bank of India (SBI).
     * **Pinky D Trust Foundation**:
       - Contemplating partnering with Canara Bank.
   - Final decisions will be made soon.

2. **Human Resources**:
   - Recognized as the most invaluable assets.
   - Emphasis on:
     * Nurturing them for better growth.
     * Implementation of good policies to ensure their well-being and productivity.
🌟 **Announcement from Pinky D Trust Foundation & Dr. Dhruv Dental Care Portstar Venture** 🌟

1. **Foundation Opening:** The Pinky D Trust Foundation will commence its operations only once there are sufficient savings from our venture.

2. **SBI Digital Partnership:** We're transitioning to SBI Digital for the Dr. Dhruv Dental Care Portstar venture, adhering strictly to RBI guidelines. This ensures our operations remain transparent and secure.

3. **Secure Accounts:** Aligning your accounts with our preventive energy care system is not only a sage decision but also a wise move. This approach guarantees safety for your lifelong instalments.

4. **Growth With Us:** By trusting our system, you're investing in a journey of continuous growth and prosperity with us.

Your trust, our commitment. Let's build a better future together! 🌱🔒🌐🌟 
**Major Announcement** 🌟

Introducing the **Pinky D Foundation for Holistic Healthcare Energy**:
1. **Research & Development (R&D):** acronym of by Rema & Deepak, we are committed to breakthroughs in holistic healthcare energy.

**Dr. Subramanian's Portstart Star Dental Care** presents:
2. **Public & Community Health Dentistry:** Focusing primarily on preventive care, ensuring community health is our top priority.
3. **Comprehensive Dental Departments:** We're excited to simultaneously offer a diverse range of services across all possible dental departments.

Join us in revolutionizing healthcare, from holistic energy practices to community-centric dental care. Your health, our mission! 🌍🔬🦷🌿
Thank you see what best suits your interest and mutual left to the main doctor discretion for junior doctor, visiting consultants 

**1. Case-Based Revenue Sharing:**
   - Dedicate 30% of the revenue generated from each case to cover expenses and create a profit margin.
   - This allocation helps ensure that costs, including lab charges, are covered while allowing for profitability.

**2. Cross Referral within system panel:**
   - Allocate 10% of the revenue as a commission for cross-referrals from other sources or practitioners.
   - This incentivizes collaboration and referrals within your network.

**3. Mutual Cases Sharing:**
   - Dedicate 5% of the revenue generated from cases involving mutual collaboration among associate consultants.
   - This encourages teamwork and collaboration among your consultants.

**4. Profit Allocation:**
   - Decide how the remaining profit will be shared or utilized, similar to a separate clinic within our Preventive Care System.
   - Options include reinvestment, employee bonuses, investor dividends, or a reserve fund, as previously mentioned.

**5. Legal and Financial Consultation:**
   - Consult with your wife husband or parents kids grandkids 
legal and financial experts to formalize this sharing structure, ensuring it complies with laws and regulations.

**1. Clinic Doctor's Decision:**
   - Allow the clinic doctor to determine how revenue and allocations are distributed among the team members and expenses. This flexibility can be based on factors like performance, contributions, or specific needs.

**2. Monthly Installment Collection:**
   - Continue collecting monthly installments from clients. These funds can be used to cover ongoing expenses and investments and visiting head count 

**3. Exemptions and Shared Responsibility:**
   - Exempt some services from the monthly installments, as decided by the system. This might include services provided by other doctors within the system.
   - Encourage shared responsibility for word-of-mouth referrals and overall growth and prosperity of the clinic, fostering collaboration among team members.

**4. Client Growth Incentives:**
   - Offer incentives for doctors and clients to bring in new clients. For example, if a doctor hands over a minimum of 500 clients otherwise a 10% increase in monthly installments from their clients, they could receive additional rewards or recognition.

