The final word

"Changed the system, I have a happy thought: Emotions play a part in our actions. Who are we? Find the diamond within; there your soul resides. It's pure and emits light, much like tooth jewelry. Other stones might shatter when eating well-cooked food, much like in the silver shop on 100 Feet Road. Hera gifted me the twin flame to offer to Sri Ganesha at the beginning of our dream wedding. I pray you hear our love story and find it inspiring. The final word of the day? We received family diamonds for our engagement at Diplomat, @ the Kohinoor behind the Taj. Was it February 11th or the 11th of February? Always remember, love is timeless, and so are you." 

Client: "Why?"

Response: "Because 'patient' means 'patience.' Your treatment solution is coming, but we still don't know enough."

Client: "Why?"

Response: "Because we have your solution: preventive care. And when you go past the filling, then, dear patient, have patience. You are still our client for the rest, beyond that tooth truth."

"The end. The beginning is in your dream of a happy life come true. Plant that seed of happy thought for it to come true for you, you, and YOU. Thank you for you, now, client.
We pray 'for you' with you.
The final end is the beginning, the end, as you are finally happy too."

"Part 1, 2, 3, 4: God's Message Series - The Final Word 'For You.' We find the solution.'"

"Red thread, you believe, is true for dark energy matter. May prove it experimentally."

"Don't ever give up hope. We love you. May all your obstacles clear secrets of happiness come true for your success. Happy. Period after 'hope.' Twin flame 1 love story you read too."
The final word I repeat, Love you


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