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 "RIP Mei mama, who departed due to brain cancer in 2004. Nana, a true gentleman, passed away peacefully in '95." Professor Dr. Thomas Geoghegan you will always be remembered In 2009-10, I was taken aback by a significant discovery: cancer tumors in mice injected with Neuroblastoma suddenly disappearing. This led me to ponder: Could it be a result of cell-to-cell communication? This occurrence posed a pressing query: Is it possible to decode these mechanisms and possibly apply them across all cancer types?

My quest commenced at the prestigious Brown Cancer Center in the USA. It weaved through collaborations, dental practices, cancer tech startup conferences, and finally brought me to Manipal Hospitals in India. I delved into medical genetics, oncology, and notably oral and prostate cancer research in the dental field. By 2021, spurred by my fiancé's knowledge of AI in healthcare and its intersection with my dental practice, I ventured into the frontier of AI in dentistry.

Eagerly, I look forward to a publication illuminating the profound implications of AI in scientific research. My ardent desire is for scientists, doctors, patients, and every contributor to fully appreciate the extensive potential of AI-enhanced databases. Such revelations might steer research in new directions, potentially drawing us nearer to cancer treatments that some visionaries might already be elucidating.

This narrative emphasizes AI's pivotal role in shaping innovative paths for diverse treatment options, notably in oral, prostate, and other reversible cancers. It reflects the holistic essence of my research and accentuates AI's monumental impact on broadening medical horizons.

I sincerely hope this recounting of my decade-long journey to potentially contribute, however minutely, to cancer research literature and other disciplines benefiting humanity resonates with readers. Let it be a symbol of authentic 'Hope' for those battling the ailment and a solace for their loved ones. Through this tale, we are reacquainted with core human values - Life, Love, Perseverance, Flourishing, Growth, Evolution, and the pursuit of betterment. Here's to unceasing innovation, cherishing our shared human voyage, and uncovering truths hidden in the vastness of the cosmos and the fabric of our shared existence."

"Published after over a decade of sacrifice, hard work, and blood, sweat, and tears. I hope this helps someone, one brick at a time."

Download full paper from link below: Paper # 79


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