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**Subject: Order the Dental Oral Hygiene Starter Kit**

Dear Valued Customers,

We are excited to introduce our Dental Oral Hygiene Starter Kit, 

**Starter Kit Details:**

- Price: ₹3,760 INR

- Usage: 6 months

**How to Place Your Order:**

**Payment Information:**

- Pay ₹3,760 INR to the following account:

 to +91 74066 10350- We will then provide you with courier cost information (₹150 INR, All India), making the total payment ₹3,910 INR.

**Celebrate Dental Oral Hygiene Month with Us!**

- Once payment is confirmed, let us know via WhatsApp.

- Enjoy our post-COVID toolkit.

- Let's promote mouthwash for increased immunity.

**Stay Patient and Stay Healthy:**

- While we prepare our website, we appreciate your patience.

- Continue your daily oral hygiene routine.

- Refill every six months, and we hope to have our site running smoothly by then.

**Offline Systems Check:**

- This launch helps us ensure all our offline systems are working seamlessly.

**Important Note:**

- I'll be away to meet my bride on the 23rd for our wedding.

Thank you for choosing us for your dental care needs. We look forward to serving you soon.

Warm regards,

Groom to  collect payments 


**Preventive Care System: An Initiative by an Aesthetic Researcher and Dental Surgeon**

- We have chosen to implement the preventive care system exclusively at our clinic.

- Other clinics interested in adopting our system can reach out to us. 

- Collaboration terms: Clinics adopting our system will contribute 5% of their annual profits to us. 

  - However, this is not mandatory unless we handle their monthly installments, leading to annual payouts.

- Over time, clinics collaborating with us will benefit from our reward points system.


* Colgate Plax - 500ml - Rs 280/- x 3 bottles
* Oracura water flosser - Rs 2,600/- ( Model No - OC200)
* Colgate toothbrush - Rs 50/- x 2 brushes
* Colgate Strong teeth toothpaste - Rs 110/-x2 packet ( 200gms each)

1. chlorhex mouthwash - 300/- instead of Plax for starter cleaning
2. Phosflur mouthwash - 310/- instead of Plax for starter Ortho
3. TePe orthodontic brush - 350/- also in Starter Ortho
4. 3M clinpro tooth creme- 1000/-

I hope 🙏 support our services through your positive attitude of helping, honestly and happily mutually HHH  

Scientific publication supporting

Lucky 7 products foundation

Seal of approval

Category 4: 📖 📕 📘 📗 📓 📚 book
Appointment and dental books with hope to help

 and remaining books by Dr. Dhruv Dental Care and doctors of Dr. Dhruv Dental Care
Portstar Preventive system

Book appointment with doctor for first visit and annual visit 

Free download of Post operative care instruction open source PDF book

Open the PDF Free or click on the link for post-operative care instructions: for download and further information links of books

Preventopia: Kids girl Barbie boy Spiderman toothbrushes and 0-2 2-5 3-5 6-9 year old toothpaste booking fee construction  

Dr. Dhruv Dental Care, Portstar Ventures +91-8884757388

*Introducing Booking System Awareness*

**Book appointments with receptionists 10:00 am to 11:00 am Monday to Friday

*Preventopia Day - All Doctors 150 INR*

- 800 INR: Book an appointment between 11:00 am to 1:00 pm with dental surgeon researcher.

- 1000 INR: Book an appointment between 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm with aesthetic trained dentist (Monday to Friday; 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on Friday is free, variable fee for other timings). Saturday appointments are 2000 INR. Afternoon appointments from Monday to Friday are 3000 INR. By appointment 

*600 INR booking fee for all visiting doctors; consultation fees are extra and based on a 10-minute duration as per the doctor's rates (please inquire with receptionists, nurse infection control clinic manager, or consultant or senior dental assistants for specific fees).*

*Visiting Doctors Schedule:*

- Dr. Baliga and implantologist: Tuesday and Friday at 3:30 pm.

- Dr. Karan: 2nd Saturday at 6:30 pm (Orthodontist). Invisalign orthodontist on-call. 

- Oral Surgeon Dr. Chris: 10:30 am on Monday and Wednesday.

- Oral Physician Dr. K Srinivas: Tuesday at 5:00 pm.

- Gum Surgeon Dr. Hemalatha: Saturday at 6:00 pm.

- Pedodontist: Saturday at 6:00 pm and on-call Monday to Friday at 6:00 pm. 

- Pediatrician: Saturday at 5:30 pm, only by appointment, visiting doctors 

*By request: Yoga and Art Therapy for stress*

OPG collaboration with Raddon diagnostic center.

We kindly inform you that the annual fee structure may change every year, and hope we provide updates every year by October 29th, and variability is understandable. 🙏


No conflict of interest financially


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