**5. Savings and Annual Payout:**
   - Set aside a portion of the revenue to cover expenses for one year. This ensures financial stability and continuity.
   - Plan for an annual payout or investment strategy that rewards doctors based on their performance, referrals, and contributions to the clinic

**Client & Membership Information:**

1. **Client Limitation**: If more than 500 clients are not acquired after 25 years, the process won't proceed any further.

2. **Annual Reminder**: Members receive a reminder at the 15-year mark to achieve a target within their community.

3. **Membership Fees**: have faith in your choice

    - Initial rejoining Fee: 5001 INR (not required)

    - Monthly Instalment increases by 1001 INR: 2001 INR/month (until another migration)

    - Additional Charge every time change doctor within system: 1001 INR (shared between three doctors)


**Doctor & Clinic Information:**

1. **Doctor Selection**: New clients can't change their initial doctor but can consult with other doctors and clinics. However, any migration will have implications (as noted in the fees section).

2. **Doctors' Experience**: All doctors are on a learning curve – some are just starting out while others are retiring.

3. **Doctor Handover**: Some doctors can transfer their patients to become clients to another doctor. The original doctor receives 5% of the profits from those clients.


- It's advised to carefully choose your primary doctor as there are financial implications related to changing doctors.

- Clients should be aware of the annual reminders and work towards their community targets.


Let me know if you have any doubts or need further clarification.

It seems you're looking to draft an announcement, possibly comparing different options in terms of banking or clinical practices. I'll help you by creating a structured announcement for the information you've provided. However, I'm making some assumptions based on the information available.



Dear Audience/Recipient,

We wish to provide an update on some comparisons between various options for your banking and medical needs.


- **Kotak**: We've noticed improvements in their service, making them a prime choice for your financial needs.

- **SBI**: While they remain a good option, it's essential to weigh their services against your specific requirements.


- **Small Stuff Clinic**: Provides a personalized touch, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer more direct and intimate care.

- **Others**: There are multiple other clinics available. We encourage you to research and find the one that best fits your needs.


- **Private Practice**: Often offers more specialized and immediate care, ideal for those who prefer tailored healthcare experiences.

- **Government Hospital**: Offers comprehensive services on a larger scale. While they might be busier, they also have vast resources.

It's essential to weigh the pros and cons of each option and choose the one that best aligns with your personal and financial needs. We hope this comparison helps guide your decision-making process.

Warm regards,

1. The source of the funds: Fixed deposit with Kotak Bank.
2. Type of growth: Compounding interest.
3. Ownership: The compounding interest is yours.
4. Action: Transfer the interest to your personal Canara Bank account.
5. Timing: Transfer occurs after annual payouts.

So, in summary, the 8th wonder is the compounding interest earned from your fixed deposit with Kotak Bank, and you plan to transfer this interest to your personal Canara Bank account after receiving the interest or Bank of Baroda

1. Sender: Your trusted doctor.
2. Message Content: Includes a unique link.
3. Link Source: Generated by Kotak Portal.
4. Registration Process:
   - Requires a 1 INR payment to join verified by CA keeping account details.
   - RBI mandate for a subscription of 1001.
5. Subscription Terms:
   - 1% annual charge based on profit increments.
   - Applies for the first 5 years.
6. Economics Adjustment:
   - A reevaluation for 2023 clients.
7. Bonus Offer:
   - 501 points bonus for the first monthly installments for first 50 clients 

Approvals for payouts by Namrata Shahid


"Practice good oral care with daily mouthwash in water flossing, and twice-a-day right brushing. Complete the GOODWORK assessment and earn up to 3 points, paving your way to almost a month free!"


Feel free to avoid another pandemic other than one of goodwill goodwork hopefully profitable and happy we pray 🙏 support Of course! 


"Additionally, a 1% fee for treatment solutions will be donated to the Pinky D Trust Foundation. Explore our, segmented into three key areas: Profit, Problem, and Solutions."


Adjust as necessary the end of this initiative to be part of Preventive Care Affiliate Clinic's ventures system ♥️ to be done simplified to understand 


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