Annual report



**Annual Report: Setting New Benchmarks in Dental Excellence**


**To Our Loyal Patients**

Dear Patients,

We don't just see smiles, we see the stories behind them. It's your unwavering trust and belief in our services that drives us to outdo ourselves every day. As we harness the unmatched skills of our doctors pray competent to give a healing ❤️‍🩹 touch heart by a word knowledge consultation or skills experience treatment gently with care solutions consistently and staff, complemented by the robust backing of our families, expect nothing but unparalleled dental care on every visit. Let's embark on a renewed journey to redefine oral health standards.

Hungry for knowledge? Dive deep into the world of dental expertise through our publications - 'Oral Healthcare Awareness for the Public' and '101 Practice Tips for Dental Colleagues' at


**Applauding the Pillars of Our Success**


This year was nothing short of a revelation. The findings from our fiscal analysis, along with Pinky Madam's keen acumen, shed light on our triumphs and challenges. To honor your relentless commitment, we are thrilled to roll out increments that stand as a testament to our shared growth story.

Your prowess and unwavering dedication have sculpted the sterling reputation of Dr. Dhruv Dental Care. Our choice to not further increase consultation fees this year exemplifies our dedication to rendering accessible, world-class dental services.

As a thank you to our patients for trusting us showing our words by action that more our profits or income goes up better the service and trust kept and valued

With Pinky Madam set to infuse fresh vigor post her nuptials, brace yourselves for a rejuvenated, efficient, and strategic clinical experience.

Dear Doctors, an invigorated Memorandum of Understanding awaits, designed to propel us all to greater heights.

Warm regards,

[Dr. Dhruv Dental Care](


Pinky Madam's impending arrival promises a fusion of strategy, tech dentistry expertise, healthcare science engineering and passion, especially post the heartwarming Griha Pravesha on 9th November 2023.

For a deep dive into our professional ethos and operations, check out www.Navigational.Ai. Remember, it's the blend of heart's intuition, gut instincts soul feeling brain mind hopefully thinking logic, and reasoning that sets our course.

Best wishes,

Dr. Dhruv Dental Care


Excellence isn't an act; it's a habit. Here's to embracing the spirit of hope honesty ethics ceaseless growth and optimism 🙏🏽: work life balance, respect: patience and gentleness 


**Saluting Our Esteemed teammates**

To our collaborators and suppliers, you’re not just in the background; you're an extension of us: research, universities, government, colleges, schools, etc

- **Dencru**: Sculpting precision into reality.

- **Ossy** and the giants: **Shastry Brothers**, **3M**, **Dentsply**, **Nobel Biocare**, and the steadfast **Confident**.

- **AI Toothlens**: Paving our tech-forward journey.

- **Raddon**: Our beacon for impeccable diagnostics.

- Amar Jyothi Nursing home helping few of our patients(GA facilities)cross referral doctors, and et al, thank you

Here's to remaining humble with gratitude of the one universal truth power almighty, together.


Dr. Dhruv Dental Care


To our families, the bedrock of our journey, words fall short. Your unwavering faith and unconditional love have illuminated our path, and for that, our gratitude knows no bounds.



